Update on Evanston’s potential ecig ban

Evanston City Council

Last night, BHam, Brian, and I attended an Evanston City Council meeting. We were there to show our opposition to their potential ordinance that would prohibit vaping in any place that now prohibits smoking. We were happy to see that our friend Stephanie (“Loveridden” on the forums), several Vapor4Life customers, a Wicker Park vapor shop owner, Michael Cozy – a CASAA rep, and a few other vapers were also there in support of ecigs.

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Help stop a vaping ban in Evanston, IL!

Let your voice be heard! [Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons http://bit.ly/19to8hw]

Vapers, we need your help! The Evanston City Council (Chicago suburb) will hear testimony and likely vote on a vaping ban this coming Monday, October 14. The hearing will take place around 7:30 p.m. at the Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center at 2100 Ridge Ave. in Evanston, IL. The Ordinance No. 80-0-13 would prohibit the sale of ecigs and e-liquid to minors, but ALSO ban vaping wherever smoking is banned in the city.

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