Introducing my brother to ecigs


This is a guest post written by LadyStrick9, from Chesapeake, VA who often refers to herself as a “vapaholic”.

A few months ago my brother moved from Arizona to Virginia. He had gone through some major changes in his life and wanted his family close by. Part of me dreaded his moving because he was a smoker. I knew it would be difficult for me to be around someone who chain smoked. The last time he and I were together we both smoked heavily. We made plans and he arrived about three months ago.

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Macho Men Vape ECigs

V4L ECigs

You’ve probably heard that phrase “Real men wear pink” to support breast cancer awareness. How about this one “Macho Men Vape Ecigs”? V4L carries a huge selection of colors, styles, sizes, flavors in each product category. Stereotypically speaking, more women than men are interested in fashion, and matching their ensembles and accessories. Most men on the other hand couldn’t care less about such trivial things. They want to look good, but don’t want to spend a lot of time picking out things to go together. Looking at our vast battery choice, you see a bunch of pretty colors, one even has a diamond on the end. Well if you’re a guy, chances are that you don’t particularly care for a bright, flashy ecig.

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