Holiday gift ideas for vapers

Holiday gift ideasThis is a guest blog post by Morandir. With Christmas just around the corner, and not to mention the biggest vaping holiday – New Years, there’s plenty of great options gift wise for the vaper or potential vaper in your life. Of course it all depends on what level of vaping they’re at. Here’s a quick rundown on some great choices from V4L.


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Vaper Morandir reflects on his third vaperversary and the holidays

This is a guest blog post by Morandir. It’s very rare for me to get personal in a blog, but I’ve been in a very reflective mood the past few days. The holiday season combined with my approaching three-year vaperversary brings it out of me. This has been one of the most trying years of my life.

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Talkin’ Shop

This is a guest post written by Clover, a college student and vapaholic from the Midwest.

Let’s Talk About The Weather

Hey, everyone. How’s the weather where you live? We actually got to experience fall this year. We’re usually up to our knees in snow by now. I hate daylight savings time and the shorter days. I can’t wait for the Winter Solstice and our planet’s tilt back towards the sun! I know we have some friends down in Oz land and I’m jealous that it’s summer there. The best things about this time of year are the holidays, being with family and friends, and the great deals V4L has for the season. With all the new batteries and flavors, there are gifts for everyone!

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Mix & Match

It’s no secret that women love to match. We match our shoes to our purses, and our jewelry to our outfits. Well there’s another class for women vapers. Vaping women are now seen matching their batteries to their carts, and their electronic cigarettes to their wardrobe ensemble. Some women collect shoes, some collect purses, and some collect e-cig batteries. With the huge selection that Vapor4Life offers, its hard to not want a battery in every available color. If you think about all the possible combinations, it could make your head spin!

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