How to help a friend switch to vaping

Help a friendAre you a vaper who still has friends who smoke? Despite watching you successfully make the switch from tobacco to ecigs, some of your friends or family members might still smoke. Maybe you’ve tried loaning them your ecig, or even bought them a kit of their own. Whatever you have tried to do hasn’t worked quite yet. Well, don’t give up. There is still hope that they can make the switch too! Here are some things you can do to help ease them into vaping. Continue reading

How To Fill An Electronic Cigarette Tank

Tank on EGO

A tank is a cartomizer surrounded by an acrylic tank. It has a long silver cartomizer, an acrylic tube, and two end caps that have rubber gaskets on either side of the tube. The cart can be completely removed from the tank so it can be cleaned. Tanks are fully compatible with Vapor4Life’s Vapor King and Vapor Titan Manual Batteries, EGO, OMG All Day, and OMG VV.

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Finding Unbiased Electronic Cigarette Reviews (Part 1 of 2)

This is a guest post written by Steve from Steve K’s Vaping World.

So many e-cigarette review sites just want to sell something, so are there any good ones?

There are a lot of great sites on the web with useful e-cigarette reviews. There’s also a lot that aren’t so interested in providing an objective look at e-cigarettes to help you as consumer. This post will give you some things to think about as you scour the web looking for reliable electronic cigarette information.

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