WOW Vapor Smilin Tobacco and Menthol e-liquid review

This is a guest blog post by Morandir.

Vapor4Life recently released two new flavors – WOW Vapor Smilin Tobacco and Smilin Tobacco Menthol. The flavor is available in both 30ml bottles and cartomizers. I’ve been testing both new juices pretty heavily the past few weeks on a number of different set ups. I wanted to be as thorough as possible (no surprise for those who are used to my reviews).

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How to fill an ecig with juice

Some ecigs come ready to use right out of the package. Some ecigs need to be filled with juice before you can use them. The advantages to filling ecigs yourself are that you can mix flavors together and save money. Here are four different cartridges for ecigs, and how to fill them.

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New Smilin Special cigar e-liquid flavors

New Smilin Special cigar e-liquid flavorsThis is a guest post by Morandir. Recently V4L announced the release of two new flavors- Smilin Special Cigar in medium and full flavor. Smilin sir has been working on these for a bit now (first samples appeared back in February of this year). They’re available in both 30ml bottles and pre-filled cartomizers. My final versions arrived recently, and all week I’ve been testing and using both flavors. Let’s take a closer look at the two new offerings.

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Get creative with 150+ vaping flavors!

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I started vaping my first day at Vapor4Life about three years ago. I was never a heavy cigarette smoker, but would enjoy having an occasional cigarette when having a couple of drinks with friends. However, I was a fan of other tobacco products. Throughout my high school and college years, I smoked tons of hookah and would dip on the baseball field whenever I could.

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How wine is like e-juice

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This is guest post written by Via, an e-cig enthusiast living in Jacksonville, Florida.

Many years ago, I accepted a job to do the accounting for a small California winery in Amador County. At the time, all I knew about wine was “Mad Dog 20/20″ would make you sicker than a dog, and that Mateus tasted pretty bad.

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Vaping Flavor: Plum Crazy

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Running through his backyard was my forest playground. Towering trees with luscious fruits, ripe and plump, surrounded me. Vegetable patches were my hiding places with the brush growing taller than I could see.

“Brandon!”, my grandfather calls out in search of me.

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Morandir Reviews Peach Breeze E-Liquid

This is a guest post written by Morandir835, an e-cig enthusiast, admin on the Vapor4Life forum, and a regular on their ECF sub forum.

WOW Peach Breeze

Believe it or not, I’m not really big on doing juice reviews. Flavor is so subjective and what one likes compared to the other is impossible to judge. If we all liked the same thing, there would only be one type of juice, personal vaporizer, soda, food… in this world. The only real way to review a juice is to be as objective as possible. With that note I am going give somewhat of a review of WOW Peach Breeze e-juice. I chose to do this juice first because of all the new flavors in the WOW line I’ve tried thus far, it’s the most complex.

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WOW Vapor DJ Black E-Liquid Review

This is a guest post by Rantz, who writes surrounded by a cloud of vapor.

A good “Clove” is hard to come by.

More accurately, to replicate a traditional “analog” clove cigarette experience, is a difficult task.  This is in no small part due to the manufacturers of traditional “Kretek” cigarettes… Djarum, Samporena, and the like… guarding their “Sauce” recipes with a diligence and paranoid fervor only matched by certain cola companies.  It’s because the Sauce (and yes, it is actually called that) is the blend of spices and flavorings that the tobacco is steeped in that gives each brand of clove cigarettes their unique aroma, taste, and (to use the wine parlance) “nose”.  Avid clove smokers can tell you blindfolded the difference between not only a manufacturer, but also the difference in a particular manufacturer’s “brand”.

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