The Business Insider’s “9 e-cigarettiquette laws” article blows smoke

[The Business Insider]

Scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed this morning, an article my friend Keyzy posted caught my eye (“The 9 Laws Of E-Cigarettiquette: A Handy Guide For E-Cigarette Smokers”). “Ooh great”, I thought “now here’s something that looks useful.” And then I notice, even better it’s from The Business Insider – a credible source. When I click on the link I see some fun black and white sketches. This looks pretty cool. I can’t wait to see what useful tips this article will offer.

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Tech Blog Gizmodo Reviews ECigs

The author Mario testing electronic cigarettes (view on Twitter

Have you read this article from Gizmodo about electronic cigarettes? ( It received a lot of comments from people on all ends of the spectrum. Some people disagreed with the author’s choice of brands to review, some people showed concern that ecigs aren’t any better than analogs, and others were upset that they didn’t mention of mods. I could be wrong, but I think the reason this highly read blog did not mention mods is that 1) ecigs are still a new product and many people don’t know what “stick” batteries are, let alone giant mods; and 2) it was written for people who have a limited knowledge of ecigs.

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