Finding Unbiased Electronic Cigarette Reviews (Part 2 of 2)

This is a guest post written by Steve from Steve K’s Vaping World.

Continued from yesterday.

The Reviews Themselves

Here are some things to ask yourself when reading an e-cigarette review:

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Michelle Reviews Three Fruity Nobacco Juice USA Flavors

This is a guest post written by Michelle, who loves writing, vaping, and testing new products.

When I began vaping I gave myself the chance to try as many flavors as I could.  I wanted to set myself up for success and find my “go-to flavor.”  Plus, I was flat-out curious how it would be to vape certain tastes.  I purchased many sampler packs, from coffee flavors to desserts, and menthols to tobacco-flavored.  One group that I could never really get into was the fruits. I gravitated toward the others.

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