Palette cleansing for vapers

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I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find myself needing a second flavor to cleanse my palette every hour or so to help refresh my taste buds. I tend to chain vape, and after a while, I start not feeling and tasting the flavor of my main vape “WOW New Menthol” as much. I thought it was my gear. I tried switching out batteries, topping of my charges, refilling my tanks. Nothing was working.

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Four Different E-Liquid Lines

Premium Nobacco Juice

Vapor4Life carries four different lines of e-liquid, also known as ‘juice.’ Premium Nobacco Juice is the first line we started selling. In addition to traditional tobacco and menthol tasting flavors, this juice is also sold in flavors like beverages, coffees, desserts, and fruits. The Premium line has a total of 90 different products. It is sold in bottles that contain 30 ml of juice. Each bottle is $12.50.

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