A Compilation of Vaping Flavor Reviews

[Image courtesy of http://bit.ly/UvUMGu]

Back when most of us were smoking, the analog flavor choices consisted of a very limited selection. There was basically tobacco or menthol, with each company putting their own slight spin on the taste. When smokers decide to make the switch to electronic cigarettes, they often choose flavors that they hope will match the flavor of their particular brand of analogs they smoked. Vapor4Life carries a huge choice of flavors made to mimic popular cigarette brands. These include Kamel, Parlament, Kant, and Dunhall to name a few.

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Smoking on the Front Porch

This is a guest post written by LadyStrick9, from Chesapeake, VA who often refers to herself as a “vapaholic”.

Remember Sunday mornings when your kids were little? Years ago, I would sit on my front porch on Sunday mornings, watching my kids running, playing and laughing in my front yard. I love the sound of children’s laughter.

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