Do more smokers switch to ecigs, or begin smoking and vaping?

Have you heard the term “dual use?” This refers to people who smoke cigarettes AND vape electronic cigarettes.

People wonder if e-cigs are an effective smoking cessation tool. Now as an ecig manufacturer and retailer, we can’t say that they are. If we were to say that, we’d have to be regulated as a drug under the FDA. Our products are an alternative to smoking, but we don’t say “they will help you quit smoking.” We leave that to the customers to find out for themselves.

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Why we love vaping

Vapor4Love VDay picWe LOVE vaping here at Vapor4Life! Here are our top 10 reasons:

#10) We’re saving lots of moolah, to spend on cooler stuff than smokes.

#9) No more dirty looks from non-smokers.

#8) No more bad breath.

#7) No more stained fingers.

#6) Our clothes don’t smell anymore.

#5) We don’t have to stand outside in the middle of winter to enjoy a vape break.

#4) I don’t fear falling asleep with a cig in my hand.

#3) No more gross ashtrays stinking up the house and car.

#2) Vaping makes us feel better, and our lungs aren’t being exposed to the over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco cigarettes.

#1) We get to help other people feel better too!

Why do you love vaping? Any other reasons that you can think of?

Is ‘quit smoking’ your New Year’s resolution?

Ever put “quit smoking” on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Last year, this was the 7th most popular goal. That’s easy to believe since one out of every five Americans is a smoker. If quitting smoking is on your list, do you have a plan? Are you going to try the patch, nicotine gum, or go cold turkey?

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Ecigs aren’t dangerous, people are just negligent

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Recently, many of you may have seen a new story out of Atlanta, GA, about a woman who was the unfortunate victim of an e-cigarette explosion. Luckily, she was not harmed and the only damage to her home was cosmetic. I read this story and I started to think, is the e-cigarette really to blame, or is negligence at hand? Don’t get me wrong, no one should feel like their life is in danger from vaping, but I’m sure we’re missing parts of this story.

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Don’t Just Vape, Advocate!

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This is a guest blog post by VaporVamp.

As the negative effects of smoking have become widely known, smokers have become more and more stigmatized and marginalized. With secondhand smoke being a real danger, smokers are forced outside or away from other people to smoke.  Some non-smoking people take this a step further and seem to actively despise smokers for their habit, not even considering that for most, it is an addiction formed early in life (as teens or, for some, even younger) when they may not have had the best of judgment.  Smoking is looked down upon as risky, dirty, selfish behavior, whether those labels are warranted or not.

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Vaper Spotlight: Amila

Amila blows smoke rings

So the other day I was working in the marketing office when Kevin from the Smokeless Lounge came in. He asked if I was busy. Now that’s a silly question. “What can I do for ya Kevin?” I asked. He said there was a young lady in the Lounge that wanted to be interviewed for our blog. Fantastic!

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Breaking the Chains – How I made the switch from smoking to vaping

VaporVamp with her magenta Dial-A-Volt Automatic Battery

This is a guest blog post by VaporVamp.

I’ve been a secret prisoner of cigarettes for almost 15 years. I smoked the first thing in the morning. I would smoke any chance I could during the workday, even smoking at my desk since I work from home. Sometimes, I would wake up in the middle of the night and smoke. I always had to make sure I had enough cigarettes and lighters. Despite my dedication to smoking and my resistance to quit, I was constantly worried about the smell offending others (and I knew the health risks). I left my doors and windows open at home as often as possible. I bought about 25 different perfumes, all purse sized, so I could carry them with me and use them right before I met people. I had a whole routine of putting on hand cream and a dab of perfume and popping a breath mint before meeting friends for lunch or coffee. I didn’t want to be the “stinky smoker.”

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How I traded smoking for vaping

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This is a guest blog post by Kevin Cass.

Growing up in the heart of Texas in the 80′s and 90′s, cigarettes were everywhere: restaurants, public spaces, outside shops and malls. At every turn the smell incensed the air. Vending machines, easily accessible to kids fed our addictions at $1.50 per pack. At 14 I started smoking because it’s “what all the cool kids were doing.” I had my first cigarette on the drive home from a school event and remember the laughter as I choked on the first inhalation. Not wanting to be laughed at again, I bought a pack and practiced smoking every day after school before my parents got home. After the first few packs, cool was no longer a factor. I did it because I thought I just liked the way they tasted (in the same way an addict might claim they just like the smell of cocaine). And then…

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My smokin’ valentine

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Over the years we’ve all seen some pretty outrageous valentine’s day cards. We’ve seen them in stores, been the receiver (and hopefully not the offender). There’s the seriously cheesy sayings: “You’re just “write” for me” or “You’re sweet and I’m not lion” or how about “No bones about it – you’re top dog!” Today in honor of the February 14th holiday, we’re sharing some silly valentines with you.

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FDA wants your comments on ecigs!

UPDATE: The FDA is no longer accepting comments for this hearing, however you can still sign this White House petition until February 13, 2013.

If you haven’t yet heard, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced its intention to regulate e-cigarettes under the Tobacco Control Act. The FDA held a public hearing on Section 918 of the Tobacco Act on December 17, 2012. Many tobacco harm reduction (THR) advocates testified. The FDA has extended the comment period for the notice of public hearing. The FDA will use the testimony that was given at the hearing and written comments for a report to Congress required by the Tobacco Act.

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