Ooops, I “forgot” my new Vapor Zeus ecig

So my dad made the switch! That’s right, after a year of pestering him to throw out his cigarettes, he finally broke the habit! So what got him to commit to vaping? He was finally ready!

When I first started to learn the ins and outs of e-cigarettes, I started telling every smoker I knew. I’d show off my e-cig like it was the hottest thing in town. Continue reading

Too stubborn to vape e-cigarettes?

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Everyone knows someone in their life that can be a bit stubborn. Some people are set in their ways, have certain routines they get used to, and simply put – don’t want to change. Maybe you are stubborn yourself, or it’s your spouse. Perhaps you and your husband used to smoke together for many years until you discovered a better alternative.

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