From football and cigarettes to exercising and vaping

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So, I’ve been working for Vapor4Life for a little over two years now, and I’ve come a very long way from when I started. A few days ago, I was thinking about my journey and how much I owe my life to Vapor4Life. For those of you who don’t know my story, I’ll give you a little insight.

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Breaking the Chains – How I made the switch from smoking to vaping

VaporVamp with her magenta Dial-A-Volt Automatic Battery

This is a guest blog post by VaporVamp.

I’ve been a secret prisoner of cigarettes for almost 15 years. I smoked the first thing in the morning. I would smoke any chance I could during the workday, even smoking at my desk since I work from home. Sometimes, I would wake up in the middle of the night and smoke. I always had to make sure I had enough cigarettes and lighters. Despite my dedication to smoking and my resistance to quit, I was constantly worried about the smell offending others (and I knew the health risks). I left my doors and windows open at home as often as possible. I bought about 25 different perfumes, all purse sized, so I could carry them with me and use them right before I met people. I had a whole routine of putting on hand cream and a dab of perfume and popping a breath mint before meeting friends for lunch or coffee. I didn’t want to be the “stinky smoker.”

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How I traded smoking for vaping

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This is a guest blog post by Kevin Cass.

Growing up in the heart of Texas in the 80′s and 90′s, cigarettes were everywhere: restaurants, public spaces, outside shops and malls. At every turn the smell incensed the air. Vending machines, easily accessible to kids fed our addictions at $1.50 per pack. At 14 I started smoking because it’s “what all the cool kids were doing.” I had my first cigarette on the drive home from a school event and remember the laughter as I choked on the first inhalation. Not wanting to be laughed at again, I bought a pack and practiced smoking every day after school before my parents got home. After the first few packs, cool was no longer a factor. I did it because I thought I just liked the way they tasted (in the same way an addict might claim they just like the smell of cocaine). And then…

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The joys of being a vaping mentor

This is a guest post written by Morandir835, an e-cig enthusiast, admin on the Vapor4Life forum, and a regular on their ECF sub forum.

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For ecig vendors the new year is always one of their busiest times. Quite a few people make the new year’s resolution to switch from analogs. This means there’s a high influx of new vapers at the start of each year. What it also means is there are more new people joining the forums or any social media outlet to find out all they can and make the right decision with their first foray into vaping.

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Vaping & Video Games

Greetings Vapor4Life family and those just stopping by to see what’s new.

Would I consider myself a video “gamer”. No, I do however appreciate a great video game title and will immerse myself in the world for months. I consider a “gamer” someone who has every major release and has several platforms to play on. Someone who dedicates hours to games for the sake of making the claim, “I beat it”. That’s not who I am.

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Vaping Emergency!

BHam with recovered ID, credit card, and stress reliever - OMG VV

Remember when vaping was a hobby for me? Well when you have to prove that you are yourself, man do you need a vape break!

Strange way to start, I know, but this is BHam writing, right? Let me explain, but first off, hello to all, for those who are unfamiliar with me, I am BHam, Facebook personality, and occasional V4L blogger.

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My Vaping adVenture: Seeking the Sweet Spot

This is guest post written by Via, an e-cig enthusiast living in Jacksonville, Florida.

Via and her husband

What is a “Sweet Spot” Anyway?

A few weeks ago, I had to find the perfect pair of shoes for my wedding the next day. I had a beautiful dress which I pictured in my head as champagne-colored with a gray lace overlay. I happened to see a pair of champagne shoes on sale, and thinking they would match, bought them. Once I got home, I discovered that the shoes were actually more pink-ivory and my dress was…well, not that color. Off to Design Shoe Warehouse, dress in hand.

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Vaping in Public

This is a guest post written by Morandir835, an e-cig enthusiast, admin on the Vapor4Life forum, and a regular on their ECF sub forum.

Over the past few weeks I’ve attended several social events in my area (and one personal being my 30th birthday party). This lead to a lot of vaping in public places, including a restaurant. There are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when vaping in public places. Continue reading

Ms. MysticOne Shares Her E-Cig Story

This is a guest post written by Morandir835, an e-cig enthusiast, admin on the Vapor4Life forum, and a regular on their ECF sub forum.

The latest vet contest on the V4L forum was for participants to write why they chose V4L as

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their ecig supplier. One of the prizes was to have the winner’s story turned into an article for the Vapor4Life blog. The following is forum member Ms. MysticOne’s entry. Continue reading