My review of the Vapor Zeus product line

This is a guest blog post by Michael Britt.

When I received my Vapor Zeus “vapemail” at around noon I was headed out on a road trip. Perfect time to put these new products through their paces. I switched over from a two-pack a day habit to vaping exclusively in early January. But I was so much worse in the car.  I could kill a pack in a couple of hours. All I did was smoke and listen to music. I could easily kill three packs in 600 miles, if not more. That being said, here is how the Vapor Zeus’s (Zeusses?, Zeese?) held up on the trip, and what I think so far.

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Vape Face Contest


Mike R. posted his "vape face" pic on our Facebook page

Mike R. posted his “vape face” pic on our Facebook page

UPDATE: We’ve extended our contest until Friday, May 24!

Today begins our Facebook “Vape Face Contest”! What is a “vape face”? This e-cig term is used to describe the image resulting from taking a photo while vaping.

The Contest

Starting today you can enter to win a brand new Vapor Zeus e-cig battery and vaping supplies for a year! To upload your picture, simply go to our Facebook page, and click on the “Vapor Zeus Contest” tab. Using this Woobox application on Facebook, upload a photo of yourself using any Vapor4Life product. Then have your friends vote for your picture. The photo with the most votes wins. Entrants and voters must “Like” our Facebook page to take part. 

V4L’s Vapor Zeus

Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Starter Kit

This is a guest blog post by Morandir.

For almost the entire time I’ve been a V4L customer, Smilin sir has been working on a fixed 5v batt. Today all that work has finally come to fruition. There’s been many pitfalls in the journey of the Vapor Zeus, the first working prototypes were made over a year ago. The only problem being that they could never duplicate the success of the original, which lead to another long delay. More prototypes came, and finally after a few tries, the final product. Continue reading