Tanks, Ohms, and Coils

About a month ago, Vapor4Life began selling mods (modified batteries). These

Dual Coil Replacement Cartos

other batteries are capable of using single cartos, or special cartos with tanks. Tanks can also be used on our Original Vapor King Diamond and Stealth Series batteries. The purpose of a tank is that it allows the vaper to enjoy their e-cigarette longer, without having to refill with e-liquid as often. For most people, it will last all day without needing a refill. All of our tanks come with two drip tips, and one carto designed specifically for these tanks.


To use a tank, first fill the blank carto with e-liquid. Then push the carto about halfway up into the tank. Then, fill up the tank almost all the way, surrounding the carto, but leaving enough room for the rest of the carto to be pushed up to the top of the tank.

Tank Styles

Vapor4Life carries a few different styles. The first is a 3.5 ml dual coil tank, with 1.5 ohms resistance. It is threaded for 808 batteries. This tank works with Vapor King Diamond and Stealth Series manual batteries, and the VGO. We also carry a 3.5 ml dual coil tank for 510 style batteries. It works with the 5V OMG mod.

6 ml Dual Coil Metal Tanks

The 6 ml dual coil metal tank carries 1.5 ohms. It can be used with Vapor King Diamond and Stealth Series manual batteries, and the VGO. It comes in green, white, yellow, blue, red, lime green, magenta, and lavender.

We also carry another 6 ml dual coil tank, with 1.5 ohms resistance. It is threaded for use with 808 batteries. This acrylic tank is compatible with Vapor King Diamond and Stealth Series manual batteries, and the VGO. Then there is a 6 ml dual coil acrylic tank with 1.5 ohms resistance. This tank is 510 style and compatible with the 5V OMG mod.

Understanding Resistance

CoolCarts have a high resistance, meaning they heat up less than WOW cartos. They offer a good throat hit and produce a lot of vapor, but stay cool while being vaped. Since they have a higher resistance, about 3.4 ohms, less heat is being used to generate the heating coil of the carto. They work well for chain vaping, and/or being used with a USB passthrough. The cartos generally do not warm up with continuous use. They hold more e-liquid that WOW cartos.

The 3.0 ohm replacement cartos for tanks are similar to CoolCarts. Having a higher resistance means it takes less heat to produce vapor.

WOW Vapor cartos have a low resistance so the coil burns warmer. The vapor they produce is typically warmer and thicker than that of the CoolCarts. That is why many people like using drip tips with this type of carto. WOW cartos vaporize e-liquid at a higher temperature, so when vaped continuously, they get warm to the touch. Since they get warm faster the CoolCarts, they use e-liquid up faster than CoolCarts do. The resistance of WOW cartos is about 2.5 ohms.

The 2.0 ohm replacement cartos for tanks are most like WOW cartos. Using lower resistance cartos means that the battery has to work harder, so the battery will drain faster than if being used to power a high resistance carto.

We now sell dual coil replacement cartos in 1.5 ohm versions. We also have single coil replacement cartos available in a 2.0 ohm or 3.0 ohm version.

Check out the full selection of tanks and replacement cartos here: http://www.vapor4life.com/Tanks/.

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  4. OK, I replied on twettir, but then realized I shoulda probably replied here. I am a very new vaper, only two months old. My first tank was a Smoktech, and i hated it. Thing slid around way to much for my liking. I purchased a Mom & Pop Mini-Sub tank that came with a Boge 2.0 and was super happy. Ive since ordered 6 more and stocked up on the cartomizers.The Mini-Sub is super easy to refill. It has a tiny screw that you just unscrew and stick your bottle nose in and fill er up. Really easy for us newbs. The first time I changed the carto, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to do it right, but now that Ive got the hang of it, I can do it in about a minute.I highly recommend them for newbs like me I use a Silver Bullet at 4.8 volts and a Lava Tube *set* at 5.3 Volts.

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