Techies vs Old School in the ECig World

This is a guest post written by Morandir835, an e-cig enthusiast, admin on the Vapor4Life forum, and a regular on their ECF sub forum.


In my experiences I have noticed that there are two types of people drawn most to ecigs. The heavy smokers who have looked for an alternative for years, and smokers from the digital age that are attracted by technology.

While I was a heavy smoker for the nine years before the switch, I have always been a self-proclaimed dork as well, and all things electronic have always been a passion (especially computers). It’s what made going to ecigs an easy transition. It took two of my favorite obsessions and combined them into one.

The techies

I have a few friends in the some boat. I know many smokers, and all of them

at some point have asked to at least try a personal vaporizer. The people who have actually caught on to vaping have all been other technology-driven people. These are ladies and gentleman that build their own gaming computers, know how to over-clock them safely, and attend renaissance fairs. In other words they are the self-proclaimed dorks of the world. On the Electronic Cigarette Forum, there have been countless times that I have run into people who work in the electronics or information technology fields who picked up an ecig for the same reasons as I.

Old school

On the other side of that coin are a lot of my older friends, either pushing the 50 mark or past it, and have smoked most of their lives. These people aren’t infatuated with the latest gadgets, a few refuse to even carry a cell phone on principle. For some reason they seem driven to try personal vaporizers and make the switch work for them as well.

Come together

The best part is in the end, when the age and technology gaps fade and vapers get together. No matter what attracted people to personal vaporizers, if they all join one place (whether it’s a room, a forum, a chat, or a Facebook Page) conversation and friendships will bloom. It’s quite possibly the biggest difference between smokers and vapers. You probably noticed that when you were outside in the designated smoking area before the switch, there was no random conversations taking place. People would either talk to their friends, be on the phone, and stand away from anyone else (unless they were asking for a light). Whenever a vaper meets a fellow vaper in person though, a long talk always seems to ensue.

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“Even Though I Nothing Learned, With Strength I Burned.” – Emperor

4 thoughts on “Techies vs Old School in the ECig World

  1. Hey… am I one of your over 50 friends? MissEmma too??? We both love vaping, love computers and love gadgets and have cellphones. I guess that would make us anomalies. I agree that vapers have great conversations.

  2. Those are very true observations, Mr. Morandir. There is a certain “connection” I feel to my vaping friends. Thanks for the great blog!

  3. You have us pegged! .I am an old school-teck-dork. Mr M. Sir…i remember when the American Flag had 49 stars, and there were water fountains some folks couldn’t get a sip of water from, no matter HOW thirsty they were, I remember when my elementary school class held a mock election one November morning, and a young man named JFK won our class…mostly because the girls thought he was “cute” (and compared to sweaty old Nixon, he WAS) and the boys all wanted to be in the Navy “fighting the Red Menace” wherever it raised its ugly head…and there were words we were able to astound our grandparents with, like “astronaut” and “technology” (“go-go boots” and our need for them would come later)…and we could tell our “country” family that “in the CITY we don’t have PARTY LINES, everyone has a Private Phone!” and then giggle thinking “how would the once-a-week newspaper get any news if Gramma Helma couldn’t listen on the party-line?” We believed we would beat Russia to the moon because we are AMERICANS…we remember phrases like “duck-and-cover” and we know where the Bay of Pigs is….we sat in class one crisp November day in 1963 crying, and not really understanding, and a few days later we watched as his assumed assassin was assassinated…causing us to forever wonder about “conspiracies”…not many years later, we lost Martin and Bobby the same way…some of us grew up and worked for the government, our job was to feed 3×8 punched cards into a machine that was always jamming up at the wrong time…typing class was for GIRLS and shop was for BOYS, (and later, my first boss couldn’t have followed the order “take a letter”, if his life depended on it)…we got a “transistor” radio as our first piece of technology, and later we bought Atari 64s, but I can’t for the life of me remember why…our bosses got HUGE boxes installed in their cars called “Mo-bile phones” that never did seem to work (the boss would say, “if anything important happens, call me on the MO-bile” and then when you did, he would yell “why are you calling me on the MO-bile? I’m ROAMING!!”) My first “electronic calculator” cost me as much as a new sofa… And we got a kick out of putting in “7734″ and turning it upside down and showing a pal in class your opinion of the amount of homework we were given…my college accounting classes always included homework that was graded not just on whether debits and credits were in the right columns, but the “readability” of my handwriting!.and then, one day at work the boss informed us all that we were going to do all accounting using a computer…I was the only employee not to refuse, not to walk out…the line was drawn…and the “old school” walked out the door to go live with dinosaurs in an “information free zone”…and I stayed and learned DOS, and superCalc and I learned Geekdom paid the rent….does my love of technology drive my love of vaping? It certainly drives my need for vaping “gadgets”….what drives us “old school” vapers? Maybe the fear of becoming a (dead) dinosaur….

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