The “Montage”

The Montage, by bjfgator

This is a guest post written by bjfgator ~ Beth Fitzgerald from Nutter Fort, WV. She enjoys vaping, cooking, camping, laughing and writing.


Sometimes, unfortunately, we aren’t always the best role models for our kids. My middle son took up smoking about a year ago. I have never been a parent that says “don’t do as I do, do as I say” because I feel that is very hypocritical. My kids also know about my “golden rule” – whoever has the gold makes the rules.

When I decided that we were switching to e-cigs we tried a local gas station brand. Then we realized there had to be something out there that was of better quality with more choices. I spent two months researching all the companies on the internet and narrowed it down to three. My son, Jared, being a smart boy like his momma, really pushed for V4L based on all the factors we compared. I ordered kits, cartomizers in different flavors and nicotine levels, fancy drip tips, more batteries, then juices, Slim Line chargers, then tanks, more juices, Titans, and then EGOs, lanyards, t-shirts, and more juices. It didn’t take long to realize that I was a Vapashopaholic. I absolutely loved all things V4L vaping, and so did my son (thank goodness).

Back in the 1970s, gas stations became more self-serve oriented and fountain drinks were filled by the customer. I was a teenager then and found great delight in creating the “suicide soda”. For those of you unfamiliar with this kid created concoction, it is a classic recipe. Simply fill your cup with equal amounts of all the soda flavors available on the self-serve fountain. Mostly it tasted yucky, but you smiled and drank it anyway because, by that time, you were back in the family car on the long vacation trip and it was all you had to drink.

The Montage, by bjfgator

Last night, Jared created his own vaping concoction, similar to the suicide soda, and proudly named it the “Montage.” The recipe for his “Montage” is as follows:

.5ml VG WOW Traditional Tobacco 18mg

1ml RY4, 36mg

1 ml Kamel, 36mg

1ml Cuban Cigar, 36mg

1ml WOW Nuport, 36mg

1ml WOWBoy, 36mg

1ml Aces & 8s, 18mg

Much to my surprise, it was a pretty good vape. Now at this point, I am not quite ready to mix all of my V4L fruits, frappes, mints, menthols and candy flavors together, but who knows, I may one day rediscover my inner “suicide soda” kid. Many members on the forums have posted some wonderful creations with two or three flavors, but I have yet to see anything like the “Montage.” I am sure there are former “suicide soda” chemists among us. Would you care to share your “Montage” recipe?

bjfgator is active on the V4L forum and in Vapashopaholics and can be reached at

4 thoughts on “The “Montage”

  1. Well done, miss gator! (almost) anything can be made vapable with liberal amounts of vanilla, espresso and/or coffee!!

  2. Miss Gator, the “Montage” story brings back memories of me and my cousins making “Suicide Kool-Aid”. Yuck! It never tasted good. But we proudly sported our Kool-Aid mustaches as proof of our chosen mixtures! Thank you for prodding that long-forgotten memory from the hallows of my mind :)

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  3. I daresay that prttey much every You Tube video has people taking huge puffs to produce as much vapor as possible. I’ve watched people drag on their PVs so much I thought vapor was going to start coming out of their eyeballs.

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