The Smoker’s Flu and new vapers

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Vaping veterans – do you remember when you first switched from smoking analogs to using electronic cigarettes? How did it feel? Some people feel sick and have flu-like symptoms for the first few weeks after making the switch. Both people who quit smoking tobacco cigarettes altogether and those who alternatively use e-cigs can feel these symptoms. This is commonly called the “Smoker’s Flu”.

Smoker’s Flu symptoms

The Smoker’s Flu is not an actual flu, but feels like it because of the flu-like symptoms that many new vapers experience. Symptoms can include:

  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Congestion
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Tightness in the chest

Sounds like the flu to me! Actually, many of these symptoms are brought on by your body’s reaction to the withdrawal from the chemicals found in analog cigarettes. Both people who quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and those who alternatively use e-cigs can feel these symptoms. They usually only last one to two weeks.**

BHam’s experience

When I first made the switch I used both analog cigarettes and e-cigarettes together. I experienced the headaches and coughing, both of which I attributed to the analogs and too much nicotine intake. It wasn’t until I fully committed to vaping that I experienced the Smoker’s Flu. It felt like having a bad cold for a few days. I took over-the-counter medicine for my symptoms, cough medicine and de-congestion pills. By the fourth day, I felt like I could resume my vaping habits and haven’t felt those symptoms since!

If you or anyone you know experiences this, tell them to drink a lot of fluids and try not to chain-vape. Vaping often produces dry mouth, so drinking water often helps.

Tell us about your experience with switching to vaping. Were you lucky enough to switch without getting the Smoker’s Flu?

**Disclaimer: Vapor4Life electronic cigarettes are not smoking cessation devices. They are meant as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Vapor4Life is not a health organization and does not give medical information. Please see your physician for any questions you may have about electronic cigarettes and your health.

16 thoughts on “The Smoker’s Flu and new vapers

  1. I made the complete switch to vaping the first week. Never experienced any negative side effects, certainly never felt like I had the flu. Didn’t cough, didn’t have headaches, nothing. Have been in vaping nirvana for almost 3 years with my beloved V4L!!!!!

  2. I felt great when I switched to vaping. I didn’t have any of those symptoms. I did start getting bad acne a couple of weeks after I switched but I just altered my diet to take care of that.

  3. I actually started feeling better and better each day that I stayed on the eCigs. I think my health was decreasing from analogs so much that it was a breath of fresh air when I went to eCigs. The only difference I see now is that I will get a sore throat every now and then when I vape too much.

  4. This whole ‘Smoker’s Flu’ is all totally foreign to me. I do have a good story of how I quit smoking tobacco cigs though. This last December 1, 2009 was my last tobacco cigarette. My fiancé & I planned a Las Vegas wedding for November 29, 2009. He really wanted me to quit smoking cigarettes. I said I would give it my best SCHOOL TRY (lol). I start taking chantix in October ’09, & it helped totally!!! With Chantix I just couldn’t quit altogether though. After a month I did get down to 3-5 tobacco cigs a day. My dreams were kool while taking Chantix, so no complaints there. It just didn’t work in that month for totally quitting. Of course my nerves on getting married didn’t help either! I lived in Hollywood, CA for a few years & whenever I went to Las Vegas, (several times a year) the whole town NEVER had my cigarettes!! (Carlton Menthol 100′s)

    I PURPOSEFULLY didn’t take any cigarettes when we headed to Vegas for our wedding so, more or less be forced to quit. I was a weird smoker & if I didn’t have my smokes I wouldn’t Smoke, nothing satisfied me, even in desperation.
    Sure enough ONE DAY AFTER I was married it was panic mode to the MAX, & I bought a pack of Virginia SLIMEs light menthol 100′s to NO AVAIL!!

    I felt like a hardcore druggie junkie over CIGARETTES! My husband told me of electronic cigarettes, & honestly the thought of electronic cigarettes didn’t amuse me, I thought it was a JOKE. But by NOW, in COMPLETE PURE DESPERATION I bought a SMOKING EVERYWHERE unit on the Boulevard of Las Vegas & guess WHAT? That first inhale was like “WOW I CAN DO THIS!!”

    Even though this was a $160 unit, it SUCKED! They kept dying within a month. Of course I NOW had become ADDICTED to smoking everywhere’s e cigs until I was buying 3 batteries & atomizers a month & they were dying left & right. So once I found VAPOR4LIFE I was finally able to have reliable units that could last the test of AMBER, & I’m quite a tough test, TRUST ME! I have them in my mouth like a pacifier & GOD FORBID I forget any of my stuff anywhere but now I always have extra supplies, though I look like a gypsy with my goodies. At Bingo they always want to know how well e cigs work for me.

    My husband asks me every once in a while when I am going to quit smoking my e cigarette’s and I say I never made no deal about these, so life is good. Of course there will be something TOXIC we find out about them in 10 years but in a life of eatting everything processed, double processed, Hell TRIPLE processed something is going to kill you unless you live on an island & eat all organic & seafood but HELL even the ocean is poison now. But addressing the SMOKERS FLU again, I never had any hard time with transition. Once I inhaled my e-cig it was all clear & settled….. Voila!!

  5. I coughed up a bunch of nasty brown stuff every morning for a week or so, but never had any flu-like symptoms… just got lucky I guess. I had heard about “quit zits” tho, so I make sure to wash my face every morning and every night with a strong acne soap.

  6. I’ve had the smoker’s flu every time I have tried to quit and when I went from analog to e-cig. Some people get it and some don’t. That is the worse coughing though…worse then actually having the flu. I would feel fine for a couple of days and then start with the “smokers flu” and have it for 3 or 4 days

  7. I actually tapered off of analogs, because I was addicted to them in many different ways it was even a fashion thing for me… I had cases and lighters and cigarette holders galore…(to match different outfits) So I made a deal with myself, which was for each glamorous sparkly V4L goody I got I had to give up an analog accessory… (I am a devoted diamond tipped titan and tank user) also I had to find the right flavors and nicotine strength to suit me… and then the big day came when I was brave enough to vape in places where you cant smoke…(the mall, stores, my kids school) I got such a positive reception about it I was like wow this is sooo much better than smoking… I never have to go through withdrawal… I vaped all the way through the hobbit in the movie theatre… if I had still been smoking I would have been dying by the end of the movie lol.. the only side effect I had when I fully made the switch was being very sleepy…I took lots of naps… and coughed a bit for a few days but after that OMG I felt like I could take on the world… and I convert people every chance I get… I also love the looks of envy I get from smokers…lol

  8. October 31, 2009 was my last tobacco cigarette. My switch to e cigarets was flawless and I have not looked back since. I never realized how myself, my clothes, my car smelled till after I quit. Never had any “flu-like” symptoms, either. I always get asked by non-smokers: do they work for you? I am so tired of answering the misconception that I am using these to wean off cigarettes or nicotine. I use them because I enjoy them, I rarely cough anymore, and right now, I am not worrying about the nicotine content. So yes, they are “working” for me. My boyfriend. also, wants to know when I am going to “quit”. Told him he does not smell or taste them on me, and he is not gonna die from 2nd hand smoke, so leave me be!!

  9. I would have never guessed this could happen. I seriously thought I was going crazy. I am seeing/feeling about 4-5 of these symptoms daily. I have just recently switched to fulltime vaping (this afternoon was my last tobacco cigarette). I bought my first battery about 2 weeks ago. I have also been extremely irritable as well. I really hope this goes away after 2 weeks! I absolutely love vaping so I know I can stick this out. I am glad to know I am not the only one.

    • It happened to me too, but it passed after a few weeks. I haven’t felt that sick since! Good luck to you on your vaping journey :).

  10. I am on day for on my v4l. Today is the most challenging yet. For some reason, even though I’m not around any smokers, I have this insufferable urge to drive to the store and pick up a pack and indulge. However, I have not done so and do not plan on doing so. So far I have not experienced any flu like symptoms, break outs, or even any couging of phleghm. I am severely dependent on my v4l, I am constantly sucking on it. It is def helping. ALthough the heaviness of it is what is throwing me off. Oh! It also hurts my throat, and some times leaves me with a heavy chest, or even some wheezing that takes at least 15 min to wear off. IF it were not for the loving support of my wife, I know I would have quit my attempt in the first day. Even though the first two days I snapped so easily, sepecially in the morning when Im used to having my ciggarette with my coffee. She ahs been my rock these past days.

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