Understanding Tanks For Electronic Cigarettes

This is a guest post written by Morandir835, an e-cig enthusiast, admin on the Vapor4Life forum, and a regular on their ECF sub forum.

A tank can be confusing for new vapers. There are actually three different types, and many sizes available of each type. I hope to shed a little light on that situation.

Tank and Atty Kits

Tank and atty (atomizer) combo-kits like the Aurora feature a three-part tank system. That is when an atomizer connects to a tank filled with juice, and then that is connected to a battery to produce vapor. The drawback to these tanks while bigger than the cart on a three-piece system, can still only hold 1-1.5 ml’s of liquid.

Tank Cartos

Tank cartos are truly over-sized cartomizers. They hold 5 ml’s of juice and

Dual Coil Tank for 6 ml

currently I have only seen them in the dual coil fashion.

Allow me to explain what a dual coil carto is. Inside every cartomizer is a coil that heats the juice. This can either be laid horizontally at the bottom of the carto (same way an atty works) or vertically through the polyfill. CoolCarts and WOW cartos feature a single vertical coil to heat the juice. Dual coils have a second coil added to the grounding wire, giving you the experience of lower resistance vaping without burning the filler as easily and muting the flavor the same way a low ohm single coil would. The drawback is they pull twice the amount of power as a single 3.0 ohm coil. This translates to shorter battery life, but gives you a higher quality vape. Dual coils are hard on batteries and should only be used with V4L’s Vapor King Diamond and Stealth series batts, along with higher mah fat batts.

Tank cartos are perfect for those using fat batts or don’t want to deal with the complications of the last type of tank. The downfall is they don’t fit on every type of battery without an adapter, and to some – look pretty funny on an analog style batt (such as a Vapor King Diamond).

Carto Tanks

Carto tanks are two-piece systems turned into three parts. The carto inside the tank is punched so that juice is pulled from the tank around it via a vacuum effect from taking a draw. The ones V4L currently sell come in the 3.5ml and 6ml variety. These are far more complicated to fill than the tank cartos, but look better to some, will fit on any KR808 battery (can’t promise it will fire), and gives you an added benefit of being able to see when they need to be refilled. The other plus is the tank can be reused (clean it out if switching juices, remember some flavors are harder to get rid of than others), all you have to do is replace the carto inside it.

One last suggestion, before getting a tank carto or carto tank be sure to have a ‘go to flavor’ picked out that you will want to vape 3.5-6ml’s of until it is gone.

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