Upcoming Vapercon 2013

This was written by guest blogger, Morandir.

One of the best ways to meet fellow vapers in person are conventions. There’s quite a few of them around the country held throughout the year. There’s far more to them than just the buying and selling of multiple PVs (personal vaporizers) from vendors around the country, it’s where vapers get to interact with each other, explore new items first hand, and pick up a lot of tricks and tips from avid vapers.

The next major one coming up is Vapercon 2013. While Vapor4Life will sadly not be there at this year’s held in Richmond VA, there will be plenty of V4L’ers in attendance, myself included. I have gone every year since 2011. It was there I first got a chance to meet members of the V4L staff in person. It will always hold a special place to me because of that. I wrote about my experience here. I urge anyone who’s in the Virginia area who can to at least go either Friday the 1st of November or Saturday the 2nd. Just be sure to bring plenty of water and supplies. Entrance is free.

I can’t stress enough though the experience you get from attending any vape meet. Whether it’s a local one or one of these big conventions, there’s just something special about being around fellow vapers. I have made many lasting relationships from people all over through these gatherings, because while every vaper has a different background the one thing we all have in common is our love for vaping.

I’ll be there on Saturday with a fellow member of the V4L forum in tow, anyone who wishes to sit down and discuss anything with me feel free to reach out either through responding to this blog or private messaging me on either the V4L forum or ECF, will make sure to track you down at some point during the day. There’s honestly nothing I enjoy more than discussing vaping, just be forewarned I can get a little long-winded on the subject. Look forward to seeing as many fellow V4L’ers as possible!

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Vapercon 2013

  1. Last year I only found out about this afterwards. Thank you so much for the heads up, can’t wait to attend! I hope to join CASAA’s meeting in the a.m. Such a shame V4L can’t be there!

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