V4L refreshes a few flavors with new names

Your favorite flavor has not disappeared! Some of our flavors have been renamed. The following list shows the old name on the left and it’s new name on the right.

555 = Triple Nickel
Dunhall/Dunhall Menthol = Dunwoody/Dunwoody Menthol
Hilton = Hilltop
Kamel/Kamel Menthol = Oasis/Oasis Menthol
Kant/Kant Menthol = Kilt/Kilt Menthol
Cool = Chillax Menthol
Doc Pepper = Doc Popular
We’re in the process of updating our website to reflect these changes. If you have any questions, please let us know. We are here to help whether you’re looking for the right nicotine strength, or a battery that fits your lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “V4L refreshes a few flavors with new names

  1. I am currently deployed in the Afganistan. I was a pack a day smoker. I started with V4L in March of 2013. I didnt think it was for me so I used the starter kit I bought and never got anymore. Fast forward 4 months..I return to Afganistan and because of the heat I didnt want to go outside and look for a smoke pit. Also, it was a couple people that i work with that was using V4L. So, I got an old battery from a co-worker and he supplied me with a couple blanks and some nobabcco. I started back, so I decided to order again. I order it on the 23 of Aug..I recieved my re-supply today on the 30th. Thats friggin outstanding 7 days I got my shipment. Not only was my shipment here fast..it had a bonus. They gave me a Dial-volt, KR808D x 2, 2 boxes of Nabacco, Drip tips and 10 boxes of blanks for my old battery. With a hand note wrote by someone saying.”Stay Safe out there! God Bless! Enjoy! L.M…This is probably the nicest thing that a company has done for me in all my deployments. Whoever is LM..you have renewed my faith that everyone back stateside has not forgot about us over here. SEMPER FI

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