Vape Meets

Vape meets are meetings where fellow vapers get together to discuss everything related to electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers. They are held by clubs in cities all over the world. Some are big productions that take months of planning and can be held at hotel conference rooms, while others are smaller events held regularly at local restaurants and bars.

The Windy City Vapers Club is hosting their monthly meeting tomorrow Saturday, June 16

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at 8pm at the Real Time Sports Bar in Elk Grove Village in Illinois. You might recognize some names of some members who will be there like Ed (TheGreen), Scott (MrEcig), Dan (Dooz), Mary (DangerGirl), and Chris (SgtTazz). There is going to be a raffle, mods, and other goodies. They are celebrating their two-year anniversary. Congrats guys!

If you live in Texas, you can join the Texas the Central Texas BBQ and Vape for socializing at PokeJo’s at 2121 West Parmer Lane. They say to bring any vaping gear or juice that you’re not using to trade or sell. The meetup is tomorrow from 6-9pm EDT.

A few other Saturday events include:

New England Vapers Anniversary

ATL Vapers

LA Vapers Club

Wisconsin Vapers Meet

STL Vapers

Have you ever been to a vape meet? Where was it and what did you do?

6 thoughts on “Vape Meets

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  4. Hi!
    We have a newer group for the Madison WI area. We started this group three weeks ago and we are already over 180 members!
    We have a vape meet planned for June 22nd and I would love if you could add us to your list of meets. If this one is a success, we plan on having them bi-monthly!!!

    Thank you
    Jeremy & Kelly

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