VapeBash 2012

VapeBash crowd

In the ever-expanding world of electronic cigarettes, a few notable events have taken place in honor of personal vaporizers. These include VaperCon, World Vaping Day, and most recently VapeBash.
An e-cig group in Chicago called the Windy City Vapers Club put on the very first annual VapeBash this past weekend in Rosemont, Illinois. The free event took place at the Holiday Inn Express on Saturday and Sunday. It was a huge success with many vendors participating including Vapor4Life. Some vaping groups even broadcasted live from the event like Vape TV, Vapor Cast, and Vapers Place.
There were a lot of vendors there, and many were selling some really

Mod made to look like the gun from Halo

awesome mods, and hand-blown drip tips. There was a raffle, and a DJ. We got to meet a few customers and a couple of people from the forums. It was really fun meeting Lisa66 and Loveridden from ECF and the Vapor4Life forum. Snowdragon even came by on Friday and enjoyed meeting the Vapor4Life crew. A few people on the Facebook Page were able to come out too, like Frank C., Dave U. and his wife.

Someone made an ecig to look like the gun from the video game Halo. Another guy made a mod out of a wooden jewelry box.

Jewelry Chest Mod

A few of the big reviewers in the business were there like Grimm Green and the Vaper Babe.
The biggest hit at the Vapor4Life booth was the Nobacco Juice USA and “I LOVE VAPING” t-shirts. A lot of people sampled the e-liquids and checked out the Vapor Titan batteries.

VapeBash crowd

Have you attended any ecig industry events? If so, what are your favorite memories from them?

5 thoughts on “VapeBash 2012

  1. I haven’t been vaping very long, so I haven’t attended such an event. I would LOVE to however. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the fun, Audrey!

  2. I’m with LS9…I, too, am new to the sport of vaping so I haven’t been to any cons fests or bashes. I would love to attend one someday. We absolutely love the pictures. It allows us to live vicarously through the fun of others. Those are some wild mods! Just a question… how many bottles of V4L juice would it take to fill up the halo gun mod????? Do you have any pics of the V4L table?

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