VaperCon Recap

Well it has certainly been an eventful month for me. I went from Chicago to Shenzhen (via Hong Kong) for a ten-day trip, and just got back from a four-day trip to Richmond, Virginia for VaperCon.

VaperCon celebrates all things ecigs. Dozens of vendors and hundreds of ecig enthusiasts attended. It was the “ComicCon” for the ecig industry. Having been involved with the ecig community for close to three years, it was great to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones in the process.

We got into Richmond on Thursday afternoon, checked into our hotel, and located all the inventory that we had shipped down. After settling into our rooms we wandered down to the hotel lobby and bar and found that a mini vapers reception was in progress. We stopped by for a bit and said hello to everyone. I went to bed early Thursday night because I knew Friday would be busy.

Friday morning we got up and went down to the convention room to set up our booth. It took us about 30 minutes and then we starting greeting vapers. Our main goal for the trip was to promote our new Nobacco Juice USA. We were giving out 5ml samples all weekend long and selling 30ml bottles at a special Vapercon price. Here is a picture of our booth:

(from left to right: Christie, me, Wade)

Friday the convention room was open until the wee hours of the morning, and we heard reports that vapers were having a great time. Expecting Saturday to be another full day, we went to bed early again.

Saturday morning the V4L crew was up early and ready to serve. We saw many new faces on Saturday, along with several people who had stopped by Friday wanting to buy 30 mls of the juice, or try some different flavors. Overall we gave away several hundred 5ml bottles and people seemed to love the Nobacco Juice USA.

One of the highlights for me was when Morandir from ECF stopped by with his wife. If you have never interacted with Morandir on ECF (or here in his guest blog posts), he is one heck of a great guy. I have talked to him several times online, but it was so cool to get a chance to finally meet him. He said it perfectly when reflecting on meeting us, that he was the same outgoing, friendly person in “real life” as he is on the forum. He is a great asset to our community, and it was a true pleasure to spend a couple of hours with him.

Saturday night, VaperCon held a Halloween party complete with a costume contest. None of us V4L folks brought costumes because we didn’t have room in our carry-ons. We saw some great costumes, and had fun partying with vapers. I’m not sure when the next VaperCon will take place, but as soon as it is announced you can bet I will put it on my calendar!

Sunday morning we got up early and flew back home. The weekend went by in a flash. For the time being, my traveling is over. It’s been an exciting month so far, but now I’m looking forward to things settling back down and getting into a normal groove. I will have a new post here next Wednesday and each week for the foreseeable future. Stop back and check it out.

Until next time…VAPE ON!

3 thoughts on “VaperCon Recap

  1. Sounds like a very FUN and exciting weekend for all of you! So glad you got a chance to go and show off the outstanding new line of juice Mark. It appears to have been a win win for all!!! Thank you for sharing.

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