Vapers have rights too!

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“No smoking within 15 feet of this entrance.” Both smokers and non-smokers have rights. Smokers have the right to smoke, so long as it’s 15 feet away from an entrance. Non-smokers have the right to not be bothered by cigarette smoke. Now we have a “third-party” in the mix – that’s us, vapers. Even though we know there’s no such thing as “second-hand vapor”, there are people out there who are worried about our ecig vapor. We know, we know, it’s ridiculous, but hey – what are you gonna do?

We need to protect ourselves. Some companies that don’t allow their employees to vape inside are going to make their vapers go outside and stand in the same area as the smokers. These are the very people that we’ve all been trying to avoid in our quest to stop smoking. We used to be those smokers, pushed to the side, away from everyone. Then we mustered up the courage to turn to ecigs, and were able to step away from that. We put down the tobacco cigs, and picked up the ecig. No smoke, no smell, no ash, no mess. We vape everywhere we’re allowed. We vape at home, in the car, at the grocery store, and at the restaurants and bars that are cool with it. Now, if all these places suddenly say “forget it – you’re outside again”, what are you going to do? You’re going to be pissed. Here you spent money and time, researching, buying and switching over.

What will you do? You need to tell your employer that you should not be forced into the same areas where the smokers have to go. You don’t want to be breathing in that second-hand smoke, smelling those awful cigarettes, (and if you’re new to vaping) get tempted to start back up again!

Some companies have smoking rooms. When I worked at Meijer many years ago, we had a smoking room. When it was cold out, we all went into that room, next to the break room and puffed away. It smelled horrible. Now, say Meijer were to ban their employees from using ecigs inside at work. Where would they have to go? Outside? In the same room as the smokers? That’s not fair. Would they build a room just for vapers? Unlikely.

Vapers, stand up for your right to vape! If smokers and non-smokers get rights, we should too! Share this with all your vaper buddies and make sure they stand up for their right to vape!

4 thoughts on “Vapers have rights too!

  1. I cannot imagine what goes through some folks’ heads when they think that lumping vapers in with smokers is a viable option. Not like we love the stink of cigarettes on us either! I hope that, at least, there is a single bathroom instead of one with stalls where you can go every couple hours to have a vape. While no longer working, if I worked in a place that did that, I would b e sorely ticked. Good luck everyone!

  2. Vaping looks so much like smoking that I can understand why some folks don’t understand. And we, as Vapers, should be patient and not get upset when they don’t understand as quickly as we would expect. After all, Vaping is very new. It wasn’t too long ago that we didn’t know about it either. But, in the end, we are doing some good. We switched to avoid the wrath of smoking on ourselves and others. That’s comforting. So continue to be kind to those who don’t yet grasp the concept of Vaping.
    John Kessler

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