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As the popularity and presence of electronic cigarettes increases, rules surrounding them are beginning to surface. Some companies have decided to not allow their use while employees are working, while some have flat-out banned their use on company property.

Since the product is still relatively new, a large part of the population has never heard of them, much less know how they work. Say you are the vice president of a company and one day, you witness an employee smoking at their desk. Your first reaction might be curiosity, anger, or distress. Perhaps you’re very busy and all you know is that someone who works for you is smoking inside. You may decide that this is unacceptable and not allow smoking – or vaping – or whatever they referred to it as, is not to be tolerated.

The point of this story is to highlight that the electronic cigarette industry has a lot of teaching to do. Education is a key factor in maintaining the success of this product, and its use in the workplace. If the vice president already knew about e-cigs, then having his employee use one might not be a big deal. He would know that they produce no smoke, no smell, and no second-hand smoke. He would realize that his employee craves nicotine to function, and will get it one way or the other. If she goes outside to smoke that’s less time that she can spend working.

Vaping Allowed?

Although this scenario may seem a bit exaggerated, it is a common occurrence in many offices around the country. Of course, not every company is like this. One of our customers works as an assistant to the CEO. She feels lucky to work for someone who listened to her and took the time to understand what e-cigs are all about. Beginning in January, the company’s insurance provider will be adding an extra 10% to the insurance plans of employees who use tobacco. To aid their employees, they’ve decided to help those who use tobacco find another way to get their nicotine fix. The company has begun a new program to help smokers in not having to pay the additional fee. The CEO has decided to buy a V4L starter kit for any employee who wants to make the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping e-cigarettes. The company will hold weekly support group meetings which will be mandatory for those that sign up for a kit.

This company is carving a trail that hopefully others will follow. They are setting an excellent example for thousands of other companies who have employees that smoke and vape. Their acceptance of vaping is a refreshing reminder that the electronic cigarette industry has good news to share, and that we should remain optimistic about the future!

I want to know, are you allowed to vape at work? Are there any restrictions on when or where you can use your e-cig? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. I have been allowed to vape at work, at my desk, since I picked it up over 2 years ago. Because of this I was also able to convert 2 other smokers.

  2. I’m retired but I have been to several eating facilities , besides Wal-Mart and have vaped. I wear my V4L around my neck so I always have it lol, with your cards (ready to hand out). I encourage everyone I know (that smokes) to try V4L. Great product :)

  3. I work for a retail store as assistant manager. While the company has no official policy on vaping, the store manager has no qualms about it. I’m free to vape in non customer areas, and stealth vape on the floor.

  4. I’ve been vaping in my cubicle for over 2.5 years now. Before I started I explained it to everyone around me, and even provided them with a study done in New Zeland a few years back about the safety.

    Since that time, our County Health Board has decided that vaping should be treated exactly as smoking and is now banned indoors. I’ve conveniently forgotten to tell my coworkers about the ban and continue vaping to this day in the office (as I am right now). I’ll be a little discrete when the big bosses are around, but so far so good.

    I cannot believe how much productive I am staying at my desk all day and not going out to the smoking area every hour. I do miss talking to all the old smokers outside, though: for some reason smokers (and vapers) are the friendliest people around.

  5. When I switched to the E cigaret over 2 years ago, I showed it to my employer and explained how it worked. She was fine with it until another employee complained about “the ‘smell’ and the 2nd hand dangers” even though this employee was provided the same info and demo. Next thing I knew, corporate had banned me from using them anywhere near the building, they “created” a mandate that it was a “tobacco” product. So I had to go stand in the snow with the rest of the smokers. I did that for a while, then decided a few extra bathroom breaks were all that was needed to get me thru the day. Recently, I had to fly for business, I called the airline, they said it was fine to have them in carry on, just could not “vape” on the plane. Again, off to the bathroom… (and even funnier was my boss “ordering” me not to use them in my hotel room). Of course, NOW with all the hoopla about the “dangers” to other passengers on planes, they will probably outright ban them and confiscate if you have them on your person. I am confidant the FDA could care less about anyone’s health, and the giant taxes on cigaretts, well, methinks Big Tobacco is behind a lot of it. If we don’t figure out a way to fight, they will control and tax our e cigs till we can no longer afford THOSE either. Stock up, people…..

    • That really is too bad that some companies are lumping electronic cigarettes in the same category as tobacco cigarettes. I’m convinced that education will really help provide some attitude adjustments.

      In the meantime, keep on stealth-vaping! :)

  6. I’ve been vaping at work for over a year and my company is fine with it. I switched over from cigarettes last January. January is a good time to switch because you don’t really want to go out in sub-freezing weather to get your nicotine fix anyway! :)
    I applaud the company in the article for taking a proactive stand and assisting its employees to switch and get away from the harmful effects of tobacco products.

    • I’m glad your company allows you to vape without a hassle. I hope more of these vapor-friendly workplaces will lead others into taking the same stand. It really is a win-win situation for the company and employee (hello productivity).

  7. I’ve had no problem using them in some of the nightclubs here but have unfortunately been asked to stop using them at other clubs, even though the staff/management know what they are, because it causes trouble with smokers thinking they can smoke inside when they see someone vaping. Also customers who don’t know what they are, complain. I hope in the future when knowledge of what these products are spreads, this is something we won’t have to deal with. A TV ad would certainly help. – Sarah, Australia.

  8. It’s officially against corporate policy but we do it anyway and our managers let us know if we’re receiving a corporate visit. They’re thrilled that we’re taking less breaks and having less sick time. It helps that our boss smokes, but unfortunately not e-cigs

  9. While my University has not outright banned it, some of my co-workers have reported that their supervisors have “banned” it in their groups. I, fortunately, have not had any problems with the co-workers or supervisors in my group. I had been vaping at work for a full year now. My supervisor had no problem with it, in fact, he was one of the people I “converted”. I recently took a new job in the University. I have been working in this new area for 4 months, until this week was the first time any of them noticed and said something. I wasn’t even being stealthy about it either, at times I was even using my passthrough!

    Keep up the good work V4L!

    -Some Anonymous University Guy

    PS Please bring back Carmel Mocha Frap carts, I miss them sooooooooo much.

  10. I’ve been vaping at work since I started vaping, which is about a year and a half now. My boss has no problem with me vaping at my desk because, even though he didn’t say it, I’m sure he knows it increases my productivity. It also makes me a happier employee because I don’t have to stress about when I will take my next smoke break, which used to elicit frequent glares form my boss when I walked outside.

    In public, I have never hidden the fact that I am vaping because I WANT people to ask me about it. In most cases when we go to a restaurant, I ask to see the manager and explain to them what I am doing (vaping). They are not only pleased that I asked first, but are happy to have me there, perhaps they like the novelty. By asking first, the manager is aware of my vaping, so if a customer complains, the manager can explain to them as I did.

    Acceptance by businesses is essential in our fight for the right to vape. Not only for employees, but for those who are potential customers.

  11. You make qinttiug smoking sound so easy. What is the catch? I tried to quit lots of times and nothing worked not even gum or patches. Maybe I will try this but it does not sound real.

  12. Why can’t they agssin scientists to figure it out? To see what the vapor’s effects are and if there is a need to ban/restrict e-cig smoking in public based on public safety?

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