Vaping fun is coming to town!

Greetings everyone! BHam is back and just in time for the holidays! I have cooked up some great ideas for your holiday fun!

We are all vapers, right? We all love the holidays with family, right? Well, most of us do! For your holiday party this year, big or small, try this out!

Vaping Grab Bag

Grab bags have always been a fun, family tradition around the holidays. Here’s an idea on how to incorporate your favorite e-cigs into a longstanding tradition. Have all of your vaping guests bring cartomizers of random flavors (we all have some extra stock don’t we?) and put them in a bag. You can have guests bring spare batteries as well. Once all your guests have arrived, have some fun and have guests grab a “mystery” flavor from the bag and vape it while at your party! Remember, there’s no peeking. Think about the new flavors you might try! You could even bring e- liquid too, just toss in some of your unused bottles and even mix flavors.

Five Packs, Not Six-Packs

Ever wonder what to bring to holiday parties? I always bring assorted beverages for my family and friends. So does everyone else. With a surplus of drinks, where is it all going to go? Well, leave that six-pack at home and bring a pack of five cartomizers. We all vape more around other vapers so why not be ready with an extra pack of cartomizers? Sampler packs are great choices for added change throughout the night!

Stocking Stuffers

I know, I know. BHam is talking about Christmas already, but hear me out. Many vapers

have a surplus of batteries, chargers, and other assorted vaping gear. Why not pay that gear forward to a smoker you know? Since many of us move from stick batteries to EGOs to mods, let’s help out potential vapers with all of our extras!

Whichever you choose, remember the holidays are a time to relax and get back home to rekindle with family and friends. We hope your holidays are filled with fun and festivities!

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions with your family?

One thought on “Vaping fun is coming to town!

  1. Fun ideas!!! My relatives, family friends and other vapers and I always do a fun little swap at our monthly local meet. We all bring juices we didn’t care for and let our table sample them at the meet and pick what they like. We also sometimes bring juices we really love, and although we don’t give those away, at least someone can see if they really love it too, and order it if they want to.

    I don’t think it’s too early to talk about christmas!! It is after Thanksgiving after all! :)

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