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This is a guest post written by Morandir835, an e-cig enthusiast, admin on the Vapor4Life forum, and a regular on their ECF sub forum.

Over the past few weeks I’ve attended several social events in my area (and one personal being my 30th birthday party). This lead to a lot of vaping in public places, including a restaurant. There are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when vaping in public places. Every year the city of Greenbelt puts on the Green Man Festival. It celebrates spring and is  geared towards saving the environment and recycling, with showings from many local vendors and artists of all sorts. It’s a great mix of people from all walks of life, religions, and backgrounds. It’s an outdoor festival and I was able to vape freely without issue (well almost – one person complained that the “smoke was getting in her face”, but the gentleman I was talking to about vaping corrected her. Some people do not trust their senses). I handed out many Vapor4Life business cards during this festival, not only because of its vibe, but also because there were a lot of people looking for an alternative to analogs. I even let people try some of the flavors I had on hand (I always bring plenty of supplies to places like this for that very reason).

A very good friend of my wife and I was visiting from Switzerland. He had never seen the DC area, so after work each night we took him to different places around town. I was vaping away the entire time while driving, but he didn’t ask me any questions about it. My wife had already explained what it was beforehand. One of the first places we went to was a great brew pub in the area we refer to as DFH. Being a regular here I already knew about their “no vaping indoors” policy, which brings me to the crux of this article.

Before you vape somewhere indoors always ask an employee first. Even if it’s legal to

vape inside in your state, that doesn’t mean every bar, restaurant, or other establishment will allow it. Getting indignant, arguing with a manager, or causing a scene does nothing but put vaping in a negative light.

When I was in Chicago a few months back I asked my taxi driver if my vaping would be an issue. He said I could take one puff and if the smell didn’t bother him then it was fine. But it did bother him, so I just put my King Diamond batt away and talked with him the rest of the ride. He said while it wasn’t nearly as bad as cigarette smoke, he wasn’t a fan of the after smell from my particular e-juice.

When you’re out and about vaping in public, depending on your situation, please remember to ask the people around you if they mind your e-cigarette use. It’s simply common courtesy.

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8 thoughts on “Vaping in Public

  1. :) I have yet to do this, and wonder if I will ever do that..vape in something like public transportation or something, maybe an airplane but thats about it, but agreed, common courtesy and respectful of others is a good thing!

    • I’m not sure about doing it on an airplain, I read in a news paper that someone was told he couldn’t do it, At first I thought it was just some company being prissy, but then I started wondering if the little tiny electric snap in the vapor stick to make the vapor might interfear with the o2 in the air plain? Oh and by the way. Don’t let anyone tell you these can explode, It is impossible, there is nothing explosive in these and that’s exactly what I tell people who tell me that. Happy vaping all

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  3. I vape everywhere. Like in Wal-mart and my favorite “watering holes”. People ask about it and I hand them a V4L card and say how much better I feel (and smell). And everyone is amazed by the lack of odor and how fast the vapor disipates. Try it some time.

  4. I vape everywhere. In most places it’s legal here and I will continue to do so whether the people around me like it or not. It’s my right still. If the owners of whatever establishment I am in don’t allow me to vape then I won’t. However, if there are alternative establishments then I will simply leave and use the alternative. This happened to me yesterday. We went to try out a new bar in Brooklyn and I was told vaping isn’t allowed. I convinced my friends to go to another bar and we left without giving that place our money. I hate it when people make assumptions about something without any evidence and just rely on outdated etiquette. I also vape on the train. I’ve had people give up their seat just to walk away from me. I remember one guy made a loud gasp as he ran to the other side of the train. I really hope this experience eats away at their psyche and they won’t sleep at night thinking about it. I am not harming anyone.

  5. My Doctor lets me vape in his office. The only place I have been told not to vape is at my therapist office, It’s not a private office, it’s FHN, but I went up and filed a complaint over that part of their “Policy” Their policy says no smoking, I told them it wasn’t smoking and that it is a nicotine delivery system no different than the patch or the gum. Most of the time people in stores come up to me and say “Hey is that one of those electric cigarettes”? So I tell them about it and hand them a card, I’ve actually given one or two away. I’m a non smoker now and the grocery store guy told me my car smelled like a new car LOL. I vape in it all the time.

  6. I vape in the mall and a few stores…its kinda funny because the e-cig vendors stare at my titan and tank with envy…(they vape in the mall to) people give me unusual looks…but most people just think they are really cool…especially when I am using a tank instead of a cart…e-cigs arent that big out here yet…(the midwest) but I am working on it…lol…when I am around smokers I vape more…today was a huge accomplishment…I had to use the cigarette lane at walmart today..(it had the shortest line) and I didnt buy any analogs…WOOHOOO!!! I just vaped on my way out of the store…I get lots of complements on the almond coconut juice I vape…everybody says it smells like cookies…lol…especially handy this time of year…lol..its great being a vaper…lol

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