Vaping podcast contest

I’m excited to announce that Vapor4Life will start doing podcasts! A few times each week you’ll be able to listen in as we give ecig and vaping news and info.

Now that we’re doing podcasts, we need a name! So help us out and give us some suggestions. We’ll pick one in about a week. The winner will receive a Vapor Zeus Starter Kit! So what are you waiting for? Get thinking and post your ideas in the comment section below. Thanks and good luck!

UPDATE:¬†Thanks for all the awesome suggestions guys! We decided on the name “Let’s Clear the Air” from Alex Krohn. Woo hoo!

59 thoughts on “Vaping podcast contest

  1. V4L, The In’s & Out’s of Vaping
    V4L, Everything You Want To Know About the Word of Vaping!
    V4L, Questions & Answers About The Vaping World!

  2. Names:

    The Happy Vaper

    (I want that Zeus!! :-) )


  3. 1-How to live longer
    , and enjoy the fact that you saved a life ,
    I have helped 15 people quit smoking with teaching them how to vapor.
    2-How about how to save your life!

  4. Keep it simple:
    1. VapeCast
    2. CloudCast

    Or 3. (my favorite):
    4Cast (a play on the word “forecast” and the V4L logo) with the tagline “Cloudy skies from morning til night….”

  5. -The Daily Vapor-
    -Vapor Trail News-
    -The Modern Vape4you-
    -V4L# No ashes about it-

  6. The Plume Report, The E-Cig Essential, Above the Clouds, a conjuring of clouds, juiced and justified, breaking vaping, hot off the atty.

  7. Vaping on the air, vaping live, vapor talk, vapors dream, vapors delight, vaping in the boys room, ready-set-vape, good will vaping, the vapors club, the legend of vapor king, real vaping, top vape, KCVO (keep calm and vape on)

  8. V4L : Vaporcast
    Vaporcast : “A Vapor Production.”
    or V4L : “We Vape” for the podcast.
    Or for just the podcast : “Vape Lair” or
    “Vape Tapes” or “Vape Take” as in take 2…
    Those are my thoughts/what I would put on my site.

  9. To all you naysayers out there….dig this. I have been smoking analog cigs for over 40 years.( MY Dumb Ass). Got introduced to Vaping with a titan kit. I was the kind of person who really enjoyed my smoke, and figured i’d probably die with one in my mouth. That was three months ago. Never thought i could ever beat the addiction but the Vaping set me straight. I won’t say it was easy you really gotta want to do it. But since i had the experience with the e-cig i have kicked an addiction that has caused me to have lung problems but it was from analogs. I don’t crave nicotine anymore and feel almost sickened when i walk past someone with a lit cigarette from the smell alone.
    Now i just use my e-cig for pleasure and vape watermelon with NO nicotine in it just because i like the ability to keep the smoking behaviors .The taste is fantastic! People i will tell you if you do this right and follow the program you to can be nicotine free so help me God this might just be the best invention for the smoker ever. Thanks Steve for helping me to save myself from myself. People don’t wait just do it and you will see what i mean Peace.

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