Vapor4Love Valentine’s Day Contest

For Valentine’s Day this year we are running a contest called “Vapor4Love” because either you’re a smoker, or you love one!

Make this year’s Valentine’s Day one she’ll remember. Introduce your loved one to the best alternative to smoking – electronic cigarettes. We are giving away five starter kits between today and Wednesday. Entry is simple. Just tell us why the special person in your life should win a Vapor4Life starter kit. Post your story here (be sure to follow the rules below). Five entrants will win one of the following electronic cigarette starter kits:

  • Vapor Titan Ultimate
  • Vapor Titan Ultimate
  • Vapor Titan Standard
  • Vapor Titan Standard
  • Vapor Titan Slim

Each prize winner will choose their cartomizer flavor and nicotine strength. Vapor Titan Diamond batteries have a smooth exterior and a bejeweled LED tip. The Vapor Titan Ultimate Starter Kit retailed at $105 has two soft touch Vapor Titan batteries, a wall charger, a carrying case, two packs of cartomizers, a portable charging case, and a USB passthrough. The Vapor Titan Standard Starter Kit includes two soft touch Vapor Titan batteries, a wall charger, a carrying case, and two packs of cartomizers. It’s retail value is $75. The Vapor Titan Slim Starter Kit holds a retail value of $49.95, and comes with a soft touch Vapor Titan battery, a wall charger, a carrying case, and two packs of cartomizers.

One entry is allowed per person. This contest is being held on several social media platforms, and each person is allowed one entry and may not enter via more than one channel. To enter, tell us the reason(s) why you should win a starter kit and who you will gift it to. After posting their story, entrants must email with the URL link to where we can find their entry, along with their preference of nicotine strength and flavor, and shipping address. If you’d like to get sales, news and more straight to your inbox, let us know you want be added to our e-newsletter list. Contest ends Wednesday 2/6/13 at midnight CST. The Vapor4Life team will choose five stories and notify the winners via email on Thursday, February, 7, 2013. We will mail all prizes on Friday 2/8/13 so you can receive them in time for Valentine’s Day.

Good luck!

17 thoughts on “Vapor4Love Valentine’s Day Contest

  1. I switched to vaping 2 years ago this month following open heart surgery. I have not had a ciggarette since. I smoked up to 2 pack a day for 33 years. My triple bypass has since failed and I am currently living on just one artery kept open by multiple stents. The out look is not good but today I can say that vaping vs smoking has been a complete success. I couldn’t be more grateful. I have a younger brother who still smokes and since heart disease runs in the family ( my sister also had open heart surgery) I have concerns for his health. He lives in Canada and vaping hasn’t hit the scene like it has here in the US. I checked your website and saw that you ship to Canada. That being said, I think V4L starter kit would be a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. Please consider me or should I say, my brother for this contest.

  2. My nephew’s girlfriend smokes and using store bought ecig (ugh) and just not able to lay the analogs down. She has little boy and this would be a good present for her to finally quit the analogs and get a good quality ecig to use. :) Also in doing this it would make our homestead a Smoke Free Homestead and wouldn’t have to worry with catching the woods on fire! :)

  3. I began vaping off and on a couple of years ago after being encouraged by a dear friend. One of the hardest part of going “full-time” as a vaper is that I live with a heavy smoker. I love him with all of my heart and would love to win a starter kit so that I could gift it to my husband of coming up on 28 years (on the 22nd of this month) so that he could join me in the switch. What a terrific anniversary gift it would be for us to lose the analogs and take the journey to vaping together. We have been smoking “together” since we were in high school 30 years ago, so it’s only appropriate that we would make this change together as well so that we can have another 30 together.

  4. I started vaping a couple of years ago off and on, about 3 months ago I spent 2 weeks in the hospital with pneumonia so I have started vaping full time now, my wife smokes cigarettes and wants to start using an ecig but she doesn’t like the kind I use and has the opinion they all taste the same. I have asked her to try a different brand than I use and she hasn’t yet, mainly because we don’t have the extra money to purchase another starter kit for her. I would love it if you would consider my entry for my wife, I would like her to start vaping as well, because it is hard on me to vape while she smokes real cigarettes, it makes me want real cigarettes as well. I also want her to quit the real cigarettes due to her health, her familly has a history with smoking related issues like COPD, heart attacks and emphysema. Please pick my entry so I can give the love of my life a healthy valentines day and a longer life to spend with me.

    Thank you,
    Joseph Jones

  5. Have been vaping with V4L on and off for a couple years now, having a spouse that smokes makes it hard to stick with it sometimes though. Would love for her to have her own setup to use and carry with her. I know it would overjoy the 3 kids we have to see us both finally be done with analogs for good. Please pick me and help us as a couple enjoy many many more healthy Valentines days together.

  6. I switched to vaping almost exactly a year ago. I never thought I could quit smoking. My very good friend says she would try it but can’t afford the start up kit… I have explained a million times how much cheaper it is than smoking a pack a day. Please pick me (well actually my friend who is 50 something) I know she could do it with just a jump start.

  7. I want to win this for my amazing husband and the love of my life♡ my husband quit smoking 8 years ago. In march of 2010 he lost his dad to a heart attack and started smoking again cause of the stress :-( he lost his uncle 7 months later. We moved to get away from the stress and this year he fell in October 2012 and had to go to the doctor and was sent to a specialist in Tulsa to find out he blew out 2 disks and now has to have a double lumbar fusion February 13th. He just can’t catch a break and I worry about him smoking cigarettes cause I want him around to grow old with me.

  8. I have been vaping for almost 2 yrs. My oldest daughter and her boyfriend have tried vaping but still haven’t found the combination that “does it” for them. I would love for them to be able to put down the cigs for good!

  9. i have been vaping for about a year and a half. the love of my life has been battling analogs for close to 17 years and it has been starting to take its toll on her. she has tried all the options to quit analogs including gums patches pills and so on.. if i won a vapor4life kit i would gift it to her because since i have been vaping she has been buying the occasional disposable ecig. and she see’s how much my health has improved over the course of the last year and a half. and i know she wants her health to improve as well by cutting out the chemicals and carcinogens.

  10. I have a very special young woman in mind that is an Angel here on earth but I don’t want to see her go down the same road as I …
    Both my parents have had open Heart surgery 4 years ago and they never even smoked …. I myself had smoked analogs for 33 yrs and had 2 Heart attacks witch left my heart muscle pumping at only 30% in December of 2011, I was looking at having a defibrillator put in but I did follow all the Rules and Regulations (restrictions) the doctor said to (other than to stop smoking) !
    Test were redone in December 2012 and showed that the heart muscle regained strength and is now pumping at 60%, which is in the normal range now …. That told me I was getting a second chance an I started Vaping on January 7th, 2013…
    In August of 2012 My mother had 2 strokes and another heart attack, then in September My Brother which was a Heavy Smoker Passed Away from a heart attack only 4 day away from his 48th b-day…. During all these hard times My Angel came to help out with everything from taking calls making arrangements and even help a stroke victim (my mom) in and out of the bathroom and shower , this young woman has a heart of gold but she is a Smoker of Analogs and is only 21…. I would love to have her stop Smoking now before she herself has to be on this side of the fence with me or worse yet in heaven with my brother way before her time …
    I Love My Angel that doesn’t have wings yet and I want to keep it that way…
    Thanks Vapor4Life
    Your Saving My Life =)

  11. Just found out my “daughter by another Mother” wants to quit analogs!! Gwenee, hang in there because I’m going to get you smellin’, breathin’ and smilin’ better soon:)

  12. My husband and I made a spur of the moment switch from smoking to vaping after being asked by our then 5 year old to quit smoking. Since then (March 31st 2012) we dropped our Camel Crushes and picked up some Vapor Titan’s and have been vaping ever since. We have had a couple of issues with mine (I think perhaps of the diamond tip) and I always wind up using one of my husbands when I have one that dies. His poor ecigs. They were green when we bought them but he works so hard he has completely scratched all of the color off! His tips have fallen off from the bottom and I’m surprised it even works at all! We are on our 2nd set of starter kits and have been quit smoking for 10 months and 5 days!! We have also convinced several friends, neighbors, and even my dad and brother to put down the cigarettes and pick up a Vapor Titan. My husband has smoked on occasion, mainly for me so that I could have the ecig while he was at work since we found it is proven it’s harder for women to quit then men. I really want to buy him another starter kit, but we just don’t have the money to right now. I just know that I don’t want him picking up a cigarette because he doesn’t have his “puffer” anymore. He’s my best friend, the love of my life, and the reason why I’ve kept strong after smoking for 12 years. I couldn’t have done this without him and I think he deserves a new starter kit so we can continue to live our lives smoke free and live longer for each other and our children.

  13. I’d love to give these to my wife she is the sweetheart in my life!
    I think the ecig’s look so neat and would make her smoking so discrete.
    Please have pity on this romantic non smoker who fear his wife’s habit will eventually croak her! I’d love to light up her Valentine’s day in a Titan Ultimate Vapish way!

  14. My 1 year & 6 month anniversary was on 02/06 & my husband has quit over 2 years now.Although I’m only 30 years old, I’ve had more health issues than I care too mention but smoking full flavor cigarettes nearly caused me to get Emphysema, irritated & half caused 2 ulcers, I was always sick with bronchitis & just felt unenergetic & unhealthy all around. I tried everything too quit at least twice lol but the electronic cigg was the miracle I was needing. I love to tell anyone about my success b/c if I can quit, ANYONE can & if I can help save 20 lives or just 1, that’s inspiring & awesome! We have too order everything online & it does get costly sometimes or if you unexpectedly run out of any supplies, you have to sit & wait BUT better than $5 per day to kill yourself lol. I love to tinker with atty’s or etc. that stop working properly too & make my own & we have 3 boxes full of accessories & parts we have saved & it’s a tinker hobby too. I must say I owe my life too e-cigg’s & me only being 30 years old, I still have plenty of life left too live & enjoy! I can not stand too even be in the same building as another smoker now & I do not want to promote smoking too my ever so naive & tender children or give them 2nd hand smoke risks! I truly believe anyone posting & entering this contest deserves too win b/c they have quit smoking & any amount of time smoke-free should require at least & pat on the back! My friend Tammy M/ has been wonderful with helping me find awesome companies & products too switch too & you being one! Look forward too another year of being a VAPER4LFE!!!

  15. I am in love with a wonderful 51 year old woman who is the principal at our local High School. She has been divorced for 5 years and supports her two girls on her own. She was born with asthmatic bronchitis and has been diagnosed with COPD. She gives to all around her and especially me. I want her to spend the next 50 years with me and getting her to try Vapor4life would be the best gift for her, her children, both at school and home and me. Thanks for considering this wonderful woman.

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