3 thoughts on “What the upcoming FDA hearing means for vapers

  1. I smoked a pack a day for 25 years and my 10 year old son got me to switch to an electronic cigarette. Since switching 18 months ago I feel better, I can breath and I don’t bother anyone with “second hand vapor”. I have spent far less money on these products than I did on tobacco cigarettes. Please do not let the FRA or big tobacco companies take over the regulating of electronic cigarettes. If you do you WILL cause thousands of people to stay on conventional cigarettes because there is no benefit in switching, there will be increased illness/death, healthcare costs associated and SO MUCH MORE. Just ask yourself “Is this the RIGHT thing to do?” and don’t see through the money glasses when you make your decision. I thank God EVERY day that my son had the courage and compassion to guide me down the no smoking path becuase of these products.

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