Why we love vaping

Vapor4Love VDay picWe LOVE vaping here at Vapor4Life! Here are our top 10 reasons:

#10) We’re saving lots of moolah, to spend on cooler stuff than smokes.

#9) No more dirty looks from non-smokers.

#8) No more bad breath.

#7) No more stained fingers.

#6) Our clothes don’t smell anymore.

#5) We don’t have to stand outside in the middle of winter to enjoy a vape break.

#4) I don’t fear falling asleep with a cig in my hand.

#3) No more gross ashtrays stinking up the house and car.

#2) Vaping makes us feel better, and our lungs aren’t being exposed to the over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco cigarettes.

#1) We get to help other people feel better too!

Why do you love vaping? Any other reasons that you can think of?

2 thoughts on “Why we love vaping

  1. When i lay down at night I no longer fall asleep by counting the wheezes in my chest.

    Vaping in the car eliminates the distracted driving of lighting a cigarette while driving and paying attention to the ashtray.

    If I drop my ecig while driving, I need not worry about it burning the rug,setting things on fire, so there’s no panicked distracted fumbling for it, on the freeway or in traffic.

    I’m in control of how much nicotine I expose myself to, not a mega tobacco corporation.
    It tastes so darn good!

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