Win a new vaping flavor cartomizer 5-pack!

UPDATE: The contest is now over. Thank you all for playing! If your name is on this list, please email with your full name, mailing address, and desired nicotine strength.





Congrats to the winners selected via

James III
Jessica Crane
Shaun Ferguson
Sara Fuller
Amy Padovani
RavageTheEarth (Josh Firicano)
Trip Johnson
Brad Chamberlain
Christina Lamp
Dan Barletta
Dustin Hood

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are celebrating the end of the week and the end of the November with a contest for our V4L family (that’s you!). Back in August we added 30 new vaping flavors to our WOW Nobacco Juice line of e-liquids. They were first available to buy only in 30ml bottles. This week we are excited to announce that we now carry all of our new WOW flavors in pre-filled carto form!

If you would like to win a free 5-pack of carts of our newest WOW flavors, simply tell us what flavor you would like to try in the comment section below. Please choose one of the following new WOW flavors:

Plum Crazy
Banana Cinnamon
Cinnamon Coffee
Cinnamon Chocolate
Cherry Cinnamon Tobacco
Vanilla Shake
Energy Bomb
Java Breeze
Apple Breeze
Cool Banana
Peach Breeze
Doc Pepper
Peach Tobacco
RY Twist
Almond Coconut
DJ Black
Red Energy
Hazelnut Coffee
Outlaw Blend
Richmond Tobacco
Flue Cured Tobacco

On Monday we will randomly choose 15 winners and post their names here. Good luck!

61 thoughts on “Win a new vaping flavor cartomizer 5-pack!

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  2. I think I’ve tried most on recent trips to the lounge, but I see I missed a few like Cherry Cinnamon Tobacco,Outlaw Blend,Almond Coconut,Plum Crazy,So looks like a good excuse to stop in again.See you soon, Kurt

  3. I love trying new flavors, wish I could afford to more often…I have been a grape fan ever since I was a kid, would love to vape grape!!

  4. I have tried nearly all of the aforementioned flavors, however, I STILL have never been able to try Plum Crazy in 11mg and would REALLY like to be able to do so. \m/

  5. Cinnamon chocolate without a doubt! Hoping it will remind me of the traditional Mexican chocolate I love so much. I usually work in Mexico every December, but it’s not happening this year, so this vape would be just the thing to get me through the month.

  6. Cinnamon Chocolate. I’ve yet to find a chocolate flavor that I’ve liked and this could be it. Second choice would be Hilton. Of course, if I don’t win, I’ll probably just order next time you do the wheel.

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