Win One of Our Brand New Juice Flavors!

WOW Vapor CinnaBlaze Juice

New product alert! Vapor4Life has been busy releasing two new mods – the OMG All Day and the OMG VV (Variable Voltage). We just began to rolling out a bunch of new flavors in several categories including tobaccos, menthols, cinnamons, coffees, drinks, desserts, straight fruits, and fruity tobaccos.

The first 10 new flavors to be introduced are:

  • Outlaw Blend: A heavy tobacco blend similar to our USA Nobacco Juices

    WOW Vapor Outlaw Blend Juice

    Gunslinger or Aces & Eight’s.

  • Peach Breeze: Equal parts peach and menthol, this vape is perfect for peach lovers, and those who enjoy fruit flavored e-cigs.
  • Peach Tobacco: Sweet as a Georgia peach with a handful of tobacco for a little extra kick.
  • Flue Cured Tobacco: A sweet and tangy delight, you’ll have to resist with all of your might to keep this out of sight.
  • CinnaBlaze: An explosive burst of cinnamon flavor that comes packed with an atomic punch!
  • Doc Pepper: Your favorite soda that combines 23 flavors into one perfect e-liquid taste!
  • Watermelon: A very sweet, refreshing taste that will remind you of that juicy slice of watermelon that you had at your last family picnic.
  • Blueberry: All of the amazing taste of fresh blueberries in a flawless e-liquid flavor!
  • Banana Cinnamon: Banana candy with cinnamon gum anyone? Sweet and flavorful banana is remixed with some added cinnamon goodness.
  • DJ Black: An explosion of clove flavor and subtle sweetness your taste buds cannot refuse.

Comment on this blog post for your chance to win* a 30ml bottle of new juice!

In the comment section below, tell us what your current favorite juice flavor is and you will be entered into a drawing to try a new juice for free!

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. A big congrats to all the winners! If your name is on this list, please email your full name, mailing address, and nicotine strength to Thanks for participating everyone!

1) Jennie
2) tofucute
3) John Dobbs
4) Lauren
5) KTK8
6) Patricia McIntyre
7) David
8) Dirtay J
9) flamechica911
10) Khvape

129 thoughts on “Win One of Our Brand New Juice Flavors!

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  2. Excellent, I’d like to try a few of these! Both peach ones sound interesting as well as the Cinnablaze and Doc Pepper. Always fun trying new flavors!

  3. My two favorites are Banana Breeze and Smilin Menthol although I have other great ones, there is always a tank or two filled with these! I am currently placing and order for both of the peach flavors as well as the cinnamom. I have been really wanting to try out another cinnamon, other than the cinnamon cran-apple (which is really good). Of course anything with Banana is always on my wish list. I can’t wait to try out all these new flavors! I guess I am going to be having lots of fun…. good thing I just purchased the eight pack of new tanks.

    Thanks for always giving us new flavor choices!

  4. I love Atomic Cinnablast and Banana Fosters – there is just something about the cinnamon that keeps me coming back for more. Sweet and spicy at the same time.
    Unfortunately, I can only get my Atomic Cinnablast in 24mg and I’m WAY reducing my nic. :(
    Looking for a new cinnamon flavor!
    I’d love to try your new CinnaBlaze or Banana Cinnamon!

  5. Oops! I was never good at reading directions ;) My favorite flavor is Colonel Caramel, but I just got some Outlaw Apple in the mail today and have to say it is De-Lish!!!!

  6. Already tried the Gunslinger & Aces & Eight’s. Pretty OK but prefer the old No.7.
    Would REALLY like to try the Flue Cured Tobacco.

  7. currently enjoying a blend i made from WOW black licorice and Red Energy i also really enjoy the WOW cherry cordial, USA Stogie, and WOW Clove

    would love to get my hands on a bottle of DJ black!!

  8. Yeah, new flavors! My current favorites are Premuim Smilin and Banana Breeze.
    Peach Breeze, Blueberry, or CinnaBlaze sound interesting!!!! PLEASE and THANK YOU

  9. My go-to juice at the moment is RY4, but your new Doc Pepper sounds FAB! Thanks for the chance at winning a free bottle!

  10. Can’t wait to try some new flavors! Some of these sound delish! I have two favorites….I can’t decide between the two so I switch back & forth between Wow Peppermint & USA Java Mint.

  11. As I sit here waiting for my V4L order to arrive, an order I placed a day before the new juices were released, I’m kicking myself for not waiting one extra day! Peach tobacco sounds like a perfect combo, and DJ Black also sounds enticing. Oh well, in time I suppose… Unless I win! :) Love you, V4L!

  12. Easily the WOW White Chocolate, although Colonel Caramel is one of my favorite tobacco flavored juices.

    The Flue Cured and DJ Black sound quite good too. Wish they had been released before I placed my last order…

  13. Currently our favorite in the house is Java Junction. I have tried a few of the other coffee flavors and this is the best by far. We are interested in trying the new DJ Black.

  14. My current favorite is Chocolate Banana and the Kamel Menthol but I like so many others too. Can’t wait to try some of the new flavors!

  15. My favorites are Peacemaker and Banana Breeze, in that order. The Peach Breeze sounds awesome!! I can’t wait to try it!

  16. So many flavors!
    Cinnablaze? Flue Cured Tobacco? Peach Tobacco? Any will do, I’ll probably be grabbing them all next time I place an order.

  17. I have enjoyed all the fruit flavors currently carried. Right now stuck on nobacco watermelon and sour apple. Already ordered the wow watermelon and cinnablaze and can’t wait for that order to arrive. But really wanna try the Doc pepper and cinnamon banana.


  18. My all -day go-to favorite is WOW 555 — it’s just right any time ! Love the Cognac in the evening , and Espresso most mornings — your new flavors are intriguing , and I’m looking forward to trying them — thanks !

  19. I haven’t tried any v4l juices yet, still in the on going search for my all day cape, right now I’m switching between bobas bounty and pg hype along with my own mixes. The banana cinnamon and peach breeze sound pretty good to me

  20. Thanks so much for the contest. I’ve never tried V4L juices but would love to try some. So, my fav juice right now is a strawberry pie.

  21. Dang, just got my order from v4l in the mail today. I love Peacemaker and would really like to try watermelon and blueberry.

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