Win our new Automatic V4L Dial-A-Volt ecig!

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Want to win our latest ecig battery? Our new Automatic V4L Dial-A-Volt is the world’s first automatic variable voltage battery! We are giving out a total of three prizes. All you have to do is tell us the reason(s) you started vaping. (Please see complete rules below.) The winners will be chosen randomly via

This sleek black, 1100mAh automatic variable voltage battery is the first of its kind. KR808D-threaded, the device offers power ranging from 3.2 to 4.8 volts, and lasts for (most users) between 12 to 14 hours between charges. To select your desired power, simply twist the silver dial at the bottom of the battery. The red line indicator points out the voltage you have selected. Our brand new auto Dial-A-Volt is compatible with all of our cartomizers and tanks. It charges with our Slim Line Wall Charger.


The contest begins on Friday, March 8, 2013 at 9am Central Time and ends Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 5pm Central. Winners will be notified by email on Friday, and prizes will be shipped out the same day. Contestants must complete the following steps to enter the contest. Entrants who do not complete both steps will not be eligible for entry.

1) Post a comment below stating your reasons for switching from smoking to vaping.

2) Email with your name, shipping address, and name you used to comment on the blog.

Good luck and happy vaping!

Update – the contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered. Winners will be notified tomorrow.

142 thoughts on “Win our new Automatic V4L Dial-A-Volt ecig!

  1. The reason I switched to vaping. I had quit smoking many times since I am an avid fitness enthusiast and spinning instructor. I always seem to get drawn back. I couldnt stand the hacking cough, constantly getting sick and mostly having to stand outside in the freezing cold. I needed an alternative. I picked up a logic at my local convenience store and loved it. I never had another cigarette again. I got bored of the logic dyeing on me and the cost of it. Thats when I went to the internet and sought out help and found V4L. I have converted many people since.

  2. I started vaping after talking online to a few friends that suggested it. I had tried about everything else from cold turkey to hypnosis which none worked for me. My friends told me to try Vapor 4 life as they had tried others unsuccessfully but v4l DID work. So about a year and a half ago I ordered from V4L and I haven’t looked back!

  3. I switched because my doctor told me I had early stages of copd. Being that I was only 35 I knew the time had come that I had to stop smoking. I looked into alternatives and found vapor 4 life. I switched on 11/11/11 and haven’t looked back!!

  4. I switched to help me get off nicotine. I wanted to feel healthier and be able to play with my daughter without being out of breath in a few minutes

  5. I started vaping at first due to the cost of a pack of smokes about 4ish years ago. After a couple years of on and off with ciggs & vaping, I switched to primarily vaping. There are so many reasons I vape now! The flavors, Vaping indoors, Health reasons, Cost, No lighter needed, and i’ve gotten almost everyone in my office to switch.

  6. I switched from smoking to vaping close to 4 years ago. It was when I got really serious dating my now wife. She happens to be a respiratory therapist. I know, right? A respiratory therapist dating a smoker. She really wanted me to quit, especially when we got engaged. A friend introduced me to e-cigs and I never really went back. I live it, I love it.

  7. My reasons for switching are my children, my health, my husband, and myself (in that order). I switched six days before my 40th birthday. June 8th 2012 a package arrived from V4L and I laid down the cigarettes. I have been analog free for 9 months today (March 8th). I would love to win one of these because I am currently a college student and any extra money goes to bills or kids.

  8. My little brother got me into vaping. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I haven’t smoked a real cig in over a year and will never go back! V4L had a wide variety of products and different batts that I loved. I had tried the throw-away e-cigs from gas stations and smoke shops, but they just didn;t do it for me. Thank you V4L!

  9. The reason I started vapeing are numerous. Let me start with the 7 heart attacks and nine stents. Then there is my four beautiful grand daughters I would like to watch grow up. After 43 years of smoking I thought it was about time to start vapeing instead.

  10. My husband and I had decided to quit for new years. We had tried other ecigs before and they just were not good. We found your site with a bunch of great reviews and decided to give it one last try. I love banana and husband the red bull flavor. I love my auto vapor titan. My husband loves his OMG mod. We love vapor4life.

  11. I started Vaping because I want to live long enough to show my grand children the love and guidance that they deserve. With all the negativity in the world today children need strong role models. I never want my personal choices of smoking to get in the way of their health or life lessons.

    I have smoked since 5th grade and I am 52 years old and a three time cancer survivor and yet when my children were little I could not quit smoking. I have tried many many brands of ecig companies over the years only to fail. Then my life changed one day when a friend let me try her vapor 4 life Titan! That was it. My magic bullet had arrived! Now it has been a month to the day this morning without analog cigs and my health is better, I smell like my perfume now not the stench of tobacco and my grand babies are all young enough to Not remember their MiMi smoking! Wish I could say the same for my children.

    I post pics and videos of your products on my Facebook page hoping to help one person at a time from smoking analog.

    Thank you Vapor4 Life for saving mine!

  12. I started vaping in December of 2012 because I was looking for a cheaper, healthier alternative to smoking. It’s been over three months without an analog and I’m not looking back.

  13. started vaping for several reasons.. first and most, had a heart attack so had to quit smoking.. second, hating smelling like an ash tray… With Vaping, you don’t smell like anything… clothes doesn’t smell, hair doesn’t smell and when you walk past someone, you have confidence that you don’t stink like an ashtray…. Vaping is just a win win….. so much cheaper too….

  14. I switched to vaping for a multitude of reasons, some health related, some just personal related.

    I have many sleeping issues, in which smoking cigarettes had been a contributing factor.

    I had stomach issues due to stress but smoking also made things significantly worse.

    It was physically noticeable that when smoking I’d become more run down and have a lack of energy.

    The cost of cigarettes is insane, even with getting all the mods and carts, and juice, it still ends up being much cheaper than it is to buy cigs.

    I have always hated the smell of cigarettes on my clothes, it would give me a headache if I was in a closed area smoking and getting it all over me and my clothes. It’s nice not to have that anymore.

    I wanted to still be able to hang with friends that went out for a smoke socially, but not get tempted to have a cigarette and fall back into the habit.

    Just some, there are others, but still, vaping has been a big help.

  15. I started vaping because I hated coughing like I was an old man hacking a lung out, having bronchitis for 6 months out of the year and I didn’t want smoking to affect my daughter (who is 5 now). I smoked for 13 years and have been smoke free for over a year (Jan 15th), I will never go back!

  16. Even after having had a heart attack, I was struggling to stop smoking. I had stopped for quite a while, but I was on the verge of returning to tobacco cigarettes. Instead, I was fortunate enough to discover vaping and have never looked back. I’ve tried products from other companies over the years, but V4L is the only company I’ve found with truly excellent customer service and products that are consistently a good value. I will always be a member of the V4L family.

    Walt Nickell

  17. There many reasons I switched.
    1) Cost, $110 / carton where I live retail, (440/ mo. minimum) vs. about $35/ mo.
    2) 1400 or 4400 harmful/cancer causing/ mutigenic chemicals vs. nicotine and flavoring.
    3) Freedom to vape where I am and not have to go outside in the rain and cold (Upstate NY) and no interuption to what I’m doing.
    4) No smell and haz-mat cigarette butts to dispose of.

  18. I am 32 yrs old and smoked for 14 years; 4+pks a day. My son has uncontrolled asthma and it seemed like every time I would light up he would have an attack.One evening he had one so bad we had to take him to the hospital. That was the last straw, I knew I had to quit, I was causing my son pain & making him sick. I tried The patches and the gum to no avail through out the years but kept going back to smoking.
    I came across a disposable at a gas station one morning and I stood there reading the pkg. I decided to give it a try, I got home that afternoon and and opened it up, I liked it. I did some research online and come across Vapor4Life and ordered a starter kit and I haven’t smoked since and my son has not had an asthma attack since I made the switch either. I am healthier and so Is my son and That’s what matters most.
    Thank you Vapor4Life !

  19. I could say my health, the smell, the fact that you can’t smoke anywhere anymore, and the list could go on and on. But the real reason is my wife. I smoked on and off for a few years but last year my wife also picked it up again because of me. It was one thing to put my own health at risk, but when I realized my smoking had caused her to start up again I had to find something to fulfill that need that was better for both of us. Vaping does that :)

  20. After years of not being able to KEEP quitting smoking, a friend turned me on to V4L and I gave it a try. Now over 6-months later, I’m still smoke-free after quitting cold turkey!

  21. I started vaping because my husband has emphysema. He quit by vaping for about 6 months and is doing good. I continued vaping because i needed to hold something in my hand after smoking for 50 years. Now I don’t feel guilty about smoking in front of grandchildren. I’m just vaping!

  22. Great contest! Thanks for offering it!
    Health and money were the two main reasons I switched to ecigs.
    I switched from smoking to vaping accidentally. I needed to quit smoking, but I enjoyed it and had given up ‘quitting’ after so many failed attempts. I had developed a horrible, persistent cough. Just talking for a few minutes would cause coughing. I knew that my body was warning me of serious problems approaching if I didn’t make major changes. The financial aspect helped a lot in my decision as well. My plan was to use ecigs some of the time, and just cut back on how much I smoked.
    I purchased a kit with money I received for Christmas and on January 2, 2012, took my first puff of an ecig… and my last puff of a cigarette was just prior to that. Once I tried it, I knew I really could make the switch. V4L played a huge part in that! It’s been 14 months now. My cough is gone! I can take deep breaths again. I, and everything around me, no longer stinks. The benefits of switching have been tremendous in so many ways!
    I <3 vaping!

  23. My husband and I switched to ecigs because we have been smoking for years and decided it was time to quit and try to save money. The ecigs we had before switching to your company were absolutely terrible we would buy cartridges and 2 out of the 5 would work if we were lucky and we had to keep charging our batteries Every other hour lost a lot of money. My husband found you guys and we placed our order and was extremely impressed with how fast we got your product. We’ve only been with you guys a week, but we can honestly say we are very impressed and absolutely happy. You have made us customers for life, thank you verymuch Susanne

  24. I switched to vaping because in 2009 I went to get a 20 min. minor surgical procedure. I was in a coma for six weeks because both of my lungs collapsed. During that time I was living in a kind of “alternate life dream world”. When I woke up I found myself restrained to the bed and in some kind of straight jacket. I was informed that this was due to my violent nicotine withdrawal. I begged for a cigarette and the doctor and nurses laughed hysterically. I did go back to analogs in 2010 but it was literally killing me. I was a smoker for 40 years and would rather have died than quit. Bottom line, vaping is my savior.

  25. I had my first cigarette free day on December 5, 2012, which by coincidence, was my mother-in-law, Linda’s birthday. Linda died of lung cancer 5 years ago. On one of of the many ambulance trips to the hospital, she looked me in the eye and said you have to stop smoking. You don’t want to end up here. She was such a great friend and mother-in-law, i would have done anything for her. It took a few years to finally quit, my husband and I quit with another ecig, but found vapor4life shortly thereafter and have not looked back. I am so glad to have made the switch, and having it be on my mother-in-laws birthday which was a total coincidence, made it even more meaningful.

  26. I started vaping after I noticed my daughter carrying a Titan around instead of a cigarette. After a couple of months I noticed it was working for her so I ordered one and have not lit a cigarette since I received my order last September. I quit after 30 years of pack (or more) a day. I was also able to quit using my daily allergy meds, my smokers hack, being out of breath, that raspy voice, that smell that permeated my home, my vehicle, myself, wasting time every day rolling my own, running to the store to buy a carton and wasting money on them. I haveTitans, Stealths, and an OMG All Day. Would LOVE to try the Dial-A-Volt!

  27. I had been a smoker since I was 13. At 20+ years of smoking and nearly a pack a day (on good days), I had enough. I tried cutting down and was somewhat successful but any minor moment of stress and I’d be chain smoking. The final two years, I always felt ill after but couldn’t fully stop.

    I had previously tried another e-cig, loved the concept but the product I had ordered was junk. One of the few times I took advantage of a money back guarantee. A co-worker introduced me to V4L.. The flavor was great and the vapor amazing. I have introduced loved ones to vaping and while some are not completely analog free, others have switched 100%.

    I have been analog free since Sept 2012 and don’t miss them one bit.

  28. I started vaping because my doctor suggested it as a way to cut out analog cigarettes. I chose Vapor4Life because I did exhaustive comparisons for a full week on the internet, and this company came up again and again on top. I was also fascinated by the many different options for devices and flavors. I’m now using it to also curb my appetite for sweets, so I may be touting it soon as a diet aid too!

  29. I started vaping, because I was simply done with analogs. I didn’t want to have that smell. I didn’t want to continue pumping my body full of carcinogens. And I was tired of having to be uncomfortable to satisfy a desire that was killing me.

  30. Simple really, cost & health! Both my parents died from smoking related diseases. I’d smoked for 40 years & knew if I didnt do something NOW it would be too late. I had tried another version of the ecig a year before switching & was not happy with it & thought I’d never be able to kick the habit. After discovering V4L on Facebook & talking to so many wonderful people there I made the switch & have not looked back. And the cost..OMG, I’ve saved over $3000 in just over a year!!! AMAZING!

  31. I decided to do the switch because I new how harmful smoking was to me. I have done enough research to feel vaping is a much safer alternative. I have not purchased a pack of cigarettes in over two months and V4L has been instrumental in be being able to say that!!

  32. I started vaping for soooooo many reasons and now I love it! No ashtrays, no cigarette stink, no 2nd hand smoke, no burns on my clothing/carpeting or in my car. Oh, and did I mention the health benefits?!
    YIPPEE! :D

  33. I started vaping because I stank!
    I started getting self-conscious a couple years ago but it’s not like I could quit.
    I just had to buy Listerine and have it with me at all times.
    That only does enough to keep your mouth from offending people.
    Now people ask me to blow vapor in their faces!

  34. I started vaping in June of 2009 when I found an ecig kit at a gas station. I’d heard about them but lived in a small town in Nebraska and hadn’t found any anywhere. I was told I had acute Emphysema and had been struggling with worsening asthma for years. I had to force myself to vape instead of smoke at first because I found myself choosing a cig over the ecig most of the time. After I started vaping a bit more I found it much more pleasant and by August of 2009 was down to three cigarettes a day. By December of 2009 I was forgetting to smoke those three cigarettes so I quit on January 1, 2009. I had a lot of trouble with the three-part ecigs I had found and finally my daughter found V4L. She bought me a deluxe starter kid for Mother’s Day that year and I haven’t looked back. I had smoked for 38 years, averaging 2 packs a day. Prior to starting smoking at 16 years of age I had sucked my thumb. Yes, I sucked my thumb until I was 16! After starting to smoke, sucking my thumb naturally fell away. Vaping did the same thing to my smoking habit. I have trouble believing I really smoked those nasty cigs for all those years! Given I’ve had an “oral” habit all my life, I’m sure vaping will be the last one. I love it. My breathing has improved considerably and my visits to the doctor have also decreased a lot. I absolutely love Vapor4Life and constantly tell others about it. I even give the business cards to my doctors who hand them out to other patients that really need to quit smoking. I vape wherever I go and have never been asked not to vape. I have had a lot of inquiries about my ecig when I’m vaping and always enthusiastically them them about how great they are and turn them on to V4L as the best on the market.

  35. I wanted to quit Cigs 2 1/2 years ago and never looked back, Vaping is the best, so I guess I took up vaping to feel better, look better and smell better LOL

  36. I switched for several reasons.
    1. My family is more important to me than cigarettes
    2. The cost of cigarettes is crazy
    3. I still like the feel (throat hit) but hate the “bottom of the ashtray” smell
    There are more, but then this would be a blog instead of a comment.

  37. I started vaping because I was tired of the way analogs made my throat feel; all dry and raspy and sore!

  38. I stated vaping because I was sick of spending so much money on analogs. Also I stopped for my parents and my dogs. I started smoking when I was 15 and my parents have been trying to get me to stop every since. I stopped smoking when I was 26 so I smoked for 11 years. I tried everything to stop, patch, gum, cold turkey. I even started buying the cheap nasty cigs to see if it would making me want to stop but nothing worked. Then a friend/coworker told me about vaping. I went home that night, got online and researched all the different options. After reading reviews and watching you tube videos I decided to go with V4L. My first week I started vaping I still smoked when I really needed too but after a few days I started to prefer vaping over analogs. So after that first week of vaping I was over analogs and done with smoking. I’m still vaping V4L today. Thanks you guys!

  39. I tried cold turkey, patches, and gum and none haven’t help stopped smoking. I wanted to quit, just like everyone else in the world I have many reasons to quit smoking and extend my life life as long as possible to be here for my family and kids. Also, as a Soldier there are many ways I could die, and I didn’t want cigarettes to be one of them any longer. A friend of mine let me sample his e cig and I haven’t looked back once.

  40. I quit smoking to be healthier. Vaping provided an excellent way for me to do this. It was a seamless transition and I love that I never smell like smoke!

  41. The possibility of vaping with an e-cig had always intrigued me. I was a pack to a pack and half smoker a day, I would wake up every morning with a hacking cough and throat filled with phlegm. I knew smoking was terrible for me but I continued anyway. On top of this I felt terrible because my SO hated the smell of smoke and I would always reek, I felt like the worst boyfriend and I just couldn’t kick the habit. One morning after a long day before I woke up feeling like crap. I went to the sink a proceeded to cough up a couple of chunks of blood. I knew that I needed to make a change and I couldn’t go on destroying my lungs. That day I went out and purchased my first e-cig. I love it, I haven’t looked back since. I wish I could have never smoked and been able to just enjoy vaping and trying different flavors. The benefits to my health and my relationship have been astronomical and I just wish I could have started vaping sooner. That’s why I vape.

  42. When I started smoking I had never planned on smoking my whole life. The years went by and didn’t like the cost, the smell, the trash in my car…….

    I spent years trying various cesation produts like the patch and nicotine gum (sometimes at the same time!). I also changed my smoking habits, but always went back to smoking analogs regularly.

    3 years ago I was introduced to Vapor4Life and spent 2 years on and off vaping and/or smoking. In January 2012 I made the switch for good. No more tobacco for me.

    James III

  43. There are many reasons to switch to vaping:
    1) more convenient
    2) more social acceptable
    3) less messy
    4) less negative impact on your health
    5) easier on the wallet
    6) yummy flavors (kill two birds with one stone, sweet tooth and nicotine)
    I think of any reason not to switch.

  44. I smoked analogs for 12 years before I decided to quit since I did not want my daughter to be around the cancer causing, nasty smelling cigarettes. I did not want her to see her daddy smoking. I stopped for a few days but unfortunately started again. I saw an e-cig kit at a gas station and decided to give it a shot, within an hour I ha thrown away the rest of my analogs to begin my new healthier journey. It has been 2 and a half years on e cigs now and I am very happy that I was able to kick the analog habit.

  45. I started looking for an alternative to smoking when my Dr told me he wouldn’t even discuss a surgery that might FIX my abdominal aortic stenosis until I quit smoking. Since I had smoked for over 40 years and actually enjoyed it, the prospect of quitting wasn’t one I really wanted to do. While looking for alternatives I stumbled across e-cigs (they were still relatively new to the market back then) V4L didn’t even exist yet although I had talked to Smilin many times on the forum. I researched for months and finally decided on one particular brand. Although it was nice…the first time I got really stressed out I went out and bought a pack of smokes. I was very exceited the more Steve talked about his new product…I was one of the first to get it (before the website even existed :)). After ONE day with it, I knew I found what I needed. I picked a day in the not to distant future as my QUIT DATE…wanted to make sure I’d never forget what day it was. I haven’t and I won’t…it’s was my father’s 75th birthday! This April 13th 2013 will be my 4 year anniversary of being cigarette free. There are no words that convey how I feel about Steve and V4L. Thank you sooo much for giving me my life back :) <3 u guys!!!

  46. I switched so I could enjoy my ‘endeavor’ indoors….here in the desert, it’s too hot 8 months of the year to pop outside!

  47. where do I even start to explain why I switched from smoking to vaping? honestly there’s so many reasons…I probably could go on forever but i’ll TRY and keep it short and go with the main reasons.

    I was a pack a day smoker sometimes a pack and half for over 10 years and I always thought too myself about how much money I could be saving if I just quit and how much more healthy I could end up feeling. if I just quit my clothes wouldn’t smell like smoke no more or my car or my house.. but I always just really didn’t care and would just continue to smoke. well one day my girlfriend came home from work and said that she needed to talk too me. the news she dropped on me would change my life FOREVER! she was pregnant I just sat there excited but at the same time worried…would I have enough money to support her and our new daughter or son… how will the effects of my 2nd hand smoke in the house effect my girlfriends pregnancy along the way.. I was worried and knew I needed to stop or change my habbit.. I tried for months on end to stop and quit after she told me this and no matter how hard I tried and no matter what I did nothing worked. so I started researching online and that’s when I found out about e-cigs. I placed my first order and was hoping like hell this would be my answer to quitting and not have 2nd hand smoke around my girlfriend during her pregnancy or the newborn when she is brought home or in the car drive on the way home from the hospital. soon as my first order arrived and I screwed on that cartridge to the battery and took my first puff on it I KNEW right away THIS WAS IT this is what I been looking for this is what’s going to help me stop my addiction. after my first puff on my electronic cigarette I never touched another cigarette AGAIN!… now my daughter is 2 years old and lives in a smoke free home.. she doesn’t get the 2nd hand smoke .. she doesn’t smell the cigarette smoke things are good and she is a happy 2 year old… I have been able to save all that extra money that I would have spent on pack after pack of cigarettes and I started saving it for her to be able to attend collage when she gets older! and that right there my friends I believe is an awesome reason to give up cigarettes and switch over to the electronic cigarettes.

  48. I switched from smoking to vaping because of health reasons. When I had an issue with my shoulder, my doctor ordered an xray. The top of one of my lungs appeared in that xray and there were “spots”. This was obviously very concerning, and I made the switch immediately. After another xray, and then a CT scan, the doctor tells me that while I have multiple “nodules” on my lungs, there doesn’t appear to be any permanent damage… yet! The first thing my doc told me was to quit smoking. I told him that I was one step ahead and then mentioned that I was using an ecig instead. He said, “That’s great!”… not joking, those were his exact words.

    I believe that vaping will save my life, in the end. I have a few family members battling COPD or emphysema, and a cousin that died of lung cancer. I have resolved NOT to end up like that. Now, I enjoy vaping even more than I ever enjoyed smoking :)

  49. I switched to vaping because of poor health due to smoking for over 40 years. I was diagnosed with COPD and beginning Emphysema and that scared me. Over the years I had tried everything available to quit, from drugs to cold turkey. Nothing worked for more than a day or two. Then my son’s coworker told him about V4L and his success with ecigs. My son bought me my first ecig kit as a gift. I was sceptical but gave it a try. Within 3 days I didn’t even LIKE smoking any longer. I preferred vaping completely. Thanksgiving Day 2012 marked 1 year as a non-smoker. I can breathe. I don’t cough up a lung every morning! Whether or not I win the fancy battery or not, I still win. Thanks V4L… you have truly changed my life!

  50. I started vaping due to an upcoming neck surgery. I had been having headaches for almost 6 months before docs found out what the problem was. However, the doc could tell, before even seeing me (by reviewing my paperwork that i had completed – that did NOT include the typical question of whether I was a smoker or not!!) that I was a smoker. He said that he wouldn’t recommend the surgery I needed unless I quit smoking, because the chemicals in cigarettes slow the healing process. So I thought about it for a week or so – been smoking for 30+ years!! And decided that I would rather not have headaches and more so, I was a bit embarrassed that the doc could tell I was a smoker, just because of the paperwork I had completed, smelled like smoke! I’m happy to say that I have not had a real cigarette since January 28th, 2013 – and when I tried to smoke a cigarette that day, it tasted HORRIBLE!! I love V4L and this healthier, less smelly alternative!!

  51. I have been trying to quit smoking for years and also have asthma (stupid I know!). My family has been bugging me to quit for the longest time. I am nearly there with “vaping”, but have some slip-ups every now and then. I two cheap e-cigs now but it is a hassle to keep them charged, and this looks like a good reason to upgrade to Tanks. I would like a quality big-battery guy to keep me going all day!

  52. I work around a lot of chain smokers so quitting cold turkey was very difficult. I liked the idea of a ecig and figured it would be easier to quit that way. It also doesn’t include all the chemicals you find in analogs. I went analog free 2 days after getting my startup kit and haven’t had one since.

  53. I quit b/c I was tired of my wife telling me how awful I smelled after I smoked an analog. That, and I was sick of the constant aftertaste and smell of smoke around me all day. Yuck.

  54. I made the switch due to the wife being a pharmacist and letting me know all the terrible side effects of smoking. I started working out to improve my cardio, but that didn’t help. Bought a disposable ecig from the store and said to myself, “Hey, this is doable!” Found V4L last September and bought myself a nice birthday present consisting of Vapor Titan batteries, chargers, and some tasty cartos. Took a while to ween off the smoking, but have finally made it. Smoking isn’t nearly as blissful as vaping.

  55. I switched from smoking to vaping for a few reasons.

    I lost over 100 pounds by dieting and was still short of breath after moderate to intense activity.

    My parents are both lifetime smokers, and they both suffer or have suffered from cancer. Watching their struggle with their health has been painful to watch and there is no denying that smoking has played a major part in that. I don’t want to go through the same thing. I’ve been smoking for 17 years now and no doubt, I was heading down the same path.

    But the most important reason is because I had my first child this year. It was a life changing experience. She is an absolute gift, and to watch her grow is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I want to be around forever to protect her and give her the love and support she needs. But smoking will take that away from me. It will kill me early. It will also set a terrible example to her, and who knows, might push her down the same path. Nothing is more important to me than her, not even cigarettes.
    I am two weeks cigarette free so far, and it wouldn’t have been possible without vaping.

  56. I started smoking 47 years ago. I smoke 3 packs a day of menthol cigs. I lost both my parents to Emphysema/COPD. I also have both. Never cared about quitting until a couple of weeks ago.. Myb5 month granddaughter was air lifelined out of our town to a Major city in respiratory distress she was in CCU on a vent for over a week. One month later the same procedure happened again.. The doctor told me if I didn’t quite smoking I would not be allowed around her.
    I ordered vapor4life e cigs. In February and have not smoked over 2 cigeratte totes in any one day since starting on march 1 of this year.
    I switched to vaping because I wanted to be able to be around my granddaughter.
    Thanks to V4L for the help!

  57. I was to a point to where I was finally realizing that cigarettes were killing me. I am a diabetic with other health issues and waking each morning coughing to the point of dizziness and then reaching for a smoke is not the way I wanted to start each day. I hated the smell, the mess and of course the ackward feeling of being ostersized for being a smoker. Since converting to vaping I feel better, no longer stink of smoke and I am living a richer life :-)

  58. I’m now a vaper because of so many reasons. The cost (although I’m now addicted to vaping paraphernalia lol) was the major one, along with my kids begging me to. I’m also getting back into running and know how hard that is with smoker’s lungs. And once I tried this, it tastes SO much better and to not smell like a dirty ashtray, well, it kinda rocks!

  59. The reasons just never stop, but two of the most important reasons for me….I was sick of lying in bed and listening to myself wheeze, and….my Grandchildren came up with a new nick-name for me….”Grandma Stinky Fingers”. That just sort of pushed me over the edge. I had tried to quit again and again, hypnosis, patches, gum, medication. Nothing seemed to work for me. I tried a few of the convenience store brands of e-cigs, and that didn’t work either. Then a friend told me about Vapor4Life. I would like to say I never looked back, but it wouldn’t be truthful. I have had a few slips, but over the past year, I have convinced my closest family to give it a try too, and my husband and my sister have made the change with me! It’s so much easier when everyone is on board. We are a totally smoke-free family now! I can spend time with my Grandchildren and I never need to absent myself so I can go “Stinky Fingers”. I have saved heaven knows how much money, collected enough supplies that I can outfit friends that want to give it a try, no more burn holes in my clothes or smoky odors, and I can lay in my bed and listen to the night instead of my wheezing! I love Vapor4Life….I am a Vapor for Life!

  60. I started vaping after my Uncle Larry was diagnosed with cancer that had started in his lungs and moved throughout his body to his brain. He had just retired and couldn’t even enjoy it because he was fighting cancer. A year later, he lost his battle. I saw myself heading down that same path because I just COULD NOT QUIT!! I found a healthier option however and I am so thankful that my loved ones won’t have to watch me fight the same battle with cancer caused by smoking.

  61. I switched to vaping 7 months ago. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 8 years now. I had medical issues and the doctors of course always said smoking was making everything work against us. So when my husband left on his 2nd 8 month deployment in 2 years, I promised him I would quit smoking by the time he got home so we could start our family. When my husband left my mom bought me my first V4L starter kit and I haven’t smoked since.

  62. I smoked analogs for 45 years making no real effort to quit. I liked smoking. But as I am getting older and my doctor told me I have the beginnings of COPD I figured I would try these E-cigs. The first kit i got was from another company and they were so hard to draw on that I put that kit away and kept on smoking analogs. Then I tried your site and I got the Titan batteries and was in vaping heaven. I never smoked an analog from that day and still have not. So for about 3 years now I am analog free and love vaping. So I think my health is back on track and I am also saving lots of money.

  63. I started vaping because even the occasional cigarette was enough to send me into a coughing spasm, and my family is allergic to smoke. Since then I’ve converted a few of the smokers around me, and this would make a nice gift to help me do that.

  64. I switched from smoking analogs to vaping e-cigs because I enjoyed the act of smoking, but hated all the negative side effects. I was amazed on how easy the switch actually was. Now, in my opinion, vaping is a lot more pleasurable than smoking ever was. Plus I don’t smell like a stinky ashtray!

  65. I very recently (5 days ago!) started vaping as a way to get away from cigarettes. I had heard of e-cigs before, but had never seen one, and knew nothing about them. My daughter and husband have been begging me to try to quit again, but I truly can’t stand how I act to them each time I try to quit. Last weekend, while walking in the mall, we saw an e-cig kiosk. Both my husband and daughter asked me to go at least look at them, and gather some information. After trying a few samples, and speaking with the kiosk worker for almost an hour, I decided to buy a small kit. I cannot believe how easy this has been to transition! I am already regaining my sense of smell, and am not wheezing at night. Even my horrible morning smokers hack is much improved. I am so, so very glad that I made that impulse buy at the mall, even though the equipment and prices were not the best.

  66. I wanted to quit smoking because at 40 I could no longer breathe well enough
    to do anything physically active.The ability to choose my nic level and the fact
    that vaping can be cheaper than smoking were added bonuses!
    I’ve since changed from habit to hobby and love trying new stuff so it isn’t
    really cheaper anymore lol.

  67. I started vaping as an alternative to analog. I was spending so much money on tobacco, then it dawned on me…same nicotine, cheaper cost, and I don’t have to stand outside in the cold Chicago winter to get my nic fix! A friend of mine had been a V4L customer for years and recommended them as a resource. Needless to say, I’m totally hooked. I like the idea of being able to taper my nicotine level over time, while still keeping the elements of my “habit”. No going back for me now!

  68. When my mom had a heart attack, I sat with her in ICU watching them suction gunk out of her lungs. She had been a smoker for 30 years. Her lungs were in such bad shape. She was in so much pain. Her bad lungs would make her cough which would hurt her chest where the staples were from her open heart surgery. During the three days after she was released from the hospital, we talked a lot about how bad smoking was. I promised her that I would quit smoking. The early morning hours of her fourth day, she woke up gasping, more than likely she had another heart attack or stroke. She was 61 years old. She didn’t get a second chance. I got a second chance though. I have finally quit smoking. It is the best feeling in the world to be able to honestly say that I kept my promise to my mom. I know that she’s looking down on me and very happy with my success.

  69. I’ve smelled like an ashtray for 25 years.
    Every morning when I woke I felt like I’d been punched in the lungs.
    Analogs taste like s**t.
    Tired of being short of breath after any strenuous activity.

  70. I switched from smoking analogs to vaping for health reasons.
    After smoking for 30 years and watching my both my parents die of smoking related cancers, I had to!!
    I am now cigarette free for 5 months and I am off my oxygen and feel so much better :) I can walk up a flight of stairs without dieing. I can actually taste my food and my blood pressure has dropped too
    My doctor is happy and even approved of vaping :)
    After trying to quit with, patches, gum, chantix, and cold turkey, I finally did it!!!!

  71. I quit because a) i have been wanting and trying to unsuccessfully for quite some time. I started vaping because it sounded like a successful way for me to still enjoy my nic while getting away from the stinkies. I also quit stinkies because my youngest boy is asthmatic and its not good for him to be around me while i was on the stinkies. He is fine now that i vape and have nothing to do with the stinkies :)

  72. I quit, cold turkey, when I was in my early twenties. A year later I went back to smoking. Forty years later, I decided that I could no longer afford to pay companies and governments to kill me (besides, it had gotten prohibitively expensive).
    My first kr808 was enough to keep me off of cigarettes although it did take a few days to get used to the idea.
    I could really use a new battery now and a vv seems quite in order.

  73. After I received news from my doctor that I had severley clogged arteries, I decided to quit.
    I could not, I tried everything….believe you me ….everything.
    Then someone told me about e-cgs.
    At 1st I did not like it at all – it just was not the same.
    3 years later, no hacking, no stinky clothes, my skin is beautiful again and I can even outrun my 10 year old!!!
    thank you e-cigs for everything!!!

  74. I began vaping 3 years ago because I wanted to cut down and eventually quit smoking, but other methods were not doing the trick for me. They didnt address the strong psychological addiction, which for me was the ritual and the hand to mouth, the inhale, exhale ect. Nic was secondary…

  75. I started vaping because my cat has asthma :(
    Smoke makes him have trouble breathing.
    He’s a lot better now that there’s no one smoking in the house

  76. The reasons I started vaping was for my family’s benefit. We have a lot of health issues that would have left our kids without us because we’d either be in the hospital long term or dead. He has mini strokes & severe neuropathy, and I have a brain tumor, seizures, neuropathy and other serious medical issues. Basically it was stop smoking or pick out a casket. We researched vaping pros and con and decided to try it. My husband has been vaping on & off for 2 yrs now and doesn’t smoke cigarettes at all anymore. Same for me, strictly vaping only. A lot of the health issues show improvement and his cough is gone that he’s had for yrs,and ungs are clear and no other breathing problems. It’s the best thing we did for us and our family. Thanks for listening =)

  77. I have recently lost 100 pounds through diet and exercise. The diet has become easier and if since I set my mind to that I figured I could set my mind to quit smoking. Love vaping, but slowly trying to cut down the nicotine content with great success.

  78. I personally just started, I’ve seen them once before a few years ago at the mall back I Texas, however the aggressive sales tactics of the kiosk employees made me tune them out I was happy with my analogs. It wasn’t until about two months ago that I got in to it; I am actually currently deployed in Afghanistan in one of the small combat outposts here so when the weather is adverse, it cut’s down on the supply helicopters preventing me from buying cigarettes. It was at that point I had to reach out online to my mother to send some cigarettes, and my mom while she doesn’t approve of cigarettes, she is very supportive and sent and Ecig instead and that is what started it for me. After trying unsuccessfully with another brand, V4L had the type of quality ecigs I needed to quit analogs.

  79. I started vaping years ago (with v4L) because I wanted to be able to “smoke” wherever I felt like it. The first few airport / plane times were just too skool for cool.

  80. I decide to try vapor because of my health. I have smoked for over 30 years and started to have health problems. Heart decease runs in my family and I started showing signs of it. Once I started V4Life products my condition of my health changed quickly. I feel healthier then I ever have. Thanks for giving me a product that I can enjoy and not worry about side effects

  81. My husband and I are looking to start trying to have children within the next year. I have literally tried everything under the sun to help me quit smoking. I started vaping two months ago and it has successfully helped me quit smoking. Now I am just weaning myself down on the nicotine levels before we start trying to conceive.

  82. I started vaping to get healthier. Smoking was ruining my lungs and my energy, and I couldn’t quit until I found vaping. Now I haven’t smoked in almost a year. Vaping works. Thanks for the contest!

  83. I stopped smoking at age 38 my kids would be sad/mad at me every day and I knew I had the worst habit out there I started feeling depressed all of a sudden and I felt I was basically living to just smoke I had no motivation whatsoever to spend time with my kids and family I just felt like sitting there smoking I couldn’t do anything about it I quit for a awhile I might say a full two months but I just couldn’t handle it, I needed to SMOKE my kids would tell me they would give up anything in order for me to quit sooner or later Stacy my oldest daughter found a product called vapor 4 life that somehow warlike a cigarette but much safer no 4000 chemicals and what not and didn’t use smoke but vapor. So I did my research and saw they have tons of products that could help my terrible addiction and I’m living much better because of them been going strong not smoking a single cigarette for a year……..thanks V4L.

  84. I switched to vaping to save money. Been in the plus for several months now… the savings REALLY kicked in after 2 1/2 months. I also switched to vaping because I wanted to quit smoking cigarettes. They suck! Tried lotsa methods, none were successful.

  85. I started vaping after watching my friends mother dye from double lung cancer. I have chronic bronchitis which led to COPD and analogues were making it worse. I have been analogue free for over a year. My Dr. is so pleased with me. I am taking half the meds I took before I started vaping. Plus I have tons of stamina and don’t smell like a walking ash tray. I really enjoy vaping and will never go back to analogues.

  86. I started vaping for many reasons. To breathe better, to live longer, to smell better, to save money, to be a good influence for my grandkids. And many many other reasons. It is working for me.

  87. Vaping was an easy switch for this analytical mind of mine to make. I approach all things weighing cost vs. benefit, and vaping positively outweighs traditional methods of tobacco/nicotine consumption in virtually every way.

    My interest was also drawn to alternatives given the fact that my favorite pack of cigarettes was cancelled/outlawed. I would still be upset if I weren’t able to vape from hundreds and hundreds of different blends!

    Tl;dr- Made sense.

  88. I have wanted to quit smoking for awhile now, esp. since my husband quit (two plus years ago). My daughter gave me a Mystic ecig, but as usual, Walmart always quits carrying what people like! So, I headed for the computer. I found the V4L website, and all the flavors that V4L carries. I am quite fond of clove cigarettes, so I thought I would give V4L a try. I have spent over two hundred dollars in the last month with V4L! I ordered two starter kits and several different flavors, all of which, I have split in half with my daughter. She is now a converted V4L user! I am also placing another order soon for my daughter in law! She has tried my new ecigs, and had to fight her to get them back! This will be a nice birthday present for her! We are all addicted to V4L!

  89. My wife was trying to quit smoking, and I just wasnt ready to make that leap. So I started researching ecigs thinking if I smoked this, it wouldn’t effect my wifes chances of succeeding in her quest to quit.. After seeing the health advantages and the savings, I figured I couldnt lose. My wife is now smoke free for 3 years and I am still vaping with still no intentions of making the leap to “quit”.

  90. I started vaping when I moved in with my son’s family and I did not want my young grand daughter to pick up on my 48 year habit of smoking up to 4 packs of cigarettes a day. The health benefits of vaping instead of smoking also help me keep up with a very active 4 year old. Also, I can taste food again, I can smell flowers again and my clothes and hair don’t stink. I never knew what all I had lost till I quit smoking and started vaping. You couldn’t make me go back to smoking now. I am so glad that some one came up with the invention of vaping!! :)

  91. I started vaping almost 2 years ago (3/16/11!) for three reasons:

    1. My health. I was a 1.5 – 2 packs a day smoker (sometimes even more) and it was really taking a toll on me. I had a bad cough most of the time and especially when trying to sleep and waking up in the morning. When I got sick it took me forever to get over it. No lung capacity, lazy and tired, just a bad deal all around.

    2. The cost. Cigarette prices kept rising and rising here in central MO with new taxes and it was getting hard to afford them. I didn’t want to quit or scale back (I actually loved smoking) but I needed a solution.

    3. The restrictions. As new laws were passed, smoking was outlawed in bars and restaurants in my home town and many surrounding places. It was becoming a huge hassle to be a smoker. As well, I didn’t want to expose my son or any of our friends’ kids to it, so inside the house was definitely out of the question.

    Vaping and V4L in particular solved all three of these problems for me and I never looked back. Now I can enjoy the same sensation (but even better with all the flavors and variety) but while being healthy, spending far less, and being able to do it all day, every day, wherever I like!

    Big thanks to all the great people at V4L for changing my life. I’m able to continue to do what I love, but in a much better way and help others to do the same.

  92. I switched to vaping for several reasons. The most important reason being my health. A few other reasons are the disgusting smell of cigarettes, the fear of premature aging, the amount of money I was spending on cigarettes and also my parents. It’s been over 2 years since I made the switch to vaping and I couldn’t be happier with the results!!

  93. I switched over cause I was having a few issues with my health. Like not being able to run with nieces and nephews. Chest pains. Bad eating habits. So I switched over real easy, cause it was a health issue a bit.

  94. OH GOD, There are way too many reasons that I switched from smoking to vaping. Obviously the number one is my health! My doctor told me I had to quit smoking to be on some medication that he put me on. Second, BOTH of my parents died of cancer. Not one but both. I didn’t even quit when I had polyps removed from my lungs!!!! It costs a fortune to smoke analogs, but it also costs alot to vape as well. However, my lungs are all clear now and I no longer need an inhaler (YEAH! I threw it out!). I can breath, I don’t stink, and my teeth are still white after my last cleaning! I can go on and on and on. But my health was and remains the first and foremost reason I went from smoking to vaping! :)

  95. I switched to vaping from smoking simply for health reasons. I had a horrible cough and trouble getting a full breath. Since i started vaping i have had that clearing feeling of quitting smoking. I can breathe and taste again. I feel better, look better, and can breathe easy.

  96. I smoked my first cigarette at the age of 13. Over the following few years, I gradually I worked my way up to a 2+-pack-a-day habit/addiction that lasted for almost 40 years.

    I was advised to quit many times by doctors, family and friends. But there was no way I was going to quit — I enjoyed my smokes and just could not even imagine a life without them.

    Cigarettes were like a friend you could always depend on to be there when you needed them. Something good happens, you smoke. Something bad, you smoke. Stress called for a smoke. Happy, sad, lonely, excited, relaxed, worried, almost any emotion called for a cigarette. Even when I was dreadfully sick with yet another upper respiratory infection, I needed to smoke.

    About 3 years ago, after being diagnosed with pneumonia for the third time in 10 months, I asked to be hospitalized. Something was seriously wrong. Fourteen days in the hospital and a plethora of tests later, the doctors diagnosed ‘hypersensitivity pneumonitis’. They suspected that I was being exposed to some kind of fungus or mold, probably in the house where we were living, and that the symptoms were being exacerbated because of my weakened lungs. They advised me not to return to that house and I didn’t. I was referred to National Jewish Hospital here in Denver for more tests and evaluation. (Later we learned that the house did, indeed, have black mold along numerous other molds and funguses.)

    We moved back into the house we owned near Denver and, while friends and family helped with the actual move, I closeted myself in the basement for 2 days and literally tried to smoke myself to death. But while I was sitting there chain-smoking, I was also searching the Internet for something to help me. At that time, I had never even heard of an e-cigarette.

    This story has already gotten too long, so I’ll end it by saying that I ordered my first e-cig kit. When it arrived, I wasn’t too impressed, but decided that since I’d already invested a couple of hundred dollars, I would at least use them to replace ‘some’ of my daily smokes.

    Six months later, May 17, 2011, I got up and decided that I was done with analogs. I have not smoked a single cigarette for almost 2 years now. I am truly amazed that now, the very thought of smoking an analog makes me queasy.

    I am not exaggerating when I say that vaping has saved my life. I have COPD and minimal emphysema. That will never change. But regular CAT scans give irrefutable evidence of a gradual improvement in the health and condition of my lungs. Even though I was born and lived most of my life as a ‘flat-lander’, switching from analogs to vapes allows me to live comfortably at an elevation of almost 8,000 feet.

  97. I quit smoking because I didn’t like the taste and smell anymore. I new I needed to but liked smoking until it started beginning to smell and taste like amonia. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own and had accepted I would always be a smoker. My friend started vaping and I monitored her progress. When I saw that she was having success with it, I knew I could do it too. The day I bought my kit was the day I quit smoking, 6 1/2 months ago.

  98. I started vaping about 3 weeks ago, had tried to quit before but had not happened even after kids begged and xray tech told me 4 years ago I had better quit smoking, my chest xray was not pretty. Then I just decided I could do it Have been analogless now for 4 days. Was talking to my friend and realized that was at least 3 times the length of times I had been without for the last 25 years!!! I catch myself reaching for them everyonce and a while but I just reach for my vapor instead. I am not going back one way or the other!!!!!

  99. I started vaping so I could vape inside my house in the winter. It would get too stuffy inside if I smoked. We have radiant heat, so there is no fan to move the air and no filter to filter it. I live in the mid-west, and smoking outside in -30′s was just NOT going to happen! I then found that I was saving HUGE amounts of money by vaping! Soon I discovered that I enjoyed vaping a lot more than I did smoking, and I haven’t looked back!

  100. Knew I had to quit analogs because of complications to a life long medical condition.
    I tried just about everything to quit over the last 5 years, everything failed.
    Vaping was the answer!

  101. I’ve attempted quitting analogs for the last 2 years now after I had a clot in my leg and lung and found out I hve a blood clotting disorder that causes my blood to clot easy. Im on blood thinners for the test of my life at the age of 28! After I went back to work I noticed I had breathing issues performing my job. My line of work is sadly filled with smokers. Go figure lol. We recently hired new part time employees and my new permanent part-timer is a vapor. I’ve seen the commercials for other products but just never understood it all. Well she changed that for me an turned me onto V4L!! It’s been 6 weeks now analog free and I don’t have a desire to look back!!

  102. I have asthma, and foolishly started smoking Cigarettes. After years of trying to quit with no success I finally found a way, Vapor4life! They took the place of cigarettes, and with the strength options they also give you the option of stepping down. And quitting if you want. I love the flavor selections and the fact that I can use them where cigarettes aren’t allowed. Thanks V4L!!

  103. The only time I have been able to successfully stop smoking for a long period of time was when I was pregnant (all three times). In the last year my health has been on the decline, I now take heart medication (i’m only 26), get short of breath walking 100 feet and can’t even play outside with my children. The main reason for switching to vaping was because I enjoyed smoking. So giving up cold turkey, or even with meds, just drove me crazy. So a friend suggested V4L, and now I love it even more than smoking. There is no tar so I breath better and even can run up steps and play outside with my children. Vaping is certainly the way for me.

  104. I started vaping three years ago as an alternative to smoking and have enjoyed it every step of the way! Thank you Steve and V4L!

  105. I smoked for 19 years, I quit and started vaping 1month and 15 days ago.
    I quit smoking because I want to be able to live a full length life filled with
    good things and no worries about dragging a oxygen tank behind me in my
    Later years. I want to be healthy as long as I can and smoking cigarettes
    Is not the healthiest thing for me. I can breath better, taste better, walk better,
    work harder and longer without loosing my breath. It had been a great month and
    a half for me and vaping has made that possible. Before I was introduced to vaping
    I tried to quit smoking but never succeeded now vaping allowed me to quit and never
    Look back to those dreaded cigarettes.

  106. I quit smoking and started Vaping because of the expense and health issues, then there was the smell and my grandkids!

  107. I switched to save money and I accidentally quit along the way. It’s been a wild ride but one I would recommend to anyone!

  108. I quit cigarettes and started vaping for 2 very special reasons. 1, my father passed from emphysema which stopped his heart. I know he would not want me in the same situation. 2, I have a 4 year old and a 1 week old daughter that I want to watch grow and be a part of their lives longer then I would have if I kept smoking.

    Thanks V4L for making a product to help me quit!

  109. I have been smoking menthol Newports since summer of 8th grade and this company was my golden ticket out of the days of wasting money death sticks (analogs) I love this company dearly it is the only company I purchase vaping material from. I would love to receive this wonderful prize . I hope I get one of the three

  110. There are several reasons why I decided to make the switch from smoking to vaping, however the most important one was the fact that I am a mom of two beautiful little girls and I didn’t want to risk harming them via second hand smoke, also, I realized that now that I’m a mom I have something to live for and I didn’t want my girls to lose their mom because of lung cancer or any other problems caused by smoking. I love my girls and I want to give them the best life possible and I know that if I would’ve continued smoking I wouldn’t be doing that. Also, I love the fact that with vaping I can do it in my house while I’m with my girls and I know that I am not harming them in anyway, I also love the fact that I don’t stink anymore, my clothes don’t reek of smoke anymore, it’s just such a great feeling. I’m so grateful that I decided to make the change and I hate the thought of regular cigarettes now. Thank you V4L!!!

  111. I switched to vaping because my 10 year old son (and my hero) looked at me and asked “Dad, would you quit smoking so I have more time with you?”. He bought me an electronic cigarette to try and I have been smoke free for two years now. I owe my health and my future to my best friend and son, Tommy.

  112. I started vaping as an alternative to a constant cough and smelling horrendous. The smooth feeling I got when I took the first drag hooked me instantly. Lifelong vaper.

  113. I had 2 heart attacks within 4 months of each other and I had a bad annoying cough that would not go away. My daughter came over one morning and made me try her ecig. I was so amazed, I immediately placed an order for me and have been vaping ever since. That was in March of 2012. My cough went away and I feel so much better and I don’t have that awful smoke smell in my clothes. I love it!

  114. Price of cigs is getting ridiculous, and I chainsmoke when I go to the bar. I’ve had 2 real cigs since mid-January. It’s nice.

  115. i was a smoker for 12 and knew i needed to make some changes now that im getting older. This year i went on a diet, lost 20 lbs, quit drinking every night, and switched to vaping.My gf is happy to kiis me now, thars the bezy part:)

  116. I started vaping about 3 years ago when a close friend ordered her first e-cigarette from Vapor 4 Life. She talked me into giving it a try. I was tired of coughing all the time and always being sick. My mother-in-law died at age 54 from lung cancer.

    It still took me a very long time to completely give up cigarettes. I’ve smoked since I was 14 years old. Thanks to Vapor 4 Life (and Wow 555), I finally did put down the cigarettes. I feel SO much better! Thank you!

  117. I started vaping a year ago after smoking for almost 20 years. I had never heard of ecigs before. It was around Christmas time, my 15 year old son came to me and told me he had found a new way to stop help me stop smoking. He had done all of the research all I had to do was order and I have loved vaping since then. It’s a lot of fun trying out new devices and flavors. I would love to try this one!

  118. I switched to Vaping because I’m 21 and have been smoking for more years than it was legal for me and found myself sick and tired all the time not to mention always having to walk out of everywhere all the time for a smoke. Plus the price of cigarettes.Trying to quit before I tried many other brands before I found V4L and almost always failed. Then my Friend showed me The V4L EGO and it was something that I actually liked. It seemed to work for the most part. Not only was it for me and my own health but my family and all my friends for most of which are not smokers. Eventually I even turned my Smoker Friends on to Vaping! I started Last October and I haven’t looked back yet.

  119. Like most, I began vaping because I wanted to stop smoking traditional cigarettes but no matter what I had done or tried to do I failed at. I still break down on occasion and have an analog but its only because I’m being weak or stupid (probably both). Truth is I enjoy vaping much more than I ever enjoyed smoking. I love, absolutely adore, Vapor4Life and the products I’ve had the pleasure of buying. Recently, I upgraded myself and now I am trying to be more curious in trying flavors as well as mixing flavors on my own, some turn out great and others…. well… not so much! One of these days I will try to stop being so weak or stupid… err weak and stupid… and not touch another cigarette. But, the one thing I know is I will definitely have my V4L vaporizer in my hand!

  120. I started vaping because my girlfriend has been encouraging me to quit smoking. Well after 30 years smoking ive tried everything possible to quit, patches gum pills to no real sucess. So she suggested e cigs. I bought a disposable from walgreens i enjoyed it but was want more so my girlfriend told me about v4l because one of her family members has had great sucess with v4l. I went to the site and was blown away with selection n choices of equipment and flavors as well as v4l’s prices. Bought a starter kit and have been enjoying the freedom from traditional smokes as well as the freedom to vape everywhere. Im looking forward to experiment with all the choices n flavors v4l has to offer.


  122. I was hospitalized due to a blood vessel bursting in my bronchial tubes due to years of chronic bronchitis caused from smoking analogs and childhood asthma .

  123. I started because my wife suggested it to get me to stop chain smoking while driving. Also got her off nic lozenges.

  124. The thought of quitting cigarettes used to fill me with panic , but I knew I had to break the hold those stinky things had on me– smoking was ruling( and ruining ) my life ! And all the usual reasons applied — the coughing, the cost, the smell , the isolation from friends and family and the world in general …. so , after weeks of intense research, I took the plunge with Vapor 4 Life, and it was so life-changing ! The best part is that in the year I’ve enjoyed vaping , I’ve convinced five close friends to join me , and they’re all as happy as I am to be free of the smoke and thrilled with the amazing flavors offered by V4L — I am sincerely grateful !

  125. The reason why i started to Vap is for good health for me, and being around my Kids and Grandkids <3 I really don't want my kids to go through what i went through loosing my mother in 2004,She passed away from smoking for 41 years and she had COPD,To see your Mother on a daily basis have breathing Issues is not cool. I just want to live longer to see my grandkids have kids and don't want my children to have to deal with what i had to go through,Also not having that stinky smell,

    • Oh and i am also not going to leave this out :) My Brother whom has copd also has quit smoking with The thanks to Vap 4 life ecigs and he is the one who told me about Vap4life ,Went to the web site and watched a couple of videos and then ordered me some ecigs .I just love them,Thank you so much Vap 4 Life

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