World Vaping Day is March 22

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The very first World Vaping Day is coming up next Thursday, March 22. This is a global celebration of electronic cigarette use, and encourages smokers to switch from smoking cigarettes to using e-cigarettes.

The World Vaping Day Project Group is the organization behind the global event. The Group is comprised of the following e-cigarette consumer associations: ECCA UK (from the UK), Stelda NL (from the Nederland), CASAA (from the USA), IGED (from Deutschland), and ATACA (from Australia).

The Group’s website has information on countries that are participating, a map of events taking place worldwide, how to get involved, resources for people new to e-cigarettes, a guide to buying them, quotes from professionals, as well as other useful information.

World Vaping Day is about celebrating the success of e-cigarettes, and also to bring awareness to the technology that has helped millions of people. The day also strives to help smokers learn about e-cigarettes and vaping by hosting events where they can try them. Events will be taking place all over the world on March 22. One of the many points of the events is to get vaping more widely accepted as a valid alternative in Tobacco Harm Reduction (also known as THR).

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you can get a “PicBadge” which is an image

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that goes on your profile picture. By adding the badge to your picture, you are showing your support for the event. To get your badge, just go to, log in using your Facebook or Twitter account, and then follow a few steps to placing the image on your picture. It only takes a couple of minutes, but could be a very powerful tool in raising awareness for e-cigarettes.

Before you started vaping, you probably had never heard of the term before. Do all of your friends on Facebook and Twitter know that you use e-cigarettes? If not, do they know what “vaping” means? If they don’t, then this badge is a brilliant way to begin a conversation about it.

How will you celebrate World Vaping Day? Are you going to attend or host an event?

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