Our signature cartomizer, the Smileomizer (named for our owner and its inventor, Steve Smilin Milin) was first made with an 808 connection. Once 510 threaded cartomizers and batteries became all the rage in the world of vaping, Steve set to work making a 510 threaded Smileomizer that pairs with our 510 vape batteries. You can buy these 510 cartomizers to have extras on hand for when you want to change up the juice you're vaping. If you just started vaping with a 510 Vapor Zeus starter kit, these are the replacement cartomizers that you need to keep on vaping! These high quality and easy-to-use replacement Smileomizer cartomizers will fit perfectly with your other 510 threaded equipment and provide a great airflow. Smokers love our 510 cartomizers because they give you an intense throat hit that feels like taking a drag on a cigarette. You'll get several refills from one 510 cartomizer, and they're available in five different colors, so you can accessorize!.

Buy a 510 threaded cartomizer today, or get a 5-pack to stock up and save a few bucks!

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2 Item(s)

More About 510 Cartomizers

A reliable 510 cartomizer is just half of what makes our VaporZeus the best e-cigarette you'll find in the vaping industry. A powerful 510 threaded battery, when paired with a long lasting 510 cartomizer, can bring you hours of vaping pleasure. Our signature 510 cartomizers (Smileomizers) come in two sizes for your convenience. The small 510 carto holds 3.5 ml and fits with our smaller 510 batts. The large 510 carto holds 6 ml of e-juice and matches up with our larger batteries.Each 510 Smileomizer is made with durable stainless steel and has a soft silicone tip that you can chew on just like a cigarette or cigar! Equipped with a 2.5 ohm coil, each of our 510 cartomizers is built to give you the throat hit you crave.