Blackberry e Cig Cartridges

This e Cig cartridge flavor is incredibly authentic and tastes just like a ripe backyard grown blackberry. It provides tons of vapor with a strong blackberry taste.

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  • Rating
    Verrrrry Close!!
    Review by missyb on 8/17/2014
    Have lived in S Oregon for years - blackberries grow wild here almost everywhere - V4L carts come as close to the real thing as possible without staining your fingers blue!!!
  • Rating
    Too Sour
    Review by Wesley on 12/9/2013
    The sour flavor doesn't work too well. I got it in the 18mg - have a feeling it would be better as a milder 8 or 11mg.
  • Rating
    Great - not too tart
    Review by Missy on 8/25/2013
    They grow wild everywhere here in NW and these carts taste very close to real thing!!!