Chocolate Smooth e Cig Cartridges (WOW)

Gourmet melt-in-your-mouth chocolate vaping e Cig cartomizer rich enough to satisfy the most inspired chocolate lover.
V4L Wow Vapor Chocolate Cartomizers seduce your taste buds with the authentic creaminess of fine milk chocolate.  These prefilled electronic cigarette carts bring the unmistakable luxury of gourmet melt-in-your-mouth chocolate to vapor.  Vapor4Life Chocolate Wow Vapor Cartomizers are your chance to indulge yourself with one of life’s finer things in a delicious new way. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.

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  • Rating
    Not chocolately, but satisfying anyway
    Review by Dranny on 8/17/2011
    These are not what I expected, but I like them when used with a USB battery for the best flavor and vapor. I got the 0 mgs and they have a bit of chem aftertaste.
  • Rating
    It's good
    Review by Autumn Hanson on 3/11/2011
    I have tried other chocolate vapes at best they were like powdered coco mix. This is a real chocolate flavor... lots of vapor too.
  • Rating
    Review by narvinye on 1/25/2011
    Not dead on, but a pleasing, mellow flavor reminiscent of chocolate. Low throat hit, medium vapor. Good for when you want something smooth.
  • Rating
    LOVE IT!!!
    Review by Mandy McGrath on 12/19/2010
    I fricking love this flavor! My favorite and I think it's going to take over for my traditional menthols, lol. Gives off lots of vapor, which I like and the flavor is just wonderful :)
  • Rating
    Love Them
    Review by Carto fan on 10/5/2010
    One of my favorites. Definitely a milk chocolate flavor, subtle, not super chocolaty but creamy. Tons of vapor!
  • Rating
    Review by thomas ouellette on 7/27/2010
    The batch I got was not very WOW. I do 36s and still the vapor was weak, maybe on the low side of Premium. Love the taste so I'll try them again and hope they live up to the WOW label
  • Rating
    Good but not my top 5
    Review by LadyPhoenix on 7/26/2010
    I like this chocolate. But it didn't knock me over. I guess I was expecting alot since I used to be a chocoholic, however, real chocolate doesn't appeal to me anymore either like it used to. So I think the quality is there with the product, it's just my tastebuds have changed. Overall a good chocolate flavor (could be more notched up I think), and good vapor. No real complaints here.
  • Rating
    Another winner!
    Review by PK on 7/25/2010
    Tasty. Can't stop vaping this one, can't put it down. All the flavors I have tried taste so much better than an analog......easy to switch from analogs with the great products from V4L......thank you for the great service and products...
  • Rating
    Really Good.
    Review by Kevin Davis on 7/23/2010
    Great flavor, great vapor. I like the WOW carts the best. Gonna get me some more of these. Fuel the revolution. It's on, analogs are dead. Long live the Vapor King.
  • Rating
    Just Aliright
    Review by InhaleGal on 7/15/2010
    I like the flavor, but I wasn't getting much vapor. I only got 11mg, so the throat hit was just OK. I've tried 3 WOW's now and was only impressed by the WOWboy. See my review of the cinnamon too. I'm going to try them on the PT and see if they are better. I seem to have had better luck with just the premium cartos. EDITED: So trying it on the PT was much better! The vapor was awesome. Still not much of a TH with 11mg, but will be a nice vape when I'm not looking for that.
  • Rating
    It is WOW Chocolate!
    Review by Bonnie Barnes on 6/28/2010
    Just received sample 24mg cart and even tho I normally vape 36 mg and lean more towards vanilla in food items, this is awesome! Good flavor, good TH, good vapor!
  • Rating
    4 stars by itself, but..
    Review by Bill on 1/4/2010
    Definately a 5-star when a few drops of Smilin special menthol is added to this! Mmmm. It's peppermint-patty-ish. I can vape this all day.
  • Rating
    Chocolate Cartomizers (8mg)
    Review by m1273c on 12/29/2009
    Flavor is definitely milk to light chocolate but tastes good.
  • Rating
    Great Cocoa Flavor
    Review by James Lewis on 12/25/2009
    It's a beautiful chocolaty delight sure to satisfy the chocoholic nicotine fiend. =P
  • Rating
    Got a sample
    Review by Charles Plana on 12/14/2009
    I only had this one in my Manual PT, but it was definitely chocolatey. Tasted real, started milk choco then dark choco then toasted marshmallow! Whoops...don't go that far!
  • Rating
    Review by E-cig maniac on 12/5/2009
    This to me tastes more like a richer chocolate rather than milky, like i used to get in my chocolate calendar at christmas when i was a kid, still, how can you fault chocolate ? lol. A favorite for sure.
  • Rating
    Loved the first vap
    Review by Steve Hawkins on 11/29/2009
    Rich chocolate flavor the only problem is that the flavor falls off after that . Still tasty
  • Rating
    a must for the chocolate lover
    Review by rocks82 on 11/11/2009
    This flavor is my favorite. Delicious! I can't get enough of the yummy chocolate vapes! It really is very much like hot chocolate!
  • Rating
    All day vape
    Review by Jim Simons on 11/10/2009
    This is one of my all day vapes
  • Rating
    The best!
    Review by Jennifer Moreno on 10/29/2009
    Nothing better for a night time vape with a glass of red wine! Mmmmmmm so soothing...
  • Rating
    Best Chocolate around!
    Review by Symmetric on 10/9/2009
    I've tried a lot of chocolate flavors and this one is the best. Like a cup of hot cocoa, rich and creamy. Not too dark, but not too sweet.
  • Rating
    Absolutely decadent!
    Review by Joni Williamson on 10/8/2009
    These cartomizers taste like smooth dark chocolate with a hint of milk - like homemade chocolate pudding!
  • Rating
    Smooth and tasty
    Review by C.B. on 8/14/2009
    The chocolate flavor is really decent and smooth. I'll definitely be getting this one again.