Clove e Cig Cartridges (WOW)

An intense combination of sweetness and spice give this vaping flavor an exotic taste.
Vapor4Life Wow Vapor Clove Cartomizers offer the aromatic and exotic experience familiar to kretek lovers in our high performance, perfectly formulated prefilled electronic cigarette carts. Intense flavor and smooth, voluminous vapor make Clove Wow Vapor Cartomizers a perfect escape from everyday life.

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    These are great!
    Review by Matt H. on 9/8/2011
    Tastes very close to the analog. If you've ever appreciated the clove analogs, these are about as close as you can get.

    Will definitely buy these again.
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    good D'J replacement
    Review by E-cig devotee on 7/10/2011
    i agree with others, if you miss those tasty little cigars.... this will fill the void for you. the flavor and th can be a bit strong (i usually buy 18 in others) but maybe try a step lower if you are buying these for the first time
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    Quit Smoking Djarums
    Review by Amber Kelleher on 6/24/2011
    I was smoking 1-2 packs daily when a friend encouraged me to switch. Tried her ecig with tobacco carts but craved the familiar clove flavor. After trying these I've finally been successful. Went from 36 to 18 in a month. Excellent substitute
  • Rating
    My Staple
    Review by Courtney on 5/3/2011
    When it's available in 11s, this is always in my cart. As a former clove cigarette smoker, this satisfies the need for the spicy and sweet without the smoke taint. Definitely at the top of my favorites list.
  • Rating
    Very Decent...
    Review by Deonna on 3/30/2011
    Since the D'js switched from cigs to "cigars" I've been smoking the Blacks so finding a clove replacement was very big for me! I ordered these in a 24mg, which were a bit too strong for me however a clove taste was present. It took me a day to 2-3 days to become fond of it because once you're used to a brand it takes a while to adjust. After three days I'd come to enjoy the flavor as my cigars began to not taste as good anymore. Now I'm anxious to receive my next order. Eventually I'll test the other cloves, but for now I'm sticking with this one.
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    Good flavor, taste like clove
    Review by Suzanne Araujo on 12/25/2010
    Got this as a sample (in 24mg). I like the flavor, taste like cloves. However, I usually vape 8-11 mg and these are super strong. I will order in a lesser strength.
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    Clove Heaven
    Review by Dawn on 12/8/2010
    Was looking for a strong flavor to cure the afternoon jones and this satisfied that. Reminds me of the clove cigs of my youth, but not as heavy of a taste nor as harsh, though it's clove all the way. Gotta keep these around at all times. 24 mg
    Taste = 5
    TH = 5
    Vapor Production = 5
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    Pretty good
    Review by Shane Gustafson on 9/1/2010
    The were not overkill with flavor.
    I added some 555 juice and it helped. I think sonething went wrong in shipping they were all very dry and didn't last long.

    Mild clove flavor