English Toffee e Cig Cartridges

The smooth, rich taste of toffee is as buttery smooth as the classic English candy in this e Cigarette cartridge.
The smooth, rich taste of toffee has finally been duplicated in an e Cigarette cartomizer! Vapor4Life Premium English Toffee Vapor King Cartridges offer a vapor juice flavor as smooth and buttery rich as the original English candy. English Toffee e Cig cartomizers are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth while enjoying the exceptional e Cig vapor you expect from V4L.

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    Review by Kimberly on 1/16/2014
    One of my all-time faves in the 18 mg cart. I'm waiting on the juice right now and hope that the flavor will be the same. I don't taste pineapple in this like some of the other reviewers mentioned though. Just the right amount of buttery, nutty yumminess!
  • Rating
    Love these carts!
    Review by Kellie on 7/15/2013
    If you like toffee, you will love these carts. I vape one after dinner; it's just like eating dessert. Try these! You definitely will not regret it!
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    My new #1
    Review by Kellie on 5/24/2013
    I received this as a sample, and to be honest, I'm into the fruit flavours, not candy ones. I gave this cart a try, and now I can't live without it. It replaced blueberry as my #1 favourite flavour. Rich yet mellow, sweet but not cloying, buttery, creamy, yummy perfection. Thanks V4L for introducing me to this delectable flavour!
  • Rating
    pretty amazing
    Review by alec r on 5/30/2010
    its one of my top 3 favorite flavors. nice buttery toffee taste
  • Rating
    Tastes Great!
    Review by Trace-Keir Cunningham on 5/3/2010
    I just ordered my Kit from V4L, and it is by far the best of many E-Cigs I have tried! A friend of mine traded me for one of the Cartomizers, and I found it Absolutely amazing! It was sweet and had a warm smooth flavor. I Intend on ordering a whole box for myself!
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    English Toffee Cartomizer
    Review by Roger Hoots on 4/14/2010
    I never thought I would like any flavor other than regular tobacco, but I must say this is very nice. Very, very smooth....
  • Rating
    Review by Derree Brooks on 3/18/2010
    Great taste, amazing throat hit and vapor.
  • Rating
    Review by rocks82 on 12/21/2009
    yummy, nutty, coconutty, deliciousness! Try this!!!! i didn't think i'd be so big on this flavor but it's just AWESOME! I vape this regularly.
  • Rating
    Review by Nicole Nehme on 12/18/2009
    Got these as a bonus gift. Love em'. Real unique yummy taste. Better than the carmal IMHO. An acquired taste I suppose, but very delish once you get used to it.b bmy7u
  • Rating
    Review by Mark on 12/4/2009
    I had a chance to try this and WOW!! Out of the few I have tried, this is as tasty as it sounds. If you like toffee, try these!
  • Rating
    Review by Taryn on 11/18/2009
    Buttery, caramel, touch of nutty. I'm in love.