Pineapple e Cig Cartridges

This exquisite Pineapple eCigarette flavor has the authentic ripe taste of Hawaiian pineapple.
V4L Pineapple Wow Vapor Cartomizers really hit the spot with the oh-so-sweet tropical taste of pineapple. This exclusive electronic cigarette cartomizer produces a flavorful, full vapor while it's tangy pineapple flavor pleases your tongue. Put the "vapor" in your Vapor King with Vapor4Life Pineapple Nobacco Juice. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.

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  • Rating
    Tastes like a Fresh Real Pineapple ;-)
    Review by Jessica on 4/15/2013
    I'm New to V4L but I can say I have LOVED ALL I have Bought & Tried.
    Even My Adult Son's Love this One & asked to Order More.
    Just like a Fresh Pineapple, with Zing.
    The Perfect Amount ALL around.
    Looking Forward to the New Order of Pineapple & some New Ones
    We have to Try too =)
    Thank You V4L.
    We Love what You have done..
  • Rating
    great flavor just a little weak
    Review by Katrina on 8/11/2012
    It was just the right amount of sweet tart and tannin from a fresh pineapple. If you get this, be sure to purchase a juice to give it a little kick. Maybe it was just because I got it as a sample, IDK... I liked it though.
  • Rating
    love it!
    Review by Chris on 1/6/2011
    I am new to vapor4life but have tried other e-cigs and I must say vapor king is one of the top brands so with my first order I order all different kinds to see what I would want to stick with I tried pinnapple first and have to say 10 out of 10 for flavor/vapor you get with each drag the taste is dead on and I love it 5 stars easy
  • Rating
    pretty good
    Review by Christy on 12/27/2010
    they threw a free one of these into my order and i have to say pretty impressed.. kind of reminds me of a pina colada type of pineapple flavor pretty yummy :)
  • Rating
    Pineapple Alright
    Review by Dawn on 12/8/2010
    It IS pineapple with a bit of TH and nice vapor. I just more of a pineapple-upside-down cake person. The flavor is spot on, just not for me right now.
    Taste = 4 (it's right)
    TH = 3.5
    Vapor Production = 5