RazzWOW e Cig Cartridges

This succulent Raspberry e Cigarette flavor features a tangy blue raspberry flavor that is similar to a blue raspberry candy.
Our RazzWow Wow Vapor Cartomizers taste like they’re straight from the berry patch. The sweet, sunshiney taste of wild red raspberries and the voluminous vapor you expect from Vapor4Life electronic cigarette cartomizers are a match made in heaven.

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  • Rating
    Great taste
    Review by Kellie on 10/16/2013
    I love the fruit flavours, and RazzWow was one of the first flavours I tried. I loved it then (about a year ago) and I love it still. I often get samples with my orders, and V4L threw in a few premium Raspberry carts with my last order. They were okay. The RazzWow is much better.
  • Rating
    Razz WOW, says it ALL :-)
    Review by Jessica on 4/15/2013
    This Flavor is Perfect & Tasty...
    We Loved it so Much & Ordered More.
    My Adult Son's are (Switching from) Smoking to Vape, after Trying the Flavors I Ordered to Try.
    So Far, We LOVE them ALL...
    More Comming
    Tuesday April 17th, 2013.
  • Rating
    Review by Caitlin on 3/11/2013
    I got lots of vapor, great TH, and a delightful flavor. Much more realistic than I expected, tangy and sweet. Will definitely be getting more!
  • Rating
    Dont pass this one...
    Review by Wendy on 7/30/2012
    Its fabulous. I've tried many of the fruits and this is my favorite. Not to sweet, not to tart. It is however, a warm vape.
  • Rating
    Review by Waterlylly on 6/27/2012
    This is really tangy and really, really raspberry. Best fruit flavor I've tried.
  • Rating
    one of my favorite fruity flavors
    Review by frequent vaporer on 6/22/2012
    out of wow fruit cartomizers would recommend this one and sour cherry

    Review by Bubble on 6/10/2012
    Yummy flavor. It's the perfect mix of sweet and tart. If you vape continuously like I do, it does run hot. I wish this flavor could be replicated as a cool cart flavor. Otherwise, it's perfect!
  • Rating
    Great flavor, Decent vapor
    Review by Scott Knight on 4/30/2011
    Tastes great and juicy ! Leaves a sugary aftertaste on your lips. The vapor could be better though, a good occasional buy.
  • Rating
    Razz Wow Rocks
    Review by Tim Richards on 1/31/2011
    This flavor is true to its roots. It has a nice raspberry flavor that isn't overpowering or flowery and is a smooth vape at 18mg. I will keep buying these as all day vapes or just to alternate. It is my favorite fruit flavor.
  • Rating
    great taste
    Review by jatrex on 1/31/2011
    Got this as a freebie. Great raspberry flavor but absolutely no vapor at all, and that's 36mg. 3 stars for flavor only. Would definitely purchase if there was good vapor.
  • Rating
    All around awesome!
    Review by Beth on 10/20/2010
    I just got this in yesterday and I love it! The flavor reminds me of Razzles and raspberry Italian Ice. Great throat hit and lots of vapor. Thanks for another amazing product V4L! You guys rock!