6 mL Dual Coil Tank - 808D Threading

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This is a 6ml Dual Coil (1.5 Ohm resistance) cartomizer tank threaded to fit a 808D style e Cigarette with a tank drip tip. Monitor your e-liquid levels with our clear tank design.

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808D Threaded e Cigarette Tank

This is a 6ml Dual Coil (1.5 Ohm resistance) cartomizer tank threaded to fit a 808D style e Cigarette with a tank drip tip. Monitor your e-liquid levels with our clear tank design.

  • In response to Geauxbrad
    Review by CoffeeVaper on 4/11/2015
    This is how I fill 6ml tank, will connected to bat,remove mouth stem then slowly slide 6ml tank over the top of the cart until you see end of cart inside the clear tank, then very gently push the whole tank ever so gently to one side or the other just below the top metal cap on tank without losing the seals at both ends of the tank it will leave just enough of a small gap thru the top metal cap, you can see this thru clear sides and take your E-juice tip and go thru the small gap between the cart and top fill with E- juice until it's just below the top of cart inside tank, about 1/4 inch. Then very gently push both the top and shell of tank back over to the center so it will go back thru the top then push down over cart till cart is pushed thru the tank. I might leave a very small drop of E- juice, it will take a couple of tries but you'll get it, easy peasy
  • Good products
    Review by David1961 on 5/12/2014
    I like the tank but I wish the tips would last longer
  • How to fill tank
    Review by Stephen on 3/6/2014
    To make it more clear, you must pull the carto down until it is no longer making a seal with the top cap. When you can see the punched holes in the carto, that's enough. At this point you can pull the top cap off. After filling the tank, put the top back on. This will not pressurize the tank if the carto is still pulled down, because the tank won't be sealed. Then push the carto up through the top cap. This seals the tank without pressurizing it.

    You can fill the tank with the top cap still on, if you can get the nozzle or syringe needle into the tank between the carto and the side of the tank. I prefer to remove the top cap. Never try to push the caps farther on when the carto is fully inserted. The tank will be sealed and moving the cap on farther will put pressure in the tank. I don't think you would want to try to pull the cap off with the carto fully inserted either because this would cause a vacuum in the tank and make it difficult or impossible.

    The video link points to a video that seems to make no sense. It seems fake to me. I would ignore it. One thing that might make sense is, after you are done filling, put your finger on the hole at the bottom of the carto and suck on the drip tip. If this pulls some juice into the carto, that would be good. I let new cartos sit for a day after filling the tank. My thick pure VG takes a while to get wicked up. I also put some juice on the top of a new carto, being careful not to get it into the center hole. You can plug that hole with a toothpick. Some cartos these days are duds. They won't wick up my viscous VG.
  • Really starting to dislike these.
    Review by Geauxbrad on 1/12/2014
    These are really becoming a nightmare for me. I followed the video instructions to the T, but there seems to be some kind of flaw with mine. I have multiple tanks and it happens on each kind. When you fill the tank half way as instructed to do, and then you put the top cap back on, there is so much pressure caused by the top cap seal seating in place that it drives the liquid through the holes in the bottom of the cart. You can literally watch the cotton overfill from the pressure and cover the hole. Which leads to letting it sit a long time, using it, taking it off a hundred times to clean juice off the battery, and multiple hits of juice in your mouth. Yack. Eventually it settles where it needs to after a few hours but half of your juice is literally on paper towels. :/


1.5 ohm
Single Coil (2 and 3 ohm) or dual coil (1.5, 2 and 2.5 ohm) Resistance
1.75 in
0.81 in
Stainless steel, surgical-grade silicone tip
All Vapor4Life KR808D batteries
White, Blue, Red, Green, Lime Green, Lavender, Yellow and Magenta

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