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These upgraded V2 Smileomizers feature: a new cotton material to extend Smileomizer life, and an upgraded poly-fill to enhance e Liquid taste in every puff. A new heating coil also improves vapor production and prevents burning. Bundle includes 5 V2 Smileomizers in either black, blue, green, cigar, white or magenta colors.

  • Small V2 Smileomizers fit flush on Small, Medium, and Large Vapor Zeus e-Cig batteries, and Large E-Cigar King Batteries
  • Large V2 Smileomizers fit flush on XL Vapor Zeus batteries and XL E-Cigar King Batteries
  • Can be refilled up to 5 times
  • Chewable mouthpiece made of surgical grade silicon
  • Click here for a video on "How to fill a Smileomizer."

Get a five pack of the newest version of the patent-pending e Cig cartomizer tank, the Smileomizer. Small Smileomizers can fill up to 3.5mL of eLiquid, while large Smileomizers can fill up to 6mL of eLiquid. It's high-quality build prevents it from leaking, and allows for the optimal combination of throat hit, flavor, and vapor production for the smoker.
Product Manual: Download here
  • v2 smileomizer
    Review by Mike on 6/25/2017
    very easy to fill and no mess. useally last me about 2 weeks
  • What a great product!
    Review by Heather on 6/17/2017
    I used to use the tank but always had trouble saturating my cart and with leakage. I was told to switch to the smileomizer. I was reluctant at first because I don't like change but man, once I tried it, I thought, "how did I never use this before?!" NO leaking! EASY to fill! LASTS longer! And, personally, I think it even TASTES BETTER! Definitely worth the price!
  • V2 review update PERFECT!!
    Review by Chefy on 5/14/2017
    I have reviewed these new V2 smileomizers in the past and wanted to update how great these bad boys are... The last several orders of these I have gotten have been outstanding!! The last way way longer then stated in the description and although they may appear to be slightly pricey they are more than worth it... even a greater deal when you purchase the 10 pack
  • I'll never use anything else
    Review by Nickybear on 3/13/2017
    I'm an experienced vaper, I've tried every tank, cart, and clearomizer around. never have I come across a better product. Maximum flavor from whatever juice you use, and they last for weeks. Clouds of vapor, great throat hit. You will not regret buying these. I bought one, and I was sold. my husband and I both. .. he quit smoking due to these smileomizers, I couldnt be more thankful.
  • Good For Starting Out
    Review by Todd on 11/10/2016
    I used these on my Zeus when I first started out vaping and I couldn't have been more pleased. Great flavor and vapor. You do tend to get some "duds" in the batch once in a while, however V4L customer service always took care of me. I'd highly recommend these if you're just starting out.
  • Good product
    Review by Deane in Australia on 11/8/2016
    Look after them and treat them right. ie: don't overfill and don't use when low on juice and burn them out ~ the V2 Smileomizer's will give very good miles of Vaping. Good product at a good price !
  • Definitely my favorite Cart....
    Review by Chefy on 9/25/2016
    These newer V2's Smileomizers are awesome. Out of the hundreds of these I have used there has only been one time where it failed after just one day. That description states each one can be refilled up to 5 times but in my experience I have gotten 10 or more refills...
  • Amazing
    Review by Tony on 9/14/2016
    Works great with the Zeus. Last pretty long. Easy to fill. Have been using these for the past few years. Always recommend them.
  • Works Great with the Zeus!!
    Review by Todd on 8/1/2016
    Never had a problem with the Smileomizers not working properly. I just found they never lasted as long as I would've liked. However, the flavor of your juice using these is AMAZING! Never a dull hit.
  • Superior to the orginal product
    Review by Pamela on 7/30/2016
    The V2 is superior to the original. Lasts longer and flavor is better.
  • Love saving money!
    Review by Jennifer on 7/30/2016
    These are amazing and it's even better to order in a multi pack so you can save money!
  • Way to go
    Review by matthew on 7/29/2016
    The five or ten pack will last you literally months. Great value. Click of button n you dont have to worry for months. Awesome job
  • More of the same good smileomizer tech
    Review by Kit on 7/22/2016
    Once you try the Vapor Zeus, you won't go back. So it's only natural to be buying these smileomizers in big batches. They last very long, but if you're a heavy vaper/smoker, you'll still go through them understandably quick. You save more money the more of them you buy, so buy a bunch!
  • Great product
    Review by Trwjr on 12/23/2013
    They do last longer.
  • Smileomizers
    Review by dcrt on 11/14/2013
    I love these and that's all I buy. But, after the third refill the filling seems to begin to feel like it's clogging up and harder to draw. As where the first two fills provides an excellent draw. I end up throwing them away after 3 days. I read the instructions that you can clean the cigar ones and let dry. So I'm wondering if you can do the same for these Smileomizers? So I bought those, and have just collected about 100 Smileomizer tips, because I don't like the fat tips on the cigar carts.
  • Good Deal and cart
    Review by Shana on 9/9/2016
    This are great carts but I wish the coupons worked with them to. I always have to figure out if it's cheaper to buy the 5 pack without the coupon or order separately and use the coupon.
  • Meh
    Review by Elisabeth on 9/4/2016
    Sometimes these work for a while, sometimes you get a few duds that only last a day or two.

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