Premium Vapor King Apple Cinnamon Cranberry CoolCart Cartomizers

Premium Vapor King Apple Cinnamon Cranberry  CoolCart Cartomizers

Availability: In stock

E-cigarette - Premium Vapor King Apple Cinnamon Cranberry CoolCart Cartomizers

Availability: In stock

A holiday-inspired e-cigarette cartomizer flavor so delicious, we have to offer them all year round. Box of 5.
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The smell of the holidays is in the air. Originally introduced as part of our Holiday Sampler Pack, Premium Vapor King Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Cartomizers are so overwhelmingly popular that we have to offer them all year round. Try some today, and you'll will see why! View more prefilled cartomizer flavors…

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Customer Reviews

Different, in a good way
Review by Joseph Velardi
Another reviewer commented that these are very "woodsy", and they were right on. Kind of a mix between potpourri, flowers, and a hint of cranberry. Not much apple or cinnamon in there, but hey it works. Not a bad vape, but I would recommend a different apple if that is what you're going for! (Posted on 3/27/11)
Review by Carto buff
This is okay - flavors are indistinguishable as apple, cinnamon and cranberry. Very woodsy tasting (Posted on 1/16/11)
very good
Review by Christy
had a freebie thrown into my order of this... very very good a nice mellow vape with a slight fruity undertone... very relaxing! (Posted on 12/27/10)
apple cinnamon cranberry
Review by dotmiceter
This is the best I would order it agian and agian. Has the best flavor and vapes awesome. I had this one in the 18mg but switch to a lighter 11mg. 18mg was too strong. but like the flavor. (Posted on 12/24/10)
Nice Flavor Easy to Vape
Review by Iowa Gal
I really like this flavor would give 5 stars if a little more vapor but can enjoy all day. I would give this one a try (Posted on 12/13/10)
My fav so far!
Review by Mindy
This wonderful flavor is almost exotic. It puts out a LOT of smoke. Even if you have a blank and add this juice flavor. Off all my favorites that I own, this one puts out the most smoke. It's very very satisfying. It's a must have flavor!!!!!! Get it!! (Posted on 11/15/10)
I didn't know what to expect
Review by Gadget
I was looking for a method to stop my madness. Tried the useless patch and the nasty gums. I am a complete e-cigarette Noob and received my mini and these carts today
The aroma of the Apple Cinamon Cranberry immediately reminded me of Christmas Potpourri. The nice soothing cinamon/berry kind. I screwed it on to my battery and took a draw....OMG without the prep er primer puff 24mg hit my throat, the back of my neck and half my chest. Boy did I learn a lesson!
The Cinnamon is not the sweet sugary kind that you get in a cinnamon bun or instant oatmeal. It's more of the natural cinnamon stick flavor. The Cranberry is also not the sweetened juice flavor but the natural recently picked off the branch flavor. My tastebuds were so hung up on the cinnamon that it completely misses the apple.
I am not disappointed in the flavor. I find it interesting that it's so close to the real thing. (Posted on 9/22/10)
Premium vs WOW
Review by Megan
I love these. I've tried about twenty or so flavors, and these were my faves for months. It's a great blend of all three flavors. I always tasted the cinnamon, but apparently some people don't, so I'm not so sure about that. I've found that flavors without extra sweetness or creaminess taste the best to me: minty, cinnamony, or fruity. There's something about the creamier ones that I just can't enjoy. V4L makes this flavor in the WOW Vapor and the flavor was totally different to me than the Premium, and I did not enjoy them. Stick with the Premium in these and you'll probably love em! (Posted on 9/14/10)
Review by Chris Jones
This was an amazing flavor!!! It was like smoking a pie! (Posted on 6/8/10)
Review by A Wayne Pennington
Another wonderful Cart. All day vapor with just enough taste to keep you coming back!!! (Posted on 5/16/10)
Review by Brad Witt
I got this cart as a free sample with my order. I immediately ordered a box. Great taste and TH. I have been vaping now for 6 months, I have finally found the right company to do business with. (Posted on 5/11/10)

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