Premium Vapor King Grape CoolCart Cartomizers

Premium Vapor King Grape CoolCart Cartomizers

Availability: In stock

E-cigarette - Premium Vapor King Grape CoolCart Cartomizers

Availability: In stock

All the flavor of sweet Concord grapes in a prefilled Vapor King Cartomizer. Box of 5.
Best Seller!
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V4L Premium Grape Vapor King Cartomizers are bursting with the refreshing, summery flavor of just-picked Concord grapes. This is truly the best grape-flavored e-cig cartomizer available anywhere! Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.

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Customer Reviews

great at first
Review by Lorie
Great at first and then a gross brunt taste (Posted on 1/14/14)
pretty good
Review by Jeanette
Classic flavor. Reminded me of a grape jolly rancher. Strong flavor. Strong hit. (Posted on 3/5/13)
Very Good Flavor
Review by Myra
One of my favorite flavors so far. (Posted on 1/29/13)
Look out Edy's!
Review by Shirley K
Juicy delicious grape flavor likened to Edy's Grape Juice bars!

I ♥ it! (Posted on 1/16/13)
Love the fruity taste
Review by ROBIN
Love the hint of grape. One of my favorites so far! (Posted on 1/8/13)
my other go to flavor
Review by annette79h
a wonderful flavor! smells & tastes great, its a staple on my orders! (Posted on 7/6/12)
Grape & Added Bonus
Review by Michael Kaye
Grape is great! Tastes more like the name than any other fruit. Would suggest trying Watermelon and BlueBerry. When one of my Grape carts ran out, I added some WoW Chocolate Juice, and it tatses like a Grape Tootsie-Pop! (Posted on 7/24/11)
Definitely tastes like grape.
Review by John Antolino
I tried this and did not expect it to taste so good.
It tastes like bubble gum grape.
Good job! (Posted on 7/16/11)
A excellent substitute for grape cigars
Review by Amber Kelleher
Used to smoke the occasional grape or peach cigar. Tried these in the 18mg and they are a great substitute! (Posted on 6/24/11)
Favorite flavor to date
Review by Nick
Perfect hint of sweetness, with a neither overpowering or under powering taste of grape candy. Plus, it has a great TH (at least the 36mg does) and a lot of vapor. (Posted on 6/24/11)
One of my favs
Review by David
I can vape this all day. It is not an overpowering grape flavor but just enough that it hints of grape nehi. Tons of vapor and just right th at 18 mg. The juice is just as good too. I dripped some in a razzwow carto for a nice combo too (Posted on 4/24/11)
Good, not great
Review by Joseph
Definitely grape! Not as strong as I would like it to be, but thats usually how it is with the cool carts. Still a great flavor none the less. If you like grape, you will like this. May I also recommend watermelon? That is my favorite =) This is good though! (Posted on 4/3/11)
Review by Kristy
Just got these and OMG it tastes just like grape bubblicious new fave!!! Love it!!! (Posted on 3/28/11)
Just Delicious!!!
Review by Robin T
8mg is very tasty! It does remind me of grape coolaid - I love it. Buying the juice next time around! (Posted on 3/20/11)
really good
Review by Diane Floyd
This is my best friends and my favorite. We love the grape. Its perfect. The flavor is spot on.I would order again. I would've ordered it recently but there is so much more to try on this site. Thanks V4L for making great products. (Posted on 2/12/11)
Review by linrag
Very much like Grape Fanta or Grape Nehi..... I got 8mg and it vapes very well, especially on the passthru. Excellent cart. (Posted on 1/16/11)
Yum, Grape!
Review by Carto fan
Great, full flavor. My favorite. I vape this flavor daily. (Posted on 1/11/11)
concord grapes
Review by laura jones
Very good flavor. Just like a concord grape. (Posted on 1/8/11)
Try it
Review by Surfergirl
Tastes like a cross beteen grape sode and red wine. Not mild in any way. Delightful. (Posted on 1/5/11)
Can't get enough
Review by Linda Erickson
These are absolutely amazing. If you like grape soda, you'll love these. Can't believe you haven't got the juice to match these scruptious carts.Somebody is dragging their feet on this one. (Posted on 1/4/11)
Nice light flavor
Review by Anne
I just got these in the 18mg and even though they're a little harsh on my throat, the flavor is great. It's very light and reminds me of Grape Nehi soda. There's also quite a bit of vapor. I like this flavor a lot, but I'll have to wait to see if it continues to be harsh before I reorder it. (Posted on 12/19/10)
Review by amp
After all of the great reviews about these carts I figured I would give them a try and WOW they weren't lying! These have a killer grape taste, good vape and work great on both my manual & auto batteries. If you like grape soda & candy add these to your cart, you wont be disappointed! (Posted on 12/17/10)
Review by Paul
The reviewer below me pretty much said it all but damn this flavor is SO bomb. Its definitely the best fruit flavor that I've tried so far and the vapor production is unbelievable, probably the best I've seen in a premium cartomizer. Try this flavor, you will NOT regret it! (Posted on 12/2/10)
Review by Donna
OMG!! This is the best!! My all-time new favorite!! This has a strong, sweet grape taste that I vape all day long!! (Posted on 11/16/10)
Great for a change-up
Review by Thajones
I like these, but they are not an all-day vape for me, a little on the tart side with the aftertaste, but when I am taking a break from my tried and true blueberry and rootbeer float, this is what I go to (Posted on 10/10/10)
Yup, it's grape.
Review by Biotrucker
I've been buying 18mg down from 24 which is too strong for me. I can definitely detect a subtle, almost grape soda taste in it. Not too sweet. I think I'd give it 5 stars if the grape flavor was a little more pronounced. That's just me though. (Posted on 9/17/10)
Review by El Redo
Smooth grape flavor, vapes great (Posted on 7/1/10)
grape soda
Review by Kristin S
I love grape flavored candy, and this cart was very similar. Smooth, but not quite as smooth as some of the other fruit carts I've tried, but really good when you're craving grape soda!

Also: I'd really like to see a muscat flavored cart... something a little closer to real grape/wine flavor. (Posted on 6/14/10)
Review by Tabitha
I ordered this in the fruit bowl sampler and was immediately hooked! I don't normally like grape but this was great flavor to vape...I highly recommend it! (Posted on 6/10/10)
grape pixie stick bystander
Review by redharlequin
If you have ever stood near someone while they downed a grape pixie stick (think back, everyone has at some point) and the powder that wafts over, you smell it, thats this one. (and commence mooching one off your buddy.) It's a candy-ish grape flavor, but not overwhelming or gross. I'd say one of my fav fruit carts. It's up there somewhere. I might get more (Posted on 5/15/10)
grape grape
Review by julia colwell
love love the grape,if you like grape this the one. (Posted on 5/12/10)
Review by Tony
I vape the 24 mg. Nice strong flavor, good vapor, and the best throat kick of all the fruits I have tried so far. A definite "must have" in your flavor collection. (Posted on 5/4/10)
Review by Mary Henss
This grape was a surprise! More flavor and a bit of a kick..I like this grape better then any I have ever vaped. (Posted on 3/21/10)
Review by Bobby
This will remain in my top 5 faves for as long as it is around. I haven't established a top 5 just yet but man I can't see many others comparing. This flavor has mad me decide to try all the fruit flavors. (Posted on 3/20/10)
grape rocks
Review by abraham Galloway
i had never tried the original flavor of grape from v4l but when i replaced my order i decided to try theese. i thought they were fantastic. tastes like a grape should with a slight tart undertone. well worth trying out (Posted on 3/17/10)
Grape Kool-Aid
Review by Abby
My sample of this was 8mg. Tastes like grape kool-aid to me. Good vapor. Not my kind of flavor, but if you like fruity or soda flavors, you will love this! (Posted on 3/17/10)
Love them
Review by Michael
To me, they taste like grape Bubblicious or Bubble Tape that I used to chew as a kid. (Posted on 3/4/10)
Grape (8mg)
Review by m1273c
Tastes exactly like a grape Popsicle!!! (Posted on 12/29/09)
Review by Nicole
Classic grape bubble gum/soda/kool-aid flavor. Awesome. Intense but not perfumy. This is calorie free candy with a bonus nicotine buzz. My new fave flavor! (Posted on 11/26/09)
Review by rocks82
omg. I'm in love. Flavor is strong and yummy (think grape jolly rancher). It's perfect whenever I want something sweet. (Posted on 11/11/09)
Review by Troy
Nice grape flavor, much like a grape soda. (Posted on 11/11/09)
This one Surprized me
Review by Jim Simons
I was absolutely amazed at how good this was. I can't quite describe it but I guess the jolly rancher comes close but it is oh so good (Posted on 11/11/09)
strong flavor
Review by cr12
has good flavor but a little to perfumy for my tastes. (Posted on 11/10/09)
Amazing Flavor
Review by JH
To me it tastes like Grape Koolaid, I'm not a fan of real grapes - they are ok, but this is fantastic, sweet sugary flavor. I wish they had a 6mg i felt the 8mg was more like the 11mgs out there. (Posted on 11/2/09)
Review by Jonathan Duboff
Really awesome flavor, pretty traditional kool-aid/grape popsicle flavor, sweet. (Posted on 11/2/09)
Grape Soda
Review by Joni Williamson
These taste like grape soda to me and remind me of my childhood playing in the streets and having a pop. Not like grapes or grape juice - but if you expect a grape soda flavor you will be pleased. (Posted on 10/26/09)
Very good
Review by Ecig 365
Tastes exactly like what you would hope grape to taste like! A very good flavor. (Posted on 10/25/09)

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