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Triple Nickel Nobacco Juice (30 ml)

Sooth your cravings with a European delicacy of freshly harvested hazelnut and cured tobacco.
Great Value

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Vapor4Life’s distinctive Triple Nickel formula e-cigarette vapor juice offers a complex harmony of the warm, subtle sweetness of cured tobacco and freshly harvested hazelnut. A temptation for your taste buds and a pleasure for your palate, this exclusive V4L premium flavored e-juice is a must have! The perfect e-liquid for V4L Original Vapor King™ Triple Nickel cartomizers (standard or premium) and electronic cigarette cartridges.


It's GoodReview by John
OMG Its good (Posted on 5/2/13)
It's goodReview by John
Thats all I can say (Posted on 5/2/13)
good juiceReview by noholesinmyclothes
i used to get 555 from another company but didn't like their prices so i gave this one a chance. this is now my #1 e-liquid. i do give it 4 stars because i know there is something better out there that i haven't found yet, but this is still a good all around e-liquid. (Posted on 2/8/13)
only one i vapeReview by michelle
Ive tried many flavors and can only tolerate this one. Used to smoke over a pack of analogs. Now I smoke 3-6 analogs a day. Eventually I'll forget to light up at all. Thank you V4L. I am breathing so much easier now. (Posted on 1/26/13)
The Flavor ChangedReview by Sandra
I'd been buying this flavor and learned to really enjoy it. Smooth, sweet and nutty. On my last order it wasn't the same at all, reminded me of VG juice.Tasted like cheap tobacco. (Posted on 11/26/12)
Close SecondReview by Sandra
I usually order No.7 but there hasn't been any for quite awhile. I find 555 to be almost as good as No.7. At times I do taste the alcohol, but if you shake the bottle it seems to help. One has to remember if it says USA, it means its made in the USA. If it doesn't it's made in China. So that being said the stuff made in China isn't as good quality and not always the same flavor from bottle to bottle. For now I'm happy with this flavor til No. 7 is available again. (Posted on 10/4/12)
The best flavor!Review by LadyLu
I have now been vaping for over 2 and a half years and have completely quit smoking analogs. In those 2 years, I have tried many flavors, especially tobacco ones; this one is THE BEST flavor and I now have been EXCLUSIVELY vaping this one for over a year and a half! The taste is not too aggressive, it has a very light sweetness, thanks to the hazelnut, and the tobacco flavor still comes through, without being too strong; it's a winning combination!! (Posted on 6/8/12)
MY FAVORITE!Review by Betty Jo Taylor
This is my all time favorite flavor and has kept me off the analogs (Marlboro lights) since November of 2010. Thank you Vapor4life! The recent depletion of stock in this product has been a concern but has prompted me to try other flavor. I have tried the Hilton, Kamel, Virginian, Carmel Moca frappe(good at breakfast), and RY4. For someone who is out of stock in the 555, I suggest the Kamel. Again, thank you Vapor4life and please keep the 555 flavor stocked! (Posted on 6/17/11)
Good nutty flavorReview by Kerry
Bought this @ 18mg with my very first e-cig ever. I chose it before I knew what I would like because it was a bestseller on V4L. Strong hazlenut flavor, less tobabcco. Average throat hit and vapor. I like it mixed with Chocolate Peppermint. Not as good as Wowboy, so it gets 4 stars. (Posted on 2/14/11)
Another great flavor of mineReview by Darrel Sautner
NOW, I really love this flavor, have to stock up on this one. It becoming of of my three all time everyday vaping. Next to Paliment and DunHall. (Posted on 2/5/11)
Good juiceReview by Carto fan
This is some of the best 555 on the market. i have tries a few and this is very tasty. Will definitely order again. Has a nutty taste with a hint of tobacco. (Posted on 2/3/11)
Best juice I've ever smoked!Review by Michelle Merchant
I just became a vaper on Nov 2nd this year and I have ordered over 50 bottles of juice trying to figure out which one was going to be my everyday vape and I could not find one that I could vape all day long, until I got my 555. Amazing!! I am not a fan of tobacco, I was a menthol smoker...weird huh. This flavor blew me away! I thought I was going to hate it yet, now it's my everyday vape and I just used my first entire bottle of juice! I used the whole thing in 2 days! I have to order more! This has a somewhat sweet flavor, not smoky tasting to me at all. Like I said, I hated tobacco flavors until I met this one. 555 ROCKS! You have to try this! (Posted on 11/30/10)
Best juice I've ever owned!Review by Michelle Merchant
I just became a vaper on Nov 2nd this year and I have ordered over 50 bottles of juice trying to figure out which one was going to be my everyday vape and I could not find one that I could vape all day long, until I got my 555. Amazing!! I am not a fan of tobacco, I was a menthol smoker...weird huh. This flavor blew me away! I thought I was going to hate it yet, now it's my everyday vape and I just used my first entire bottle of juice! I used the whole 5ml bottle in 2 days! I have to order more! The big ones this time! :) This has a somewhat sweet flavor, not smoky tasting to me at all. Like I said, I hated tobacco flavors until I tried this one. 555 ROCKS! You have to try this stuff, it's OMG good! I don't know that I'll ever vape any of the other 50'whatever bottles that I have, now that I've found my one true love ;)
(Posted on 11/30/10)
I'm Diggin the 555Review by Keith
ordered 2 bottles of the 18mg to start. Took me about 2 days of vaping this flavor to realize it was one of my favorites. Slightly nutty taste with hint of tobacco. The more you vape the better it gets. 555 is now my go to flavor when I have that craving for a nice tobacco taste. (Posted on 10/29/10)
Very NiceReview by Matthew Troxell
Being a menthol vaporer, but not particularly caring for the the straight menthol juices, I bought this straight tobacco tasting juice. I mix it about 70% of the 555 and 30% of the Wowboy Menthol. It has the nutty flavor that the 555 is famous for with a after taste of menthol. Highly recommended! (Posted on 10/24/10)
Without a doubt one of the best!Review by Melissa Alessio
Been vapin this juice for a while now and and I gotta tell ya...THIS JUICE IS FANTASTIC!! it is very hard to stop vapin it once you start...let me tell ya! very close to an analog BUT..in a good way, and it still resembles the flavor of the carts but a lil less on the sweet side and a touch less nutty with a bit more of a tabacco flavor with a very smooth yet slightly sharp throat hit, it has become one of my all time favorites next to Wowboy. If you want a nice fresh tabacco taste with a smooth and nutty undertone that you will wanna go to when you have that craving for an analog...then this IS it guys, trust me! I give the flavor on a scale of 1-5 as 5 being the best an absolute 5, while i give the vapor production a 3 to 4 and the throat hit smooth yet nippy a 3 to 3 1/2, hope that I was able to help out guys, and thanks a million V4L...LOVE YA GUYS! and vape on my friends. (Posted on 7/18/10)
Good StuffReview by Eric Murphy
I don't really catch the "nutty" taste that everyone speaks of, but I think this flavor is great and I vape it all day. It tastes similair to the Cowboy flavor; not too sweet and very rich. (Posted on 6/29/10)
A nice compliment with morning coffee!Review by Melissa Alessio
Just revieved this juice along with another bottle of Wowboy and a sample juice of Nuport...not bad at all!! to be honest..the carts (to me anyway) taste a tad better, but it is a very close game between the two IMO. goes well in the morning with coffee...go figure! one thing that was noticeable though was that the vapor production was better than the carts I've tried, all in all...I'd more than likely order again. On a scale of 1-5 on 5 being the best, I'll rate it as follows....

Taste: 4
Throat hit: 4-4 1/2
Vapor production: 4

hope my review helped out a lil guys!

And thanks a million to all of you at V4L..love you guys!!! really appreciate the sanples that you fine folks threw in my package as well. (Posted on 6/23/10)
Pretty good!Review by Shane Gustafson
I am new but this flavor is better than kamel imho.

Fast shipping on products as well! 36mg! keep up the extra high str! (Posted on 6/17/10)
Taste greatReview by Charles Ellenburg
This on has a really nice slight nutty flavor to it. Also i tend to drink Monster Khaos and after taking a drink and taking a drag off my vapor king it's a great taste i almost wish they could come up with a flavor that matches it. 555 is the best one I've tried yet but I have wintergreen and grape on the way now i'll let you know what i think. Keep Vaping guys and gals ! (Posted on 4/28/10)
Love the cartos BUT not the juiceReview by Deb
I have come up with a mixture though that works for me to some extent. 1/2 555 and 1/2 plain VG. Its a pain to mix the juice the way I like it and eventually, when the cartos run out of their original flavor completely, I don't really like the "fresh 555 juice mix flavor" either. I've tried EVERYTHING!!! Without blowing the cartos out and without letting the juice burn before I refill, I can get about 5 refills before I officially don't like the taste any more. I get soooo many refills out of all of my other flavors that this one just is too much of a "pain" or "annoying" to keep buying. I have gone through about 6 premium carto boxes with refills about 5 refills on all the cartos....but for now...I'm done with the 555 due to juice not tasting like the carto. I wish it did!!!!!

IT DOES HAVE A GREAT THROAT HIT!!!! That's what the problem is for me though is that's this juice's throat hit is stronger than any other juice I have ever tasted. May be PERFECT FOR SOME PEOPLE!!!! (Posted on 4/13/10)
Grows on youReview by David Brennan
When I first tasted this, it caught me off guard with the nutty flavor, so I thought I wouldn't like it and tried a lot of other flavors. I eventually came back to it and my taste buds must have awakened because now I find it to be delicious! Do yourself a favor and try it a little while and you may be surprised! (Posted on 4/9/10)
Smooth and complexReview by Chad
Tobacco with a nutty, almost buttery undertone. Very smooth and tasty. (Posted on 3/22/10)
Best Vape EverReview by Ryan/Bornagainst
If you vape tobacco, THIS is your daily vape. After a year of vaping, this is my go to. (Posted on 3/16/10)
Nom Nom NomReview by Nikki Reno
Can't get enough. I literally crave this flavor. I use the med. juice and find it to be oh so smooth and tasty. Light nutty and sweet and warm. I might need a 555 intervention. (Posted on 3/2/10)
interestingReview by Alison R. Harper
i just got this flavor today, loaded up a blank cartridge with it and started vaping away.

it's a complex flavor indeed, think almond infused fine tobacco with a calm overtone of summer blended tobacco. it's a tad strong at first, but you'll learn to enjoy it if you give it a try. (Posted on 12/19/09)

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