Portable Charging Case


The perfect e Cigarette companion for when you're on the go, this Vapor King Portable Charging case makes it easy to keep your battery ready to use.

Our V4L Portable Charging case makes charging your batteries quick and easy. Just insert your battery into the PCC and go! When it comes time to recharge the PCC, simply plug it into a compatible USB port or adapter while at home, at work, or in your car. It's the perfect e Cigarette accessory for when you're on the go. Features a Portable e Cigarette battery charger for V4L batteries. Each PCC charge can recharge a single battery up to 5 times, with a USB cable for easy recharging. Perfectly sized for carrying in your pocket or purse!

Note: The Vapor4Life PCC can fit all:

  • Classic VK Regular or Short Batteries (Auto and Manual)
  • Original Vapor King Regular or Short Auto Batteries
  • Original Vapor King Short Manual Batteries
  • Vapor Titan Regular or Short Auto Batteries
  • Vapor Titan Short Manual Batteries

No Vapor4Life XL Battery will fit in the PCC, but can still be charged by the personal charging case. The majority of our V4L accessories can be used with KR808D-1 electronic cigarette compatible products. For best results, always choose genuine V4L e Cigarette products. Vapor4Life is not responsible for compatibility issues. View more V4L electronic cigarette accessories...


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  • Rating
    Wallet Sized PCC
    Review by David on 2/21/2014
    It's pretty nifty. I don't like to carry a lot around, and this fits in my pocket like a cell phone. I thought yellow would be ugly, but it looks fine.

    Only problem is with the little usb chord that comes out of the case. There's a slot for the cable in the case that could be used for something else. The chord itself is like 2" long, so you either need an extension or an easily accessible usb port (I wouldn't let this thing hang from the wall).
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    Amazing product<3 But poor marketing...
    Review by ox*Fast Turtle*xo on 2/4/2014
    The product itself is SO handy. However, when V4L runs out of stock of a specific colour they just take it off the page, I was told there are lots more colours I could've chosen from but didn't know if it was worth waiting for them to get more stock because I couldn't see them, it would be great if they had all the options up and just had an "out of stock" banner across them or at least said "new stock in on the (insert date)" so we knew if it was worth waiting a little bit longer to get the style we actually really wanted :c
  • Rating
    Needs micro USB, but preferable size.
    Review by Jo on 2/5/2013
    No Micro-USB.
    Agree with other reviewers. This needs to be a micro-USB on the outside. Necessity. Practically everyone has a micro-USB charger of some sort. This also prevents the need to use other bulkier chargers. I have micro-USB ready to go at home, car, & work for my cell phone. Would be much more convenient to just plug the whole case in wherever I go.

    Not enough room.
    Without the USB & cord in there, you'd free up room for at least two more cartos in the case.

    It's wallet size. Perfect. I prefer this size over some other company's bigger charging cases.

    Many colors to choose from (although... you can get more creative with these. I've seen some companies that even have skins for them, lol. I laugh, but I'd buy one too.)
  • Rating
    Can close with CERTAIN regular-length batteries.
    Review by William on 8/2/2012
    If you are using AUTO regular batteries, not MANUAL, you CAN close the case fully when charging, because autos slightly shorter than manuals. I do so ! !
  • Rating
    good but....
    Review by nick1 on 6/28/2012
    This charger is awsome BUT don't expect to be able to close it with a regular or long battery. The only one that fits so the case closes is the short :( I have to wrap a rubber band around mine to keep it closed or it will break. I wish it would state this in the product info. I got this charger to use as my main charger because it can be charged overnight when it runs out and taken with anywhere till it needs a charge again. Not closing makes it a real pain in the butt :(
  • Rating
    Good Case BUT...
    Review by Chad Welty on 5/13/2011
    This is an excellent case and the surprise that everyone has when I screw in a battery is always amusing.
  • Rating
    Review by Tim on 10/12/2010
    this is a very handy, nice looking piece of gear and i am glad to have it, but what's impressed me most is its longevity. i have been through so many other different chargers... yet another one went today and i am down to one. vk saves the day - again...
  • Rating
    A must have! 808 series is most versatile!
    Review by Altmed on 7/26/2010
    Sturdy charging case fits easily into a pocket, laptop case or purse. Protects the battery and recharges it while you are on the go.

    I imagine you can use a USB extension for computer, wall or car chargers.

    LED lights indicate when case & vaporizer batteries need to be charged. charged, then goes out when it is done.

    If dropped in the rain or a puddle, it would likely survive.

    I'd love to see the same case with water-proof seals, to say 10' or about 3m!

    Charge time about same as A/C.

    An improvement would be a non-charging slot for another battery with a cart attached.

    All I can say is BUY AT LEAST ONE! Once you have it, you'll wonder what you ever did without it!

    If you are new & are buying a kit - get the most versatile 808 series & spend the little bit extra for this case! You'll be glad you did!
  • Rating
    Never leave home without it!
    Review by Missy on 7/16/2010
    This is just the perfect little invention and so well designed. The actual port that you screw your battery in swivels for easy access! It's pretty to look at too, I got mine in yellow and everyone is always like "OOHH whats that?!" Love love love it! must have!!!
  • Rating
    cord too short
    Review by heather gamble on 6/8/2010
    this is an awesome accessory but the cord is entirely too short! its maybe 2 inches long if that which would be great if u were plugging it into a laptop sitting on a table or something but u cant plug it into your desk top or the car adapter as there is no place to sit it....if only u could somehow make this item with a longer retractable cord,then it would be perfect!
  • Rating
    Review by Steve on 5/26/2010
    First time buyer from a friend though have from VK many times. #1 in customer service! This product is great but beware the usb cord is only approximately 2" long.
  • Rating
    Its the perfect carrying case and charger
    Review by Jim Kehoe on 5/26/2010
    I picked up one of these as part of a kit with another battery. I keep this with me at work and at home, always on the charge. Not to mention that I have a cigarette adapter for the car for USB, and can charge it on the go. I have had it for a couple of months, and still works like a charm. This is a must.
  • Rating
    Travelers Need This Unit
    Review by Dale Anderson on 2/28/2010
    I can not imagine not having this unit. I travel for work, and this is so handy to keep a full battery with carts.
  • Rating
    Review by Jonathan Stanley on 1/3/2010
    With this I only need one battery and it keeps it fresh all day. And 2 cartomizers are plenty to vape on all day. I couldnt live without this. It was smaller than I imagined too.. its slightly smaller than my mytouch3g cell phone and fits lightly in my pocket. Its well constructed, and very cleek. Love it.
  • Rating
    really handy product
    Review by rocks82 on 12/21/2009
    I love my silver PCC. It's really a classy design and beyond useful!
  • Rating
    VK PCC
    Review by Karen Marsh on 12/6/2009
    I love my pcc!I can always have a charged battery when I am on the go.The only drawback is the small size wire on the usb connecter.It hasn't broken yet,but it is a concern.
  • Rating
    Best Personal Charging Case I've EVER Used!
    Review by J.Seitzinger on 11/29/2009
    Okay, this thing is just awesome. I've tried other charging cases from other companies, and none of them hold a candle to this thing. It's slim, solid, and good looking; just how I like my men. ...Wait, what?
    PROS: Excellent construction, room for two cartomizers and one long battery (not extra-long). Like I said, it's VERY sturdy. Even when it's emptied out, it still has a nice weight to it. Charges between 4 and 5 batteries before it needs recharged.
    CONS: These are mostly minor gripes that will probably be fixed in future models.
    The cord on the USB connector is very thin. I always feel like I'm going to break it, but it hasn't happened yet.
    They should include a small card detailing what the LEDs mean. Top LED changes from red to green while charging the case. Bottom one goes from red to blinking red when charging a battery. Can be slightly confusing.

    Overall, this is a fantastic PCC, and is by far the best one I've tried yet.
  • Rating
    If you have a VK - you need one...period!
    Review by Joni Williamson on 10/26/2009
    This little baby is a great add on to your personal vaping stash. Vapor King batteries last a while no doubt, but you never know when you are going to be out and about longer than you planned. Having one of these with you means you will always have a charged battery. Get one and have no worries and no need to fear a run down battery (or the corresponding break down buying a pack of smokes). All VK owners should have one.
  • Rating
    Review by J on 10/8/2009
    With the pcc case, I never have to worry about being without a charged battery. While using one, I have another charging...always ready, AWESOME!