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Introducing our new Vapor King Slim Charger. Redesigned inside and out, this handy, little wall charger can recharge any of one of our e Cigarette batteries.
Our Slim Charger offers a small, slim design, ensuring it leaves behind a smaller environmental "footprint." It fits securely in any regular wall socket or power strip. When using a standard power strip, you can easily fit 5-6 of these chargers at the same time! The charging profile has also been changed to charge the batteries faster and more efficiently. Our tests show it reduces charging time by about 20%. This convenient e Cigarette wall charger is very lightweight, but has the look, feel and performance of a high-end electronic component. The Slim Charger is engineered according to UL specifications with UL-grade materials. In a nutshell, this is one electronic cigarette charger that's built to last! View more electronic cigarette battery chargers...
  • very slow to charge
    Review by scptt on 9/1/2014
    This is not my favorite charger, I had to send my first one back because it was defective. The next one lasted 4 months. Then it started taking longer than 13 hours to charge. So I ended up purchasing a car charger for on the road. Hope this will help the in between times.
  • Can Never Have to Many
    Review by DJ on 5/2/2014
    I keep one at the office, one in the car and 2 at home. It may sound excessive but when you are forgetful like me it is always good to be prepared. They work great bc I can plug it in when I get to work and by the time when it is time to go the battery is fully charged.
    Only downside like other people mentioned is that there is no automatic shut off when fully charged. But I have yet to have a battery fail due to overcharging. :)
  • Absolutely love it!
    Review by C. Cartwright on 12/29/2013
    Slim enough to plug several in on my power strip side by side, and a bright indicator light so I can tell from across the room when my batteries are charged!
  • Fantastic charger
    Review by Kristine G on 10/20/2013
    The only things I would change about this charger is that I would have an automatic shut off once the battery is fully charged, and I would make it narrower, if that's possible. On a power strip, I have to use every other plug Mine have lasted ~2½ years and let me tell you, they were always in use, as I am a heavy vaper. One that I had was one that I ordered when they first came out and it stopped working only a month ago!

    V4L's customer service is the absolute best out there too. I tried another company before my best friend told me about V4L. She had tried several companies before finding V4L.

    Happy vaping everyone!
  • Best Charger - fair price
    Review by Excellent !! on 8/11/2013
    I've used many other chargers from a variety of vendors and this is the Best by far. Well built, consistent performance and faster than the others. Thanks V4L for a great product!
  • Vapor King Slim Charger
    Review by Obeconobe on 4/14/2013
    Simple and "clean" charger that works great. Works great with the Dial-A-Volt units. Yes, charging time is long, but this is to be expected with batteries of this size. From what I was told by a customer service rep. this charger, as well as the Dial-A-Volt units have over-charge protection built in to them. So if you have a Dial-A-Volt just "plug" it in at the end of each day and by morning it should be ready to go. That is unless you sleep less than about 5-6 hrs.
  • Quick charge time- great quality which is backed by the company
    Review by STEVE on 11/30/2012
    I love these chargers. I had one stop working for some reason or another. Customer service had went above and beyond to overnight me a replacement charger. I had just ordered 4 new batteries and was without a charger. Hats off to the customer service team for going above and beyond! Perfect Service at it's best! Great job. Love my Vaopr4Life products. Higher quality products that last longer than the generic brands. Even though the first charger had stopped working, they back their products and made things right. How many other companies would have done this? This has reaffirmed me to order nothing but Vapor4Life products going forward.
  • Great Product, may need adjustment
    Review by Furycano on 10/7/2012
    Recieved this with my EGO. The first one didn't work so I called V4L and they swiftly replaced it. Soon after I realized that the post was just too low so I used a paperclip and raised it and it now works flawlessly. Took 5 seconds to fix and just becuase it was low, it doesnt mean that it was broken. Some things just need adjustment. and that is fine with me!
  • its pretty good
    Review by Kenneth .C on 9/23/2012
    i'v owned this style of charger before and the only bad thing about it is it will short out if you leave it plugged into the outlet.
  • Very good chargers
    Review by JohnL2001 on 8/30/2012
    I have purchased the older model of this charger and have been happy with them. The only thing I like to see with a new charger is that the charger turn off after it completes the charge. I know it can be done, but I sure don't know how to make one that does.

    I, too, use them with a power strip connected to a timer. But would prefer the charger do the stop charge function.
  • Great Charger
    Review by Bill B. on 8/10/2012
    Best charger that I have ever owned. A LOT more sturdy than the traditional charger. I have had quite a few of the regular chargers form several different companies break on me just form normal usage! I don't think this one will ever break and even if it does I'm sure it will be in continuous service for years before that happens. If you're going to order one, you should defiantly consider getting as part of the EGO kit. Its only ~14 dollars more and you get this exact same charger PLUS an EGO battery PLUS a 5ml cart! The EGO lasts 10x longer than a regular vapor titan battery.
    Thanks again for all the great product and innovations V4L.

  • Great!
    Review by Jimmie on 7/25/2011
    Ordering more. I love IT!
  • Niiiiiice!
    Review by Kevin Cass on 7/20/2011
    Yup, this is what I've been waiting for. This is a fast charge that won't drain when it's done. Winning.
  • Love it!
    Review by L. Henderson on 7/18/2011
    This is such a sleek charger! It takes up very little space. No cords to fiddle with which makes for easy travel or the use of multiple chargers on one power strip. The battery screws in easily. It seems to charge the batteries much faster as well.

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