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Vapor King Ash Cap Automatic Battery

Our latest and greatest automatic batteries, with 10- to 13-second cutoff, large holes, and fabulous vapor.

Availability: In stock





The perfect compromise between size and battery life. This comfortable and elegant electronic cigarette battery offers improved draw and increased vapor production compared to other regular length KR808D-1 compatible electronic cigarette batteries. Each of our new and improved single-logo Vapor King electronic cigarette batteries are equipped with a 10- to 13-second cutoff, and come embossed with our exclusive V4L logo just below the cartomizer thread. Our automatic Vapor King electronic cigarette batteries are activated by an internal suction switch. Just take a drag and enjoy clouds of flavorful vapor.

180 - 380mAh*
4.2 - 3.7 volts*
Nominal Voltage:
3.7 volts
250 - 450 (4 second puff)
Puffing Time:
2 - 5 hours*
66mm - 103mm*
Charge Time:
2 - 4 hours*

*Capacity: The Classic VK electronic cigarette batteries come in three sizes: Short: 180mAh, Regular: 280mAh, XL: 380mAh. 

*Voltage: This battery has an unregulated voltage. When the battery is at a full charge, the voltage is 4.2 volts. The voltage will slowly decrease, ultimately dropping to 3.3 volts when the battery is fully discharged. 

*Puffing Time: The longer the battery the longer the use time. 

*Length: Short: 66mm, Regular: 83mm, XL: 103mm. 

*Charge Time: The longer the battery, the longer it will take to charge. Short: 2 hours, Regular: 2 - 3 hours, XL: 3 - 4 hours. 


when it works it worksReview by dcman
you meed to know that even with moderate use these last only 8 weeks or so before they stop charging and then must be carefully recycled (Posted on 4/19/14)
goodReview by Scott
better (Posted on 5/3/13)
Simple, yet effective.Review by Master Chief
I am an avid gamer, need two hands on the controller. This baby sits in the mouth comfortably without being too weighty while keeping a steady vape. (Posted on 11/2/12)
Love IT!!Review by Boyd Neeley
This is the stuff. I can't even puff all the way until the beautiful diamond light goes out. People are amazed at the amount of vapor this produces. Getting ready to order another one. (Posted on 8/11/11)
Pleasantly surprisedReview by Elizabeth
I'm happy to say this battery is one of my favorites. The grey cap on the end fell off, but other than that I've got no complaints with this battery. You have to pull a little harder on it to get air through, but the vapor I get out of it is thicker as a result. (Posted on 8/11/11)
works great but..Review by Peter
Fantastic for sitting around the house, watching movies, driving, bonfires. Its small, discrete, and feels like a cig. The battery life thou.. its about 2-3 hours. Wish it could last longer. All and all its a great product. (Posted on 7/21/11)
Great BatteryReview by L. Henderson
I have the red one with blue LED. The LED is very bright and the battery is a nice deep rich red. I have used all types of batteries and I think this one is the best because it is easy to draw on. Good job guys!
I ordered another one, this time in white with pink LED. The red one is still going strong with a charge for 3 hours of heavy vaping. (Posted on 7/18/11)
Deff gets thru the workdayReview by Joe Rice
I got a regular with my kit and only six hour life wasnt cutting it thru the workday, had to bring the charger to work and blah blah blah, But this one lasts about 9 hours and hits like a champ, i feel like it hits better than the regular batteries. The XL is the way to go ... (Posted on 7/5/11)
Gotta be honestReview by Geoff
I liked the old shorty autos better. These new ones use the same switch (and are the same size) as the diamond series. They don't seem to require the unplug/re-plug trick to get them to charge, but I just really miss the feel of the old version. IMHO the old version (which was a little bit thinner, lighter and shorter) had a slightly tighter draw to them, and I liked that. (Posted on 6/5/11)
Great Shorty BatteryReview by Jon Muzyk
Kick Butt Little Auto battery! Gives you a Great pull through with little effort Very Very close to the Manual Battery Drag. Just doesn't quite last long In All the sizes cause of the Auto feature and the long drag time I'm guessing. Would highly recommend to a manual person trying to get a GOOD Auto for the times when time is tuff to use a manual battery. I'm actually in the process of pairing all my Manuals with either a shorty Diamond or Regular Diamonds. Little more cash but, WELL Worth it especially if you add the Derlin drip tip to it! Then it Rocks out easy and Smooth Full Hard Hits try you'll be pretty impressed. I was an All Manual Guy until I try this with the Derlin Drip tip and man does it help when you can't free the hand up like when working with both hands! Nice Smooth pull like a real Cig and a great Pull on it when your really hitting it hard... Never thought I dig an Auto but these are well worth the shot to try and the few extra bucks! (Posted on 5/6/11)
NEW AND IMPROVEDReview by Joe Lincoln
Just got a new one. It has a bigger ash cap, both WOW and COOL CARTS fit perfectly and it has a 10-13 second cut off. These are a great value. (Posted on 4/14/11)
NEW AND IMPROVEDReview by Joe Lincoln
Just got a new one. It has a bigger ash cap, both WOW and COOL CARTS fit perfectly and it has a 10-13 second cut off. These are a great value. (Posted on 4/14/11)
Very PleasedReview by Amber & Christopher George
I have shopped for the perfect e cig, for awhile before I found V4L. There batteries out perform any I have tried, ( tried 6 different companies ). There customer service is outstanding, and shipping is quick every single time. I recommend V4L to everyone. (Posted on 3/22/11)
No complaintsReview by BuckoBill
Just ordered one in black. What a great looking cig. I can do nothing but rave about it. The thing keeps on vaping for a super long time and the cut off on it is I dont know cause I cant take a drag long enough to see :)
Keep up the good work V4L. (Posted on 2/16/11)
short battery lifeReview by Elizabeth Stotzer
I got my short auto (in copper) about a week ago, and have to do the unplug/replug the charger trick to get it to fully charge. Also, I've had 5 V4L batteries in various sizes and types, and this is the only one that I have issues fitting onto all of my carts. Its like the screw bit at the top is too tall so the carts won't screw on all the way and make contact with the battery. I prefer the short autos for when I'm out and about but with all the issues it's become an 'at home only' battery which really bums me out. (Posted on 2/11/11)
Great!Review by Douglas Stromberg
Bought 3, 2 days ago. All 3 charged up and ready to go. Very Fast Service and highly pleased. Product works well. No complaints. (Posted on 2/11/11)
battery, v4lReview by cam
The first battery i baught wouldnt take a charge i dont know why. but i ordered 2 more and they both worked fine. Also the cut out time is longer than the previous manual ones i baught. overall i am very pleased with v4l (Posted on 2/8/11)
SandpaperReview by matthew mclaurine
Watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpHt20j1YfQ

I've had a couple of these batteries laying in a box for the past 2 months because they did not work with cool carts. I just followed the video instructions and they work fine now. (Posted on 2/1/11)
good batteriesReview by mike pense
I got 2 of these with my starter kit and bought 2 more in 2009 and they are still going strong (Posted on 1/25/11)
Mine works fine!Review by Customer
They sent me one of these short autos by mistake (chrome) and it works just fine... really like the shorter size and not pushing a button.

The Cool Carts with the higher resistance don't work as well on this as the Wow Carts, which are great.

Sorry to see some of you got duds, I was going to order one for a family member who lives in another state. I know she'd like it, so I'm going to take a chance. *crosses fingers*

Update: She loves it!! I'm using mine almost exclusively now, too. We get plenty of vapor and they seem to last a long time. Hers is the platinum color. We both have the medium sized manual batteries, which are nice too, but these feel more like cigarettes.

I upped it a star, thanks. (Posted on 1/19/11)
My copper auto is niftyReview by Tumbleghost
Works great! I keep mine charged in a portable charging case for plenty of oomph. Copper color with blue LED is distinctive. Purchased from a few companies, but this company consistently ships FAST and have had a quick turnaround on customer service questions as well. (Posted on 1/17/11)
KR808 fan boyReview by Jeff Woodard
I like the KR808! I purchased two from V4L mostly because of the awesome color selection. (black and white was a bit dull of a color selection) These batteries are a bit different than My original ones. The battery hole is much smaller, yet they seem more responsive when I take a drag. They fire quicker and just a bit harder than ones that came with my starter kit. (from another company) I am loving them so far and would highly recommended them! (Posted on 1/15/11)
AaamazingReview by That Guy
Wow. i read the good reviews on this battery, and even though they were close to perfect i still was doubting that the product would be that great. let me tell you, i just got it tonight and i love it. charging hasnt been a problem at all. worth every penny (Posted on 1/7/11)
The Best!Review by Shannon
This battery is by far the longest lasting I have found! I was a heavy smoker, and now am a happy vapor! Buy this product and you will be glad you did, it is simply the best! (Posted on 1/3/11)
almost perfectReview by Electronic cigarettes zealot
Ive gotten a total of 10 auto batteries so far and all are still working perfectly. (Posted on 12/3/10)
My favorite battery on the goReview by Tyler
Was afraid of reviews about shorter life and less vapor, but wanted a batt that didn't feel like a long cigarette holder. I've had it a week and LOVE it. The auto gun metal is looks cool and masculine. Size feels more like a real cigarette. It's life really isn't much shorter than a standard batt and makes great vapor. I still like my standard batt at home, but love this one when I'm out and about in the city. (Posted on 11/5/10)
They fitReview by Vinman
My auto battery fits the cool carts just fine. (Posted on 10/25/10)
Variable qualityReview by Deborah P
The bronze battery I got is perfect - exactly what I was hoping for in a mega-battery. (Posted on 10/14/10)
Works greatReview by sss
Mine works great except for the light on the tip not working. I use mine a out as often as I would smoke a reg cig. Got my replacement but it was the wrong battery. Got another replacement and the threads were bad but I'm hoping that 4 times is a charm and I will get a battery where the entire thing functions properly. When it does work it works great. (Posted on 10/13/10)
Be sure of why you want this oneReview by Thajones
It's not a bad battery at all, just not an all day battery, due to the size. My wife originally got it because she didn't want this huge battery hanging out of her mouth, and for this purpose, it works great. Me, I'd kill it in 2 hours probably ;) (Posted on 10/10/10)
Love the size!Review by Ashley Hall
My first shorty was not working correctly but the guys at V4L fixed that without a single question asked! Even though i've had some minor difficulties I'd never look to another company for anything vaping wise simple because these guys' customer service (etc) is phenominal! But back to the battery this is the size of an actual cig (king size/non-100's) and the battery lasts still about as long as the reg size i got! (Posted on 9/28/10)
Great, when they work.Review by Chris Favreau
These batts are some of the best I've ever vaped with..when they work. My first ever order I had a DOA (ordered 2). I received a replacement (which is still working) and the other from the original order died as well. One very positive thing I can say is that Robert in customer service has treated me well and has sent replacements w/in a week(waiting on replacement #2).
These ARE great batts, I think I may just have had a run of bad luck. I've been vaping for 11 months now btw and I think these are worth giving a shot. (I will change my review to 5 stars if both replacements work properly) (Posted on 9/19/10)
awesomeReview by Clint Johnson
I'm new to vaping and wish I had found this site first. I got a starter kit with the normal batteries, and was disappointed with the length. After scouring the web I luckily found V4L and immediately got this battery. Works great, feels great, is great. And shipping was blazing fast. This is my go-to place for all things vape. (Posted on 9/7/10)
Awesome!Review by Gina Bustamante
These little things pack a powerful punch. They are the newest shorty's that they just got in. I love the XL's but sometimes I just want something smaller in my hand and these fit the bill. Good draw, tons of vapor. A+ (Posted on 9/2/10)
XL Auto BatteryReview by Dennis
Just got 2 of these, 1 auto and 1 Manual. I like the automatic better so far, the manual battery gets to hot. It took awhile to get used to the draw on these (much easier) compared to my Smoke 51 Duo (i started out with) but now I like it way better than the 51 Duo. V4L - Thanks for the great service and product! (Posted on 8/5/10)
Vaporing AwayReview by Pat Croft
I've experimented with the short batteries and then switch to these longer lasting batteries, because I like to puff like a pipe on a continue regular basis. At this rate these batteries will go for about an hour before they need recharging. Hence it is wise to have several batteries with a couple of wall chargers to keep them in rotation.

Oh and I like the automatic over the manual just because its automatic with no buttons to push.

The methodology is racy, quiting a 40 year old cig habit so painlessly. It took about 2 months to learn about what I was doing with a lot of stuff to experiment with and a lot to experiment about.

Nothing but top notch service and delivery to. (Posted on 7/22/10)
The Perfect Battery for VapingReview by Cory Besse
I have both the Manuel and Automatic batteries and as great as the Manuel version is this is by far my favorite. Coming off of smoking analogs this has a much more natural feel to it. It's also much easier to use especially being that I drive a stick transmission truck, so no need to push a button every time I take a drag. I'm also an avid video gamer at nights and again much easier to just hold it in my mouth while playing and all I have to do is breath in. The Vapor production paired up with the Wow juices along with the premium cartridges are out of this world. I could not imagine ever needing anything else. Great vapor, awesome looks, decent battery time....what's not to like.:) (Posted on 7/18/10)
X-long batteriesReview by Debbie
THE BOMB.... sold all the rest. waiting on a new one now.really last all day. I dont leave home without it.Thanks vapor4life (Posted on 7/8/10)
GORGEOUS AND WORKS GREAT!Review by Stephanie Thompson
I purchased the short battery automatic and short battery manual, all in pink, of course!!!! The automatics have good vape, are gorgeous, and batteries last longer than the other companies I have tried. NOW FOR THE MANUAL: I didn't know this, as I am pretty new on switching away from analog. Yes, the manual batteries are the best!!! They have the best vape and longer battery life by far. My hubby who has the $85 silver bullet and I vaped at the same time. Mine has pretty much equal vape, and mine do not have the yucky aftertaste that his has. I can use the manuals for about 2 or 3 days or more without charging. The pink is gorgeous! I can't wait to get some more manual ones with other colors! I am truly 100% satisfied with this company, and they have the best customer service I have found so far! The gorgeous pink batteries and cases were what attracted me to this company in the first place, and they do AIM TO PLEASE! (Posted on 7/8/10)
GREAT VAPOR AND BATTERY LIFE!Review by Stephanie Thompson
I purchased the extra long battery automatic with full logos, the extra long battery manual, the short battery automatic and short battery manual, all in pink, of course!!!! The automatics have good vape, are gorgeous, and batteries last longer than the other companies I have tried. NOW FOR THE MANUAL: I didn't know this, as I am pretty new on switching away from analog. Yes, the manual batteries are the best!!! I can use the manuals for about 2 or 3 days or more without charging. The pink is gorgeous! I can't wait to get some more manual ones with other colors! I am truly 100% satisfied with this company, and they have the best customer service I have found so far! The gorgeous pink batteries and cases were what attracted me to this company in the first place, and they do AIM TO PLEASE! (Posted on 7/7/10)
pricelessReview by sp
Not only is the price right on this battery, but the draw is great on these and you have a red led!!! I couldn't wait for them to get them again!!! (Posted on 7/5/10)
Nice!Review by Peter S
These are great batteries. Last a long time and one thing I have noticed is a smoother hit when using longer batteries versus standard or short batteries. (Posted on 7/3/10)
lasts an extremely long timeReview by Amber & Christopher George
This is my new favorite battery, when I am away from my charging units. The battery lasts an extremely long time. I am very pleased with it.Thanks for all the samples guys. (Posted on 7/3/10)
Terrific batteriesReview by Chris Jackson
Though I have not had time to test these long term, they have been amazing to use. I am paranoid to never drain my batteries as it shortens their life so I charge frequently, but even so, they last plenty long enough for me before charging. (Posted on 6/26/10)
Lasts FOREVER.Review by Deb
Not forever but seems like it!! I started vaping with V4L Auto XLs and thought I would never use anything different until I tried the regular length autos. I'm sold on the regular length due to the larger amount of air flow when sucking. You can suck more vapor, faster, with the regular length batteries. I use my XLs when I'm going on vacation (needing extra battery life) and for slightly overfilled cartos. They work great on overfilled cartos because the slower air-pull keeps the juice from coming out of the top of the carto and getting into your mouth.

Its all personal preference though.

If you want to be in stealth mode the XLs are also great because they almost look like a pen due to the length. (Posted on 6/3/10)
My #1 Favorite Battery Ever!!Review by Deb
This is the best battery ever! One charge lasts all day when I'm at work since I work with children (can't vape in front of them) and I leave the house at 6AM and return at 5PM. At night I go through about 1.5 charges since I can vape all I want at home.

I have at least 8 of these because I love them so much!!! At home I usually use 3 batts at a time with different flavors on each. I own manual batts and all of the other lengths and this is the one I have chosen as my #1. (Posted on 5/27/10)
AMAZINGReview by Ben
These batteries are the best! I think V4L have finally got it perfect... these batteries + premium carts! (Posted on 5/21/10)
extra long batteryReview by Evaughn Zills
Nice. Not easy to loose. Yet in office could because it looks exactly like an ink pen especially in white. Last Long time between charges and produces clouds of vape. (Posted on 3/14/10)
A new level of vaping pleasureReview by Penny
Until I had the pleasure of trying these new shorties, I was perfectly content with my manual batteries but these have instantly become my favorite. The size, the weight, the amazing vapor production ... wow! The V4L team has done it again! Perfection! (Posted on 2/23/10)
Long lastingReview by Allen
This battery is my favorite one. It last me just about all day on a single charge. (Posted on 1/31/10)
Make Vaping Even BetterReview by Ryan
The size, shape and feel of the shorties make vaping all the better. The draw is great too. (Posted on 1/12/10)
Mind you, I prefer to use my USB pass-thru in the office as it has higher voltage, thus more vapor, BUT I use these batteries whenever I'm out and about. The auto batteries last a LONG time. I expect you'd maybe go through 2 in a day, if you're a heavy vaper, and 1 is definitely more than enough for the seldom-moderate. I've only recieved 1 faulty unit, and V4L quickly replaced it. Now I've been using the same two since I started vaping. They charge properly (great usb charger too!) and they should last at least a year or so I'm hoping. I'm coming right back here when it's time to replace! Thanks Steve! (Posted on 1/7/10)
gotta love itReview by abraham Galloway
just like a passthrough at least for a while, great battery life and awesome vapor. glad i got one. now just waiting to order my second. (Posted on 1/2/10)
Amazing!Review by James Lewis
Fabulous battery, lasts all day and has a consistent pull between charges. (Posted on 12/25/09)
fantastic!Review by rocks82
These new shorties are amazing! Vape machines! Draw isn't too hard and they produce great vapor while fitting nicely in my runt-sized hand! (Posted on 12/21/09)
!!!!!Review by rocks82
beautiful design and great auto! works wonderfully. Nice, smooth draw... not too big, not too small. Lasts hours! (Posted on 12/21/09)
Perfection!Review by Pawpaw
Don't let the small size fool you. These batteries produce big clouds of vapor! I never thought I'd want or need a short battery, but these are quickly becoming my favorites. They are so small & light, it makes them easy to carry and perfect for "stealth vaping". The whole thing will hide in your hand. (Posted on 12/14/09)
so stylish and elegant lookingReview by moony
Have the black auto and the pink manual.. very stylish looking. Battery lasts long.. I may be wrong but I find the auto to be easier to draw on than the manual. Vapor production is the same. (Posted on 12/11/09)
Excellent ValueReview by Dirk
Not only do these have a great price, they are excellent performers. Highly recommended! (Posted on 12/5/09)
Vapor pipelineReview by Philip Evans
I bought this battery with my UUM Kit because I wanted an auto battery to use in the car. It is a vapor hose! Was afraid it might be noise sensitive, but it has performed perfectly. Now my favorite. Ordering more asap. (Posted on 12/3/09)
powerhouseReview by Jonathan Stanley
This battery is amazing. Gives it a nice vape and lasted well and beyond what i expected. The size isnt too big either. (Posted on 12/1/09)
chique long lifeReview by moony
Thank you Steve.. Love it!!!! How did you know I loved pink ?!! =D.. so excited! Elegant looking a conversation piece, long battery life, great vapor production.. didn't think the manuals rock like that .. comes with a cute velvet bag too ..vape with style! the automatics have a long battery life too but this one stays strong longer..(big smile ear to ear). (Posted on 11/12/09)
Agree 100%Review by rocks82
This is fantastic. Produces as much vapor as the pass through. Lasts and lasts. Love this battery! (Posted on 11/11/09)
great little autoReview by rocks82
while manuals seem to be very popular... i'm a huge fan of this little auto battery. (Posted on 11/11/09)
My favorite batteryReview by Jennifer Moreno
Lasts and lasts and really performs with consistant good taste, vapor, and throat hit! This is my "go to" battery of choice! (Posted on 10/29/09)
I am speechless!Review by Linda K
I agree with the description 150%. It says it all!!! What more can I say. (Posted on 10/26/09)
Lots of vapor and keeps on going!!!Review by Mary Ann Luketich
This is my favorite battery so far.It produces tons of vapor and lasts all day.SUPER!!!! (Posted on 10/18/09)
This is greatReview by Mary Ann Luketich
This black battery is a looker.I have checked around and the feel and size and PRICE cannot be beat.The reason I only gave 4 stars is because I am a heavy smoker(or WAS) and I have to charge a lot.But this gives strong vapors til it dies.I would recommend to anyone. (Posted on 9/3/09)

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